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Avatar ImageConsumers Lack PS3 Confidence?
By: | December 3rd, 2008

It’s been over 2 years since each console manufacturer has given us the consumer a choice of a system to buy.  You have Microsoft’s white behemoth the Xbox 360, the Sony George Forman grill and well the family oriented Nintendo Wii, which is easily trumping the competition and has the biggest lack of software out of both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Each console does offer something unique to the gamer though.  The Wii gives you an experience unlike any other where even the oldest come together to share the fun gaming moments from their early days of childhood.  The Xbox 360 offers a great line up of games that are multiplatform and some great exclusives such as critically acclaimed Gears of War 2 and Lion Head’s Fable II.  Than there is Sony’s PS3, everything that it was meant to be but falls short of peoples confidence to take the money out of their wallets and buy a PS3.  What could Sony be doing wrong that’s not making the consumer want to buy a PS3.  Let’s take a look.

You may have remembered when Sony first brought us the concept of the PS3 at E3.  It sounded like it would be the next greatest thing a human being invented.  The system offers the best hardware out of all three makers; you’d almost think it’s a dream for the developer to develop for the PS3 with all it’s capabilities you can’t go wrong but to put your game on a system like the Playstation 3.  At least this is what Sony thought when it developed the console, but it wasn’t quite what they expected.  It turns out that most developers had a hard time developing games for it, just not enough men power and time to develop for the PS3 and it seemed like the games that were developed for the PS3 were just ports already made on the less capable Xbox 360.  It really makes you question here whether Sony went beyond what was necessary to develop the console or is the developer lazy not to invest the time and money into making a quality game for the PS3.  Either way Sony is in trouble when it comes to putting their console into peoples homes.

Now why is the PS3 not in first or second place? Why is the console in second place when it comes to attachments?  Simple answer here is, it’s too expensive for the consumer especially because of today’s economy, they don’t have a strong software library.  The PS3 is still the highest priced console on the market at $399 being the lowest model.  Now it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to spend over $300 on a console, but it must have something worth it’s price, which no doubt about it Sony does.  No other console gives you a Blu-Ray player, a Internet Browser and a Sims like virtual world “Home”, which is all a good addition to a gaming console, but Sony is forgetting about the true hard core and casual gamer here.  Yes the system is all nice and techy, but the games library is thin and weak at the moment.  Metal Gear Solid 4 gave them a boost of confidence that will carry over to this holiday season, but is that enough.  Resistance 2 doesn’t seem to be making that much impact placing on bottom of the list of Top 10 for the week on many gaming websites.  Could Little Big Planet bring the console to all it’s glory or will we have to wait until next year when Killzone 2 and Final Fantasy XIII come out?  This is a good question that none of us can really predict at the moment.

The Playstation 3 is an excellent console that I truly think excels any other on the market, offering you the most for your money.  The potential the PS3 has is more than the competition can even dream of, but that potential is being limited with poor developer communication and support and a high price.  Clearly the system is more dependable than the Xbox 360, the failure rate of the PS3 is almost non-existent.  Sony is lucky to have such a big fan base behind it’s Playstation products because eventually when the price on the PS3 drops to where a consumer will be confident enough to spend their money and many will be able to afford the system it will climb back on top, by than developers will be confident enough to develop true quality titles, after all the PS2 did sell over 200 million units.  Now is the time for Sony to make the changes, cut the price before Christmas so that more household can own a PS3.  Also something I wish they’d do better is set some expectation for the developers and work amongst each other to make a kit to more easily develop games for the PS3.  It hurts me to see the Playstation brand the way it is now, we all know this is a system that can do better.

The Xbox opinion coming soon

  1. avatar Anonymous

    Was this article written a year ago? LOL

    Lack of games issue = OVER
    Developer “issue” with PS3 Development = OVER

    Remember, the PS3 is in year TWO of an estimated 10 year life cycle.

