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By: | December 3rd, 2008 | Xbox 360
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Far Cry 2 may be a lot of things, but it sure isn’t a stress relief.  Finishing the whole game is quite and engaging experience and will take well up to 3 days even for the more skilled.  This is not a 6-7 hour shooting experience.

The beginning of the game brings up a few files from which you have to choose a look that matches you, but you’ll find out that if you aren’t above 40 or Jackie Chan none will probably have your look.  Not that it matters really since you won’t be seeing your face in the entire game anyway. The only difference it will make is which of the supermodel/martial artists will be your best friend.  The real game’s beginning starts you off in a car where all you have to do for what it seems to be half an hour is look around, while the driver says things you probably don’t care about.  You do find out that your mission is to kill a weapon merchant called the Jackal, but a series of events leads to you waking up with the Jackal in the same room and while he has a gun an a machete and you’ve got malaria.  He lets you live and soon you’re forced to go into the open and receive a million bullets before collapsing and being dragged to your new “boss”.

Gameplay wise you shoot your way out of identical gunfights with the ultimate goal of pimping your house and maybe also killing the Jackal at some point.  The house “pimping” is the first alarm that I sensed for the game being RPGish.  The more you progress through the game the more your houses will upgrade giving extra space for your weapons, health and ammo.  Speaking of progression you can go and have some jolly old good times killing smugglers, but unless you want your to have a corpse filled with lead from top to bottom as soon as you expose one centimeter of your body, you’re going to have to pass some weapon missions or go on a very tedious search for 217 briefcases of diamonds which are used to buy firearms.  Yes everything you purchase in this game is payed for in diamonds. You’ll never find me trying to trade these precious rocks that could take care of me for life, for a rusty gun that jams every time I try to use it.  I’m guessing the developers wanted the currency to be more precise with giving a lot of diamonds even for the smallest weapons, but if they are so interested for the game’s reality accuracy they could have at least googled the real currency in Africa( rands you dopes).

Right, jamming…well there isn’t much I can say about this.  I personally haven’t fired a gun, but I’m pretty sure they don’t jam every time you try to fire.  The game is supposed to be using some kind of “random” generator for when guns block, but honestly after I got my machine gun jammed for the forth time while trying to fight off only two enemies I decided to use nothing, but grenades and the flamethrower.  And why do weapons that I steal from enemies jam even more than the ones I bought? Just for the lolz I went to see who the clever lead designer behind these terrible choices is and I was stunned to see that it was Hardy LeBel, also known for work on big titles like HALO 1 and 2 and two SOCOM games.  Now why does someone who worked on such famous games allow this to pass?

I want to know when it has become a known fact that sticking an unsterilized needle in your veins is a positive thing.  Your local junky would know better.  Often seen in games like Bioshock and BattleField:Bad company, the magical needle of healing returns to grant anyone who dares stick it in his wrist with full health.  This is one of those games in which you really have to watch your health, it doesn’t self regenerate and works on a healthbar system, as glad as I am to see those back it’s unpleasant that it drains faster than the rate of which this game lost my interest.  Enemies, on the other hand, now enjoy their triple titanium anti-bullet vests that apparently come with invisible kevlar. I’m not surprised they can afford them with all these briefcases filled with diamonds they seem to leave lying around.  If you are left with one bar of health your only hope is to go with a self-made surgery that either takes way too long because the character screws up or sometimes for diversity he decides to use more than one tool at a time and takes longer to get them out.  I feel the developers tried to give your character some kind of human-like sense, but it just makes me feel like I’m playing a retarded wacko.

While I’ve spit on the game in just about every section, the presentation really stands out, and there’s always something new to see in 50 square kilometers of terrain.  The graphics are always detailed and character animation only gets awkward when you find your second BEST friend doing exercise on the floor of your home.  Vegetation isn’t pixelated and the environment reacts to your actions as expected(a.k.a. it burns quite nicely).  It’s hard to comment on music when there isn’t any, but the sound effects and voice acting are passable.

Thank you Ubisoft, thank you for replacing one of my favourite game characters with rabits and releasing a shooter that handles like a fat kid on a glacier in the same year.  I’m going to take this as a warning and stay away from your brand until you release Assasin’s Creed 2.  Alrighty? See ya then.

Reviewer’s note: The Xbox 360 version was tested for this review

Rating Category
9.3 Presentation
As real as next-gen games could and should get.
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6.7 Gameplay
Shoot,Shoot,Jam weapon,Shoot,Jam weapon,Die,Repeat
6.5 Sound
I'm pretty sure that shooting next to a microphone isn't that hard.
7.8 Longevity
It's repetitive, but it gets the curious ones to the end.
7.5 Overall
Africa is beautiful, but samey, proceed at your own risk.

  1. avatar JigaNet

    I have to say that this game is good I like it, when a weapon jams for the first time I go and change it. No problem the game it’s great to explore, and visuallyevery detail is great, the only problem is the respawn of the enemy in all the check points, it’s exactly the sameall the time.

    But for all is good

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