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Avatar ImageFactor 5 Employees Cut Loose
By: | December 17th, 2008


More victims in the Gaming Industry are losing their jobs as 37 Factor 5 employees have reportedly been let go. The development studio behind the fan favorite Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has been reported to be going through hard times since a deal with producer firm Brash was scrapped.

According to Edge’s source, employees have not received payment since October 15th.

All LAIR jokes aside, this is more bad news for the industry, especially in the wake of the EA layoffs and the closing of Ensemble studios. Rogue Squadron is one of my favorite series in video game history and I can only hope that Factor 5 can recoup from these hard times.

Best of luck to everyone going through troubling times, especially at this sensitive time of year.

Source: Edge- Factor 5 Cuts 37

  1. avatar Amanda

    I’m not a terrible horedar, and I think having a smaller house helps with that. I remember at one point swearing I’d never sell another videogame system and I would collect them all, but that went out the window. I still have all the baseball cards I collected when I was in elementary school, but those fit nicely in a box on the shelf. I do find myself buying gadgets, but I’d like to think they’re good investments that will bring me years of use. I’ll use my digital cameras, video camera, mp3 player, gps, etc until they break! Hopefully I can get super long lifespans out of them all, and they turn into money well spent.

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