  2. avatar dkj-discipline@psn

    i agree with both the dudes in front of me

    please SHUT UP

    sony have got more exclusive titles
    which M$ trys to buy out can hardly come up with anything originally
    decent and if they do come up with something THEY suck the life outa it
    look at the halo franchise which is being dominated by its new ip
    the gears of war franchise….
    bungie have left FIRST PARTY status
    and yes SONY have had a fair share of ip’s leaving
    destroy all humans:potf(excluding EU) wont matter region FREE
    online is no different apart from NO kiddies f-ing and blinding with the racist comments and remarks

    oh yeah



  3. Avatar Image Ian

    Dont worry your little heads people, a 360 based article will be released tomorrow

  4. Yea, the Xbox 360 by no means is perfect either. At least Sony has a dependable console.

  5. avatar George

    I’m not a fanboy of any particular machine and my PS3′s not leaving my room but I’m seriously considering a 360 when the new ones ship in Dec. with the new Jasper chip eliminating RRoD (possibly). It just seems like Sony’s least important part of their company is their gaming division (tax write off I guess). It’s more about their LCD TV’s and computer sales. I can’t even ride the bus or watch a movie without hearing about or seeing an Xbox commercial. I don’t see any advertising from Sony. It seems like their just letting them games sell the system for them. If there were no internet and I never stepped foot into a game store I would never have heard of a PS3. I’m not crazy about Microsoft but at least they have more enthusiasm about gaming and their fans. I am a paying attention to the PS3 possibly fading away (I thought the Wii’s would be the first to make it to the Goodwill thrift stores down the road)

  6. The PS3 does heavily advertise in certain markets. The TV’s and the Computers in the Sony’s division are doing very well and that is their primary focus.

    As I’ve mentioned in the article, Sony will eventually sell A lot of PS3′s like it did with the PS2.

  7. avatar ThaDude

    The only reason Microsoft is pumping the Xbox brand so hard, is because they are losing money everywhere else besides it. For example, Internet Explorer is losing to Firefox3 and Safari3. Microsoft Office is begining to lose to Google Docs which is free. Businessess are looking into the free Google Docs compared to the 200 dollar Microsoft Office, bussiness being the biggest backer. Last bout not least, lets not forget how crappy Vista is doing and how their trying to rush “7″ out the door to cover up their mistakes.
    So in a nutshell, Microsuck is losing everywhere but their game divison, and even that has its issues concerning their faliure rates. So when Sony finally lowers the price tag, I couldnt even begin to wonder what Microsoft is going to do. Everything comes to an end, but is Microsoft next, or will they be able to fix these attrocities?

  8. avatar Woah

    You guys make it to easy to comment here

  9. I know isn’t it awesome. When you want to comment without a hassle, whether it’s flaming, complimenting, whatever the case you can go right ahead.

  10. avatar Spriggers

    What you need to remember is that the PS3 was easily outselling the 360 this year worldwide at even $100 more until the second set of 360 price cuts. The 360 had a pricecut in Europe this year, and it still didn’t put them in front of the PS3 week to week there. So they had a second set of huge pricecuts in Europe within 6 months of the previous one, and dropped the price drastically again in the US just before.

    It’s not about the PS3 needing to fit a certain mold. It’s about MS needing to make the 360 cost half of what the PS3 is to sell as much as they are doing now. You can bet that if the PS3 had the same price point? It wouldn’t even be close.

  11. avatar Woah

    Or spamming :)
    I won’t do it though
    Consider yourself lucky

    • avatar Pepe

      My biggest gripe with this sytsem is the Wi-Fi does not work properly. I constantly have to reboot either the Blu-ray player or the modem or both, to watch internet sites like krackle or Netflix. The other problem is the sytsem freezes when it tries to update itself. On the Sony website their solution is to unplug the sytsem and reboot it, tried that multiple times it did not work. I am returning it this weekend, to trade it in on another brand.

  12. avatar Crisp

    Sony is starting to pick up and get an average set of games but not many are in the AAA standards that so many gamers out there want.

    And with the delays of Home the ps3 gamer is starting to look elsewhere…

  13. @ Spriggers

    Def. true. If the PS3 was the same price I think people would rather choose it over the 360, simply because it’s a system that has everything you need with no additional costs besides content which everyone charges for.

  14. avatar Name (Required)

    You have a point with the article though.

    Sony should do a pricecut but not until next year. They’re focused on making a profit this year. The PS3 cost them quite a lot, as I heard.

  15. For sure. Software is what will truly profit them, both Sony and MS lost money on the consoles but MS got the profit back with games.

  16. avatar Slacker Kid

    Hey Adam kudos to you for keeping the discussion going and actively replying to those who leave comments. You rarely see that on any site that posts.

    While I may not agree with your opinions I will definitely be back here to check up and see that you keep these types of fruitful discussions going.

