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By: | December 23rd, 2008
Guide |X360


3.0 Flag and Templar Maps

3.1 Masyaf

3.2 Acre Poor District

3.3 Acre Middle District

3.4 Acre Rich District

3.5 Damascus Poor District

3.6 Damascus Middle District

3.7 Damascus Rich District

3.8 Jerusalem Poor District

3.9 Jerusalem Middle District

3.10 Jerusalem Rich District

3.11 Kingdom

*Thanks to The Gunner, and infamouslink, and BcrdNCola for their awesome quality maps*

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  1. Awesome guide, man. I’ll definitely use this in my game.

  2. avatar Julio Rodriguez

    Spectacular guides. I love it. I can’t wait Assassin’s Creed 2

  3. avatar Davian V.

    These are great help. Thanks for sharing! Question: Do the flags and the killing of the Templars unlock anything else other than the achievements?

  4. avatar Marc

    This is a pretty azmiang ad, given that the seminar is an industry event. It doesn’t really inspire confidence in those contemplating a major TV buy. I mean, if they can put out a piece which causes people to draw comparisons between the speaker and major historical figures (and how can any keynote speaker short of a major historical figure fare well in such a comparison?) then it makes you wonder how they’ll handle your ad needs.And I was just about to cut a huge check to NBC to promote my little blog.Oh, well. Scratch that, I guess.

  5. avatar Joycelyn Cantrel

    I actually have enjoyed the submit, but your website is pretty broken in Google Chrome. What theme are you using?

  6. avatar Rudolf Doiley

    Hey Eric. Many thanks for including my PSD templates. :)

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