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By: | December 23rd, 2008
Guide |X360


4.0 Controls

A BUTTON: Blend/Free-Sprint/JumpB BUTTON: Gently push/Tackle/Pickpocket

X BUTTON: Attack/Rear (on horse)/Counter (When in defensive stance)

Y BUTTON: Eagle vision/EavesdropLEFT ANALOG STICK: Movement

RIGHT ANALOG STICK: Camera/Click to centre camera

LT BUTTON: Lock on

LB BUTTON: Chase cam

RT BUTTON: Action button

RB BUTTON: not used

START BUTTON: Options menu


D-PAD UP: Hidden blade

D-PAD DOWN: Fists D-PAD LEFT: Throwing knives/Dagger D-PAD RIGHT: Long sword

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  1. Awesome guide, man. I’ll definitely use this in my game.

  2. avatar Julio Rodriguez

    Spectacular guides. I love it. I can’t wait Assassin’s Creed 2

  3. avatar Davian V.

    These are great help. Thanks for sharing! Question: Do the flags and the killing of the Templars unlock anything else other than the achievements?

  4. avatar Marc

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