    What I think you failed to mention though is that the PS3′s marketing campaign has been for better or worse non existent. I love my PS3 but if I was not a gamer honestly I would not have heard about most of the releases that have occurred.

    Also when you talk about the developers struggling with the unique architecture that point is semi valid as it has been a problem in the past. That issue has been addressed and now multiplatform games that are currently in development are using the PS3 as the lead machine.

  17. For sure I love being active in the community reading your guy’s comments is quite interesting bad or good. I’ll def. be around to answer questions and respond to good or bad posts.

    I def. stand by what I wrote as I do praise the PS3 and give it the credit it deserves.

    Yea Valve and few other developers still say that the PS3 is waste of time to them, which a shame especially when Valve doesn’t support a console.

  18. avatar Kyle

    PS3rd is a piece of trash and everyone knows it. PS3 has lost this generation and Xbox 360 has completely dominated. Period.

    PS3 is a joke.

  19. avatar Decode

    PS3 sucks so much.

  20. avatar Wolf26pack

    I kinda feel like the PS3 has kinda lost value. I remember when the PS3 was $600 and I told myself I wasn’t going to even consider Purchasing it at that price. Then when they had the 1st $100 price drop and I found out they were discontinuing the 60GB PS3 I knew I had to go and pick it up.

    Now for $500 people will get a 160GB PS3 with 2 USB Ports,No Memory Card Reader & No Backwards Compatibility,Uncharted Drakes Fortune & a voucher for a downloadable game.

    So for the same price people ended up getting…

    - 100GB More Space
    - A Game
    - A Downloadable Game

    and they lost…

    - A Memory Card Reader
    - 2 USB Ports
    - Backwards Compatibilty

    Now we all know that we can buy a USB hub & a Memory Card Reader (if we decide to) but we can’t get that Backwards compatibility. All the stuff new PS3 owners are getting now is nothing that couldn’t have been bought seperatly. Too me what the PS3 offered before was much more valuable then what they offer now.

    In the end I think people are more likely to buy games & a Hardrive rather then some of the Hardware Additions.

    As for the PS3 not having enough games, the reason I think most people think that is because of two reasons…

    1. Developers are too focused on graphics and not enough on story. The length of games now a days have been cut in half so gamers are always looking for the newest thing and the games just aren’t coming out fast enough for them. Most games now a days can be beaten in 8 to 10 hours for those who don’t have jobs and are devoted to their games.

    2. People started hearing about the PS3′s line up of games since it was first announced 3 yrs ago and still not all the games have come out. People are impatient.

  21. avatar CJ

    Lack of games r u serious???

    i bought my ps3 in 5 months back n i own 11 games atm!!!
    i would have bought more if i had the money..

  22. The Xbox 360 library is twice the size. 360 nearly has 300 titles, the PS3 doesn’t come close. Over all though the PS3 will have more games and support with a year or 2.

  23. avatar Nate

    Proof read before posting, it helps me take you seriously. And the “PS3 has no games” don’t work anymore, try harder. Get out of 2006.

  24. Read the comment above yours, it’s a fact.

    You guys can keeping thinking I’m a 360 fanboy, it’s your choice and opinion, just like my article is. :)

  25. avatar George

    Adam, I hope you are right. I agree with Wolf26pack. I’m still optimistic but I feel like the PS3 is decreasing in value every month. More is needed than just a price cut in March or whatever. Sony needs to put some effort into it (that we can see). I’ve already used my PS3 to it’s capacity as a computer and for media. Home beta looked pretty silly to me but would be great for a lot of people if they would ever release a finished version. Your right though, it is still early. ‘Early bird gets the worm’ is not a saying Sony knows. If they keep their eye off the ball too long, long time Sony fans will start to look elsewhere. Look how aggressively MS is working at improving the 360.

  26. avatar WWII

    If a fat woman looked as beautiful as the PS3 I would hit it!

    -At the same time the X360 has more games it has more flops and crappiness that nobody’s going to play ever anyway.

    But most of the article even is it’s just mockery has a lot of facts…

  27. Oh yea, I kept it fair. I’ve noticed the people that fully read the whole article comment nice, because I do praise the PS3 more after all.

