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Thank you for searching up our guide, and we hope that this FAQ helps you in what you need to know about the game. This FAQ done by us sums up all information given so far, so if you have any troubles, please refer to here before asking.

Contents of Offline FAQ:

  • 1. Levels + Level Videos
    • A. Levels
    • B. Level Videos
  • 2. Co-op
    • FAQ on Co-op in general
    • Competitive Co-op
      • How does it work?
      • How do you do this?
    • Regular Co-op
      • How does it work in this Game?
      • What levels can you do?
  • 3. Zombie mode
    • A. Quick FAQ
    • B. Concept
    • C. Revealed upgrades
    • D. Some Zombie Videos
  • 4. Offline Achievements
    • Mission Achievements
    • Extra Achievements
  • 5. Offline Videos and Screenshots
    • Videos
    • Screenshots
  • 6. Helping links and Special Thanks
  • 7. Multiplayer guide

1. Levels and Video walkthroughs

All levels in order:

  1. Semper fi
  2. Little Resistance
  3. Hard landing
  4. Vendetta
  5. Their land, Their blood
  6. Burn em out
  7. Relentless
  8. Blood and Iron
  9. Ring of Steel
  10. Eviction
  11. Black Cats
  12. Blowtorch and Corkscrew
  13. Breaking point
  14. Heart of the Reich
  15. Downfall

Red: Not available in Co-op.

Videos of the Campaign:

2. Co-op

Co-op trailer (click me)


  • What is ‘Co-op’?

Co-op is the mode that allows you to play with more then one player on the same console, tackling the story of the game together. There is more to this then story as well, modes that allow you to work together cooperatively (hence the term ‘Co-op’) also count for this.

  • How does Co-op work?

Co-op differs from titles for balance. In The Halo Series, when you died in the middle of the story, you would spawn later, depending on how many enemies are in the vicinity, and if your teammates are actively engaging combat.

In Call of Duty: World at War, you will go into last stand and you will need your teammates to recover you before a background timer you can’t see expires, or you will restart from the last checkpoint. Last stand works by dropping to the ground, with 1 health unit left, unable to move, and you switch to your pistol. You can recover him by going next to him and pressing the X button.

  • Will Co-op count towards our online rank?

Like Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2, you will be able to.

  • Can you unlock Nazi Zombies through Co-op?

Sadly, no you can’t.

  • Can you play Co-op on Zombie Mode?


Competitive Co-op:

How does this work?
This works so whoever gets the most points at the end of the level wins. It turns “Just stay alive”, into “I get first shot!”. You can get points by reviving your friend, killing enemies, headshots, ect. Watch out though, when you go into last stand, you lose points!

How do you get this?
I believe this mode is available directly at the start.

Regular Co-op:

How does it work in this game?
The game goes along fine and smoothly like it did before, except that you go into last stand whenever you die, and your teammates have to revive you. Much like the downing system in Gears of War.

What levels can you do?
You can do all except Vendetta and Black Cats.

3. Zombie Mode

A. Quick FAQ

  • What is this?

Zombie mode is a new mode made for Co-op, equivalent to Gears of War 2‘s newly added Horde mode, or Rainbow Six Vegas’s terrorist hunt, only the style and concept is slightly different from those two.

  • How will it work?

Basically, what will happen is you and your Comrades will be left all alone in a building, with zombie Germans storming the house and getting in using any interest they can find.

  • How many waves will there be?

Waves are unlimited.  The highest wave # reached @ activision/treyarch so far has been Round 27. (quote from Coffee Cat)

  • What are the upgrades for?

As you kill enemies, you gain points, which you can spend on for barricades, blocks, Guns, and other things.

  • How do you get this mode?

You must first beat the story, you may in either Co-op or Solo.

B. Concept

  • Being a equivalent to Horde or terrorist hunt, you should know that it’s survive the enemy onslaughter for as long as you can hold out. They come in waves, each wave getting harder to kill, stronger, and faster. Also walking up to certain objects will let you ‘buy’ a upgrade on defenses. As they break through and attempt to kill you, You are setting up barricades, and killing whatever made it inside. Survive through all of the waves to win.

C: Revealed Upgrades and Buyables:

  • Buyables
    • M1A1 Carbine – 600 points to buy - 300 for ammo
    • Unscoped Kar98k – 200 points to buy - 100 for ammo
    • BAR – 1800 points to buy - 900 for ammo
    • M1897 Trench Gun – 750 for both buying and ammo
    • Double Barrel Shotgun – 1200 points to buy – 600 for ammo
    • Random weapon chest – 950 points to open
    • Thompson – 1300 points to buy – 600 for ammo
    • Cabinet (Scoped Kar98k) 1500 points to open – 750 for ammo
    • Stielhandgrenate – 250 points
    • Sawed-off shotgun – 1200 points – 600 for ammo
    • Opening up the room with scratched sign – 1000 points
    • Clearing debris to second story – 1300 points
  • Upgrades
    • Insta kill – One hit kills for 30 seconds.
    • Double XP – Gain twice as many points for 30 seconds.
    • Fire bomb – Kills all zombies currently in level.
    • Max ammo – Gives the max amount of ammo you can carry.

