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This week we continuing catching up with old games, specifically G.R.A.W 2, so I have decided to compile a bunch of info that answers general questions as this game still has a growing population (..hopefully) and it gives newcomers some information to check out so they can be easier acquainted to the game. Enjoy.

1. Your squad

In the campaign, you play as Captain Scott Mitchell, aged 37 and leader of Ghost Team. Ghost consists of 4 soldiers including yourself, each squad member has their own class; Rifleman, Grenadier, Medic, Demolitions, Support and Marksman. Throughout the campaign, you will have choices as to who you can have in your squad:

  • Sergeant Joe Ramirez: Rifleman/Communications
  • Sergeant Paul Smith: Rifleman
  • Sergeant Matt Beasley: Rifleman
  • Sergeant Marcus Brown: SAW Gunner/Heavy Support
  • Sergeant Bo Jenkins: Grenadier
  • Sergeant Alicia Diaz: Marksman
  • Sergeant John Hume: Demolitions/Heavy Support
  • Sergeant Alex Nolan: Medic

You can depend on your squad to help neutralize enemies, heal you and others in your squad, and take out heavy armour.

2. Campaign Weapons

  • MR-C – The Modular Rifle – Caseless is a lightweight weapon with a large, 50-round magazine. Although it maintains decent accuracy, its high rate of fire can make it harder to control than other infantry rifles.
  • MR-C/AGL – Coupling the high rate of fire of the MR-C with a 40mm grenade launcher provides a tremendous amount of fire power.
  • SR AS50 – Built for Special Operations counter-sniper and anti-vehicular fire, the SR AS50 is both powerful and accurate at long range. This weapon can pierce thin walls and shoot hidden enemies.
  • MK48 – The MK48 is a newly designed light machine gun, designed to provide heavy firepower in a light and portable platform.
  • 36K Carbine – The standard rifle of the German Special Forces, the G36K is a lightweight assault carbine. It features a built-in red dot sight.
  • MG21 – Although a very heavy LMG, the MG21 makes up for it by being very controllable in automatic fire.
  • M107 Sniper – The M107 has been in use as the heavy sniper of choice, and features semi-automatic fire from a 10-round magazine. This weapon can pierce thin walls and shoot hidden enemies.
  • SCAR-L Carbine – The SOF Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR-L) was developed for US Special Forces. It features design that is built for dependability and versatility.
  • SCAR-L/EGLM – The SCAR-L fitted with an underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher for heavy indirect fire.
  • SCAR-H – The SOF Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR-H) was developed for US Special Forces. It’s design features power, impact and versatility.
  • SCAR-H/EGLM – Coupling a grenade launcher with the 7.62 NATO SCAR-H produces a weapon that excels at long-range support fire.
  • SCAR-LCQC – This close combat version of the SCAR-L has a shorter barrel, with a suppressor attatched for quiet fire. It is slightly less accurate and powerful than the standard model.
  • SCAR-LCQC/EGLM – This variant of the SCAR-L comes equipped with an underbarrel grenade launcher, making it a versatile and lethal weapon system.
  • M1014 – The M1014 is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun, supremely lethal in close combat situations.
  • M-32 MGL – The M-32 MGL Six Pack is a deadly fire support weapon that can devastate a target area in seconds with six 40mm grenades. It has recently been adopted for use by the US military.
  • Satchel – A satchel charge is a powerful, portable explosive device. It is used by infantry and airborne troops to demolish heavy stationary targets such as vehicles, obstacles, blockhoused, bunkers, caves and bridges.
  • MK14 EBR – Designed to replace the M14, the MK14 EBR is now fielded by elements of the US Military. The MK14 EBR is lighter, shorter in length and features more customization options than the M14
  • M468 – This updated version of the standard US carbine uses a larger round to provide greater lethality against both armoured and unarmoured targets.
  • DSR-1 – The DSR-1 rifle has been called ‘The most sophisticated and technologically advanced tactical precision rifle in the world.’ It has been designed to meet or exceed all mission requirements for a tactical precision rifle.
  • Rx4 Storm – The Rx4 Storm is designed with the most advanced technology in mind and uses the ARGO system to improve cycling and reliability. Minimized vibration makes it easier to handle and operate.
  • Cx4 Storm – Lightweight, compact and accurate, the Cx4 Storm was designed with similar controls to the 92/96 pistols. It features a unique digital urban pattern on the stock.
  • Px4 Storm – With an increased magazine capacity and no glare digital urban pattern, the Px4 Storm makes for an excellent military sidearm.
  • P90 – The P90 is a selective fire, delayed blowback-operated firearm with both semi – and fully automatic firing modes. It is fulle ambidextrous.
  • MP5A3 SD – Compact and whisper quiet, this submachine gun is reliable and deadly in close-range engagements, but lacks the power and accuracy of most rifles.
  • M9 – The M9 Pistol is the standard sidearm of the US Military. It has a high magazine capacity and low recoil.
  • M95 Sniper – The M95 is a compact, bullpup, bolt action sniper designed to fit into a small case. Fire from this weapon can pierce thin walls and take out enemies behind them.
  • ZEUS T2 – Useful against heavily armoured vehicles, this guided weapon delivers massive, directed firepower. Keeping up the aim on the target guides the ordnance in.

3. Multiplayer Classes

Tip: When in MP, be sure to use weapons in the same class as the class your soldier, you get advantages for doing so.


  • Rifleman class players excel at medium and close quarters combat and are best utilized as the forward element of any effective team. Riflemen have increased accuracy with all weapons from an upright position allowing them to fire more effectively while on the move. Players using this class also have increased skills and benefits when using Rifleman class weapons. These include a general increase in accuracy, quicker reload times, and more magazines. Riflemen make good all-around soldiers as they don’t receive any penalties for using weapons outside their class.


  • Grenadier class players are at their best area of effect fire to eliminate groups of enemies and enemies behind cover. They are also particularly effective against vehicle threats. Grenadier bonuses include greater accuracy with launched grenades as well as more ammunition and quicker reload times for Grenadier class weaponry. Grenadiers are less effective with Automatic Rifleman and Marksman class weapons.

Automatic Rifleman

  • Automatic Rifleman class players’ primary role is to provide suppressive fire on key choke points and enemy positions. An effectively positioned Automatic Rifleman can cut off key areas of a map by pouring down fire while teammates of other classes flank the suppressed position. Automatic Riflemen have increased accuracy with all weapons while firing fully automatic as well as increased accuracy in the crouched or prone positions. Automatic Riflemen are less effective with Marksman class weapons.


  • Marksman class players provide long-range, accurate, and direct fire to support the forward elements of their team. An effective Marksman takes the environment into account, locating the best cover to remain concealed. Marksmen have increased accuracy with all weapons when firing in single shot or from the prone position. When using a Marksman class weapon, Marksmen have further increased accuracy, as well as the ability to more quickly stabilize their weapon for quick, successive shots. Marksmen are less effective firing any weapon fully automatic.

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