  28. avatar WWII

    “I feel like the PS3 is decreasing in value every month.”-What are you talking George? I understand everything that you just said except for that line…

    You have a box with Blu-ray Player, is reliable, it has browser and streaming capabilities, integrated Wi-Fi, DVD upscaler, HDMI output and 7.1 uncompressed sound supported, optical output, browser, free online… and allegedly support for the upcoming blu-ray disc of 400GB.

    Games? MGS4? Resistance2? Motorstorm2? Naruto UNS? Valkyria Chronicles? Uncharted? Ratchet & Clank? Little Big Planet? and the same multiplat releases as the X360 like GTAIV, Far Cry2, Call of Duty 5, Mirros’ Edge, SSFIIHDR, Dead Space, Price of Persia, Fallout3…

    soon, Uncharted 2, FFXIII, FFXIII versus, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, inFamous, White Knight Chronicles, Resident Evil 5…

    Seriously, are you people crazy? Besides GeoW2 what other game the X360 got this year that was so amazing anyway? Or what game are you anticipating for next year that only comes for the X360?

  29. avatar Guy


    Let’s look at the facts instead of asking the same old stupid question “what does the X360 have”:

    Here’s the top 50 games list for 2008 (rank average):

    X360 has 16 games, PS3 has 14 games (and that’s including bioshock, a port from 2007). PS3 got some good titles in 2008, but this just proves the X360 has MORE good titles and is just widening the gap.

  30. Aside from all the technical aspects of the machines, as far as gaming goes, the PS3 has and will continue to lose ground with both consumers and developers, culminating in less AAA titles on the PS3 and less titles on the system period. It’s steadily losing exclusives it’s exclusives in favor of more lucrative multi-platform deals, and Sony’s neglect of 3rd party developers isn’t helping that at all.

    Speaking in terms of exclusive or timed exclusive AAA titles, the 360 might not have a glaring lead over the PS3, but if you think in terms of what the PS2 had over the original Xbox, it’s night and day. Last generation, you would not have seen as many multi-platform shared between those two systems.

    Combine Sony’s lost ground and Microsoft’s aggressiveness to court 3rd parties, with the sheer difference in price. You’ll get exactly what we’ve been seeing now, the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 3 to 1.

    No one is counting out the PS3 as being a contender in this generation’s arms race. The blu-ray player alone guarantees its relevance. Where it is lacking however, is in the dominance its predecessors had in install rate. The way it’s going, this lack of momentum will carry on throughout the generation, and the PS3 will continue to lose exclusives, and which will only serve to help the competition.

  31. avatar Wolfy

    Doesn’t Sony lose like $200 per console sold.. im sure i read that some where. That will explain why there is no advertising, lack of EXCLUSIVE GAMES not to mention the crappy online function i keep reading about. Sony is so tight on cash that they have to make all the enhancements for the PS3 on they’re own steam. You cant tell me that Home can take this long to make. BULL CRAP!

    If the PS3 actaully made a decent killing Home would of been old news and the PSN would of been better aswel. I even read that Sony is thinking of telling developers to make they’re own servers for the games they develop ’cause they’re sad excuse of a server can’t handle the strain. (Little Big Planet ring any bells)

    Not too mention the firmware updates month on month. Dont come kid yourself Sony screwed themselves into a corner and cant seem to raise the bar any higher.

    And who decided that some of the games that were on PS2 were merely “PS exclusives”, i wanna know that? IF it DOESNT SAY “SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT” then it wasnt exclusive to start with

  32. avatar Elfin

    Well amongst our group of mates the ones who had an 360 have slowly moved over to PS3 for xmas. And those who never had a 360 sadly never will. The way we see it, is that the PS3 is improving all the time through ‘free PSN’ updates and games are getting better and more varied. It’s future proof, loadsa fantastic games on it, blurays movies are something to glee over with surround sound and 42″ plasma. Blurays movies prices are dropping all the time and the range of games is phenomenal. Oh and no worry about RRoD or yearly network bills. Plus some games just look prettier on the PS3, GTA4, COD4/5, Burnout. And where else can you get creative madness such as Little Big Planet, 8 player co-op on Resistance 2 (lag free!), Valkyria Chronicles (Addictive game and better than advance wars ‘clone’) and faster loading games!!! We sit comfortably knowing without fear that the PS3 will last a very long time and our bucks will go a very long way.