D. Zombie Statistics

  • A. Health, Damage, and Speed
    • Health
      • Health is relative to what round you are at. They start off at 150 health, then go up by 100 until round 10. After that they go up by multiples of 1.1. So for example:
        • Round 11: 1155 health
        • Round 12: 1270
        • Round 13: 1397
        • Round 14: 1537
        • Round 15: 1691
        • Round 64: 180465
        • Round 100: 5578673
    • Damage
      • Damge is dealt at 50 per hit, and you have 100 health, so a good 1-2 punch and you’re out.
    • Speed
      • The speed of which they move increase until round 10, where they become a the maximum amount of speed they can go, which you can still go faster going backwards with a LMG.
  • B. Quantity

In Solo, the zombies reach a capacity of 24 zombies per round.
In Co-op, the zombies after Round 10 increase in number exponentially, relative to the number of players (there will only be a maximum of 32 zombies at a time, more will continue to file in as existing ones are killed). If I did the math right (just guessing right now), a team of four players will face 100+ zombies in a single round by Round 28.

  • C. Planks

Rebuilding barriers has a maximum payout of 500 points per round after Round 10. You may be able to just keep rebuilding, but after 50 planks of wood, you won’t get any points it until next Round. Before round ten, multiply 50 by the round number and that’s how many points you can get from rebuilding barriers in that round.

E. Zombie mode videos

4. Offline Achievements

All mission achievements are 30g and Solo only, with the exception of Carlson’s raiders, which is 10g.

  • A. Mission Achievements
    • Carlson’s Raiders
      • Complete Semper Fi on any difficulty.
    • Get yer hand’s dirty
      • Complete Semper Fi on Veteran.
    • Bloody Peleliu
      • Complete Little Resistance on Veteran.
    • The Sword is broken
      • Complete Hard Landing on Veteran.
    • Architect
      • Complete Vendetta on Veteran.
    • The Hammer Strikes
      • Complete Their land Their blood on Veteran.
    • Scorched Earth
      • Complete Burn ‘em out on Veteran.
    • Fearless
      • Complete Relentless on Veteran.
    • *** on Wheels
      • Complete Blood and Iron on Veteran.
    • No return
        Complete Ring of Steel on Veteran.
    • When it rains, it pours
      • Complete Eviction on Veteran.
    • One Bad Gato Complete
      • Complete Black Cats on Veteran.
    • Blowtorch and Corkscrew
      • Complete Blowtorch and Corkscrew on Veteran.
    • Setting of the sun
      • Complete Breaking Point on Veteran.
    • For the Motherland
      • Complete Heart of the Reich on Veteran.
    • Bearing the Burden
      • Complete Downfall on Veteran.
  • B. Other Achievements
    • Stormed Peleliu (15g)
      • Establish a beachhead on Peleliu on any difficulty, solo only.
    • The Last stand (20g)
      • Survive the confict surrounding Okinawa on any difficulty, solo only.
    • Stabbed in the heart (20g)
      • Complete the Eastern Front, any difficulty.
    • Saved Private Ryan (10g)
      • Saved the private before he burns to death.
    • Weapon of mass destruction (15g)
      • Call in a naval strike that kills 4 Japanese men. Solo only.
    • No safe place (15g)
      • Burn a soldier out of a tree.
    • Professional (15g)
      • Kill all of Amsel’s henchies, including the dog, without reloading. Solo only.
    • Gunslinger (15g)
      • Assassinate General Amsel with a pistol.
    • Firestarter (15g)
      • Complete a level using only your Flamethrower.
    • Iron Fist (15g)
      • Destroy all towers and bunkers on Blood and Iron.
    • Ruthless (15g)
      • Kill 15 enemies while on a mounted gun in Ring of steel.
    • Shot in the dark (10g)
      • Kill an enemy while in the subway darkness of Eviction.
    • The sum of Zero (15g)
      • Kill 45 Japanese men in Black Cats. Solo only.
    • Lights out! (10g)
      • In Black Cats, blow out all the lights in the convoy. Solo only.
    • Mortar-dom (10g)
      • Kill 8 Japanese with thrown mortars. Solo only.
    • Guardian Angel (15g)
      • Save Sergeant Roebuck.
    • Rough Economy (15g)
      • Kill 3 enemies with a single bullet.
    • Close Shave (10g)
      • Survive a Bonzai attack. Solo only.
    • Snake in the Grass (15g)
      • Take out a Japanese man while he is lying in the grass.
    • Grave Robber (15g)
      • Collect all death cards.
    • Kamikaze (15g)
      • Complete a level on any difficulty without using a gun. Solo only.
    • Throw a six and a half (15g)
      • Complete a level on Hardened on Veteran without dying.
    • Purple heart (5g)
      • Show your courage.
    • War Hero (40g)
      • Complete the game on any difficulty. Solo only.
    • Hardened War Hero (100g)
      • Complete the game on hardened. Solo only.

6. Helpful Links and thanks

  • x Chefs x
  • U2boy
  • Final Awakening
  • General Keen
  • Quetzal129
  • EpicFlapJack
  • Rokinsam
  • Coffee Cat
  • JD 2020
  • Treyarch
  • Activision
  • JD Buck
  • SoCalCaz
  • Feareon
  • Conory
  • o Barbarian o
  • zBaCkFiR3
  • x PreMoniT1ion x
  • A Jewish Turkey
  • Havocks
  • Oh No a Chino
  • The rest of the COD5 community

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