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By: | December 23rd, 2008
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The first of today’s guide ‘catch up’ is a complete guide for Assassin’s Creed, this guide includes among other material, a FAQ, a list of Xbox achievements and a complete walkthrough.

Index :

Page 1.0 Intro
Page 1.1
Page 1.2
Page 2
.0 Achievement List
Page 3.0
Flag and Templar Maps

3.2Acre Poor
3.3Acre Middle
3.4Acre Rich
3.5Damascus Poor
3.6Damascus Middle
3.7Damascus Rich
3.8Jerusalem Poor
3.9Jerusalem Middle
3.10Jerusalem Rich

Page 4.0 Controls
Page 5.0

5.1Memory Block 1


5.2Memory Block 2


5.2.3–Abstergo Laboratory

5.3Memory Block 3

5.3.1–The Kingdom
5.3.2–Acre Mission de Naplouse

5.3.3Jerusalem–Informer Mission


5.4Memory Block 4

5.4.1–Back to the Animus
5.4.2DamascusRichDistrict Mission’lNuqoud

5.4.3–Acre Rich District Mission de Montferrat

5.4.4–Jerusalem Poor District Mission 1–Informer Mission 2 Addin

5.5Memory Block 5

5.5.1–Acre Middle District Mission 1 Mission 2

5.5.2–Damascus Middle District Mission 1 Mission 2’s

5.6Memory Block 6

5.6.1–Jerusalem Middle District Mission 1 Mission 2 de Sable

5.7Memory Block 7

5.7.1–Back to Masyaf
5.7.2–Back in the Lab


1.0 Intro

Hi guys, let me introduce myself. I’m Alien Nation aka xX AntKiller Xx on XBL. I wanted to help the Assassin’s Creed community by putting a nice FAQ and walkthrough together for all of you to see and use. This is my first professional FAQ and walkthrough, so please bare with me on this one.

1.1 Definitions

Assassination:Press the X BUTTON for a LOW PROFILE kill or press and hold the RT BUTTON and the X BUTTON for a HIGH PROFILE kill.

Climbing:Press and hold the RT BUTTON and the A BUTTON (with the Left Analog Stick) towards a wall to start climbing. Use the LEFT ANALOG STICK to navigate while climbing.

Combo Kill:
In offensive stance press the X BUTTON to attack. Press the X BUTTON again as soon as your sword makes contact.

Counter Attack:Press and hold the RT BUTTON to be in defensive stance. Press the X BUTTON before an enemy strikes to counter them.

Deflect:Press and hold the RT BUTTON (when weapon is unsheathed) to deflect attacks. This is a defensive stance.

Eavesdrop:Sit on a nearby bench and lock on the target to begin eavesdropping. Find the people to eavesdrop with the RIGHT ANALOG STICK and then press the LT BUTTON to lock on. Press the Y BUTTON to eavesdrop.

Free Run:
Press and hold the RT BUTTON and the A BUTTON (with the Left Analog Stick) to jump from object to object.

Press ANY BUTTON when you see a glitch during a scene to view it in another perspective.

The GPS at the bottom right corner of your screen shows your next objective and other information such as the direction you are going.

Grab-Break:Press RT BUTTON and the B BUTTON when an enemy grabs you to cancel out the move.

Hiding Points:
When Altair is spotted by guards or soldiers, his status will be in RED MODE. Run away from the soldiers until his status turns into YELLOW MODE. From there, Altair has four ways of hiding: stacks of hay, rooftop shelters, benches and groups of scholars. When you find one of these, hide there until Altair’s status turns GREEN.

High Profile Assassination:Approach an enemy from behind (or from the front, if they don’t suspect you) and then press the RT BUTTON and the X BUTTON with the hidden blade equipped to assassinate them in a stylish manner.

Interrogation:Follow the locked-on target to a secluded place and beat him until he speaks.

Lock-on Target:
Press the LT BUTTON to lock on to your target.

Low Profile Assassination:
If you don’t want to cause a stir among the crowds (or other soldiers), approach the enemy while being blended and then simply press the X BUTTON with the hidden blade equipped to stab them in the back or the gut. When successful, Altair will not be detected and can walk away from the scene.