  33. avatar morpheuz

    well the way I see things MS is realising that sony is gainin ground on them and to be onest whith you they seem desperate. If you think that your product it’s better or at least as good as your competition thrn why did they needed so many price cuts. In realrty if look a sales the truth is that for each PS3 sony sells MS have to sell 2 so there sales should be cut in half and you’ll see who’s selling more, not to mention the fact that MS had a year head start, plus all the adverticing and all the derty deeds the’re doing with the so called exclusive stuff. So to me the Fight it’s even considering all the handycaps sony’s got, tough i have to mention that the volume of consoles in MS side is more atractive and cost efective for developers and that’s a plus to MS.

  34. avatar ALI



    I give additional points for consistant software…..

    remember blu Ray vs HDDVD……no buddy was jumping on either band wagon because we weren’t sure who will eventually win thee industry….sony won blu Ray MOVIES……not games……..

    Thesis: sony has to win the gaming industry now

    my two cents worth ;-}

  35. avatar luckey

    The only reason people dont like the ps3 is because other dont people dont like the ps3. It aint hard to tell, if you hear by word of mouth that the ps3 doesnt have any games the you may be less likely to get the ps3. How many times have you wanted to see a movie and heard that it sucked and changed your mind not knowing the people who didnt like the movie never even saw it. The point is Im still trying to find the flaws that people talk about. Much like the Wii if people had something good to say instead of nitpicking all the time we might see some change. Just play the damn thing dont believe the hype.

  36. @ Wolfy

    It doesn’t matter that they lose money on the console because Sony profits in a lot of other division, they have a lot of money to advertise.

  37. avatar Mange

    The price is too high. Obviously people don´t care about quality. If Sony lowers the price more people will start to buy it. But that´s just my opinion.

  38. Yea it’s all about the price in today economy where everyone is struggling for a dollar, they want to make sure their hard earned cash pays off.

  39. avatar David Macphail

    Once the PS3 is more price – competitive (There is a rumoured price cut coming March 2009) you could bet your entire living room that it’s gonna fly off the shelves like a life – saving cure. Nobody is going to buy an inferior console which has either a 33% failure rate or hardly any AAA games if they can get a PS3 for roughly the same price.

    It’s like Sony said……THEY decide when this generation starts.

  40. Hardly any triple AAA titles, I hope you’re not talking about the 360.


    - Gears of War 2
    - Halo 3
    - Mass Effect
    - Bioshock, which is on the PS3 now.
    - Gears of War 1

    I don’t think I need to go on, I’m sure i’m forgetting a bunch that have sold millions.

    The PS3 does have a few triple A titles though.


    - Metal Gear Solid 4
    - Uncharted Drakes Fortune
    - Resistance 1 and 2.

    The overall library is bigger for MS though, and biggest reason why is because they had a good year start.

  41. avatar LH

    Another point worth making that i recently thought of with Microsoft being in the lead in console sales, how many of those are rebuy’s from people who ran out of warranty the year after it was released? With that said its still an awesome console with great titles, although claiming more and better titles is disputable. There will be no doubt that an XBox360 will be sitting next to my PS3 if the jasper chip or whatever its called turns out to be the RROD killer.

  42. You make a great point LH. I’m on my 6th 360, had to re-buy twice already, so that could possibly be it as well.

  43. avatar LH

    From a pure “i want to game nothing else, i dont care what the future holds” kinda mentality XBox 360 would be my initial choice as well however i saw what they did to the original xbox(they are not a myth people!) i could bring myself to get screwed and ask for more, so i went and bought a ps3 and although i want to play gears 2 and fable 2, Uncharted and MGS4 are among the best games i’ve ever played and ratchets no slouch.

  44. avatar LH

    sorry typo; i *couldn’t*

    • avatar Citlallita

      Some people who read your site can do math. You say both Wii and Xbox 360 did 300,000 each duirng Sony’s big week, but also say they were selling 200,000 per week in mid-October. These numbers would put both well over 700,000 for the month, which neither achieved (based on the Sales figures for October published on your site). I know you used the numbers for maximum effect, but Sony is doing badly enough that you don’t need to fudge the numbers. Love your site!

    • avatar Nrmeen

      My biggest gripe with this sysetm is the Wi-Fi does not work properly. I constantly have to reboot either the Blu-ray player or the modem or both, to watch internet sites like krackle or Netflix. The other problem is the sysetm freezes when it tries to update itself. On the Sony website their solution is to unplug the sysetm and reboot it, tried that multiple times it did not work. I am returning it this weekend, to trade it in on another brand.

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