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Avatar ImageCastle Crashers Achievement Guide
By: | December 11th, 2008
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Slightly behind but this guide outlines all of the Castle Crashers achievements with tips to achieve all of them, and a deep walkthrough to acquire every animal. Happy gaming.

Table of Contents:

  1. Traditional
  2. The Traitor
  3. Maximum Firepower
  4. Deer Trainer
  5. Melee Is Best
  6. Kay Eye Ess Ess
  7. Conscientious Objector
  8. Animal Handler
  9. Arena Master
  10. Glork
  11. Treasure Hunter
  12. Medic!

1. Traditional

  • Complete the game using any character.
  • 20 Gamerscore
  • Tip: If you’re playing by yourself, be sure to stock up on health potions prior to boss battles by purchasing them with gold at the various stores around the map. Playing with friends will make the game much easier to beat.

2. The Traitor

  • Defeat any boss by playing as one of his own minions.
  • 20 Gamerscore
  • Tip: For example, you’ll need to beat the Barbarian boss as the Barbarian character. To unlock the Barbarian character, you must beat the King’s Arena, then use the character unlocked to proceed through the Barbarian War and beat the Barbarian Boss.

3. Maximum Firepower

  • Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power.
  • 10 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: You have to get this achievement on the Flowery Field level. Behind the battle towards the castle is your allies with catapults, once you get to the cliff, you must jump in the catapult, and press X when the power meter hits the top.

4. Deer Trainer

  • Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any objects.
  • 20 Gamerscore
  • Tip: On the Abandoned Mill level, you’ll be riding through a mill on a deer. You’ll have to jump over logs (press A to jump) and navigating through doors. A good thing to do is to stay behind the 3 other deer a little bit so you can be prepared to jump over the logs. When you’re coming up to a door, you will see reflection of the light on the floor leading up to it, and the 3 other deer will line up to run through the door; use them as a guideline.

5. Melee Is Best

  • Defeat any boss without using magic.
  • 15 Gamerscore
  • Tip: Pretty simple, you must defeat a boss only using melee attacks. The first boss, being the barbarian boss can be easily taken down with a series of X and Y attacks.

6. Kay Eye Ess Ess

  • Collect all 4 princesses’ kisses in a multiplayer game.
  • 15 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: This achievement must be done in an online or local co-op game, you cannot do this by yourself. When you reach the princess after beating a boss, you must battle your co-op opponent to basically fight for the kiss. I suggest you take turns doing this. The first (Red) princess is located in the Barbarian Boss level. The second (Green) princess is located in the Cyclops’ Fortress level. The third (Blue) princess is located in the Ice Castle level. The last (Orange) princess is located in the final boss battle.

7. Conscientious Objector

  • Comeplete Home Castle through Barbarian Boss without attacking any foes.
  • 20 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: You have to beat the first 4 levels without attacking any enemies. The way to do this is to play with a friend (or a few) and have them beat the levels and kill every enemy including the Barbarian boss.

8. Animal Handler

  • Collect all the animals.
  • 20 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: You can buy Pazzo from the Snow Store to help you find animals, but here are the locations:
    • Chicken: Increase to defense, strength and agility.
      • Flooded Temple: On the first dry land section, there is an X next to two giant fish statues in the background. Dig on the X.
    • Cardinal: Helps you find secret items.
      • Industrial Castle: Top floor of the castle, kill the brute and get the Cardinal.
    • Owlet: Retrieves hidden fruit from trees.
      • Forest Entrance: Right before you exit the deadlands, go behind the overgrown section and swing your weapon.
    • Mr Buddy: Helps you dig faster.
      • Home Castle: Go back into the first room where all the tutorial people are. At the back far wall, near the veterinary lady, there’s an X on a pile of straw. Dig on the X.
    • Giraffey: Helps you level up faster.
      • Desert: Look for the X shapes on the sand (or have Pazzo as your animal, he’ll show you where to dig), the giraffe is one of the last ones before the end of the level.
    • Snoot: Increases your strenth.
      • Cyclops’ fortress: Bomb the cracked wall in the very first room.
    • Piggy: Makes food give you more health.
      • Swamp Village Store: Purchased for 585 gold.
    • Zebra: Helps you find food in grass.
      • Desert Chase: Taken from the guy on the camel, when you see him run off, follow as fast as you can (on the back of another camel, obviously). You’ll need to dodge the quicksand, and then use an arrow to knock him off his camel before he reaches safety.
    • Rammy: Knocks down enemies.
      • Tall Grass Field: Taken from the large bear with the banner.
    • Spinny: Increases your defense.
      • Volcano Store: Purchased for 680 gold.
    • Bitey Bat: Chomps enemy’s heads.
      • Pipsitrello’s Cave: Found after the boss bat.
    • Troll: Slowly regenerates your health.
      • Thieves’ Forest: Behind a wall, use 3 bombs to blow up the wall to set him free.
    • Frogglet: Picks up items with tongue.
      • Marsh: Halfway through the first graveyard, the X is directly in front of an open crypt, just before the wall goes back and the area widens. Dig on the X.
    • Seahorse: Allows you to move quickly in water.
      • Thieves’ Forest: Right after the dear leaves a poo streak and before the stream in the forest.
    • Snailburt: Increases defense; decreases agility.
      • Marsh: Towards the end, he is right out in the open so you can’t miss him.
    • Scratchpaw: Increases strength and agility.
      • Sandcastle Interior: There are two barred windows at the back of the room, the tiger is behind the second one. Use bombs on the cracked wall to get to him.
    • Yeti: Protects you from being frozen.
      • Snow World: As you go down the ramps, check behind the hut.
    • Monkeyface: Increases your luck finding items.
      • Church Store: Purchased for 750 Gold.
    • Pazzo: Helps you find buried treasure.
      • Snow Store: Purchased for 750 Gold.
    • Sherbert: Helps you jump higher.
      • Animal Art: Stand in the middle of the door and use a sandwich. Now jump and start pressing XXY button. You should start to rise up the door as you attack it.
    • Meowburt: Increases agility.
      • Parade: Go to the level directly after PARADE and as soon as it loads go left and the next screen is the entrance to the tunnel where you hit your head and fell of the carriage previously. The cat should be in the middle of the road right there.
    • Hawkster: Attacks fallen enemies.
      • Tall Grass Field: Blow the horn outside the huts just before you get Rammy.
    • Burly Bear: Increases Strength.
      • Tall Grass Field: With a sandwich and a couple of bombs. Go to where you climb up the grass section of the cliff but don’t go up, instead head to the left side of the cliff, eat the sandwich and you’ll find you can move the rock on the side. Inside there are two chests and a crack in the wall, the bear is in the crack.
    • BiPolar: Mauls enemies (and friends) near death.
      • Snow World: As you walk up the ramp, use the horn by the sign post signaling it. He pops out of the tunnel.
    • Beholder: Gives a magical boost.
      • Full Moon: Play through the level with Cardinal as your animal. At the second hut up the mountain path, it’ll bring you a golden key “weapon”. This unlocks the padlocked door in the ark, and inside is the Beholder.
    • Install Ball: Shoots enemies with it’s photons.
      • Alien Ship: Play through until the countdown begins. Shoot the mechanism that destroys the first green laser gate (after the toilet) and head straight up. There’s a door there (hard to see what with it being dark etc). Go left slightly. It’s still possible to exit the ship before the countdown ends.

9. Arena Master

  • Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches.
  • 15 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: This requires you to win 40 ranked arena matches online. This achievement is pretty time consuming. I personally suggest you play online with friends in order to get it quickly.

10. Glork

  • Win 20 All You Can Quaff Ranked Matches
  • 15 Gamerscore
  • Tip: Like Arena Master, this requires you to play online. To play AYCQ, you have to repeatedly press X and Y simultaneously.

11. Treasure Hunter

  • Find and dig up 10 buried items.
  • 20 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: It is very useful to have Pazzo with you for this achievement as Pazzo helps you find treasure you have to dig up. You will need the shovel, which is found at the beginning of Desert, to dig up items, and Pazzo will tell you to dig up items on Desert which look like shaded holes.

12. Medic!

  • In a 4 player game, resuscitate each of your fallen comrades at least once.
  • 10 Gamerscore.
  • Tip: To get this achievement you must be playing 4 player co-op campaign. An easy way to get this is to get your friends to die to the enemies and let them revive you while they’re dead. If you have 4 controllers, you can do this easily by yourself.

Hope that helped. Large thanks to Monoxide Child for the Animal Handler achievement information and Saint Azzy for helping me in-game.

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