In Low Profile, press and hold the B BUTTON to pickpocket someone while they’re walking.

Walling:Press and hold the RT BUTTON and the A BUTTON (with the Left Analog Stick) to run up the wall.

1.2 FAQ’s

Q: What is a Templar?
A: A Templar is a knight in a white robe with a red plated helm that is usually guarding an area alone. There are 60 of these Templars in throughout the entire game. These knights are tougher then the other guards you will encounter. You will know you have killed a Templar when you see a pop up saying you killed one, and your game will also auto save once he is vanquished.

Q: How do I save my game?
A: You can not save your game manually while playing, however your game will auto save (set by default in the game options) when ever you do something to make progression in game such as killing a Templar, finding a flag, or doing any other objectives like saving a citizen or eavesdropping…

Q: I killed the first three targets and I don’t know where to go from here!?
A: You have killed the first target from every city;
Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem. Those kills were all in one district of those cities. Once the first three Main Targets are dead you go back to Masyaf and talk to your clan leader and he tells you to go back to those cities to find out who your next targets are. When you get back to those cities there is a new district for each of those cities that have unlocked for you. Look on your map to see where to head. The new area of the map that you now have access to will still be blurred, so if you head to a district and the area is still locked (A blue wall blocking your way) try the other district. Once in the new district, your first mission will be to find a view point. To find the new view points you need to look around the city while walking. You won’t see them on your map. Once you have synched up with a view point, all the other view points will now show on your map.

Q: There’s a flag in the ruins in the Kingdom that I can’t reach, it’s up high on a pillar. How do I get to it?
A: 1) You need to have done the first three assassinations in order to get the gloves.
2) Climb the wall-like structure to where a flag is standing.
3) Facing the flag on the pillar, jump to the pillar near the wall like structure.
4) From that pillar, hang off the side of it back facing the pillar with the flag on it.
5) Do a wall jump from that pillar towards the pillar with the flag on it and press B when near the edge of the pillar with the flag on it to grab onto the edge of it.

Q: I’ve beaten the game already, but I want to restart a new game. Will it overwrite my game file or can I make a new game file?
A: You can only have one game file at a time. So basically, yes it will overwrite your game file.

Q: What do I do after I’ve beaten the game? I’m stuck in the lab.
A: You now have the eagle vision ability. With this new ability, go to your bed room and look at the wall behind your bed and use eagle vision. There will be a short pause and the credits will roll. After the credits you can walk around and go back into the animus and finish up some things you haven’t done or just fool around for your own pleasure.

Q: While going to Robert de Sable to go and assassinate him, I fall through the world and come back with a twin… what do I do?
A: This glitch is usually caused by you having an other controller plugged into your Xbox. Just unplugged your controlled and restart your game. If the problem persist however, I’m sorry to say that you are very badly glitched and will need to try to either die over and over again or restart your game repetitively.

Q: I now have throwing knives but I don’t know how to get more!?
A: In order to get more throwing knives you need to pickpocket thugs. Thugs are the NPC’s that are fat and have two small bags on their waist in the back. They usually walk around rubbing their hands together. An easy way to recognize them, is that when you look at them they will highlight like a guard would. To pickpocket them, just lock on them by pressing LT BUTTON and get behind them without them detecting you and press on hold B BUTTON. You will know you have successfully done it when you lock off the target automatically.

Q: I got a question about an achievement!?
A: See the achievement section of this guide.

Q: What’s up with all these weird writings on the floor and walls in the lab?
A: Thanks to Xbox World 360 magazine, here is all the explanations;

Q: Who is Subject Seventeen?
A: That would be you, Desmond.

Q: Is Desmond actually Altair?
A: No, Desmond is a descendant of Altair, and by using the Animus he’s able to locate Altair’s memories that are hidden in his DNA. This means that Altair had at least one child after the events of Assassin’s Creed – otherwise Desmond would not have Altair’s memories locked away inside him.

Q: What’s all this writing about?
A: The room’s previous occupant, Subject Sixteen, left all of the writing that you can see for Desmond to read.

Q: Okay, so why can I not see it until the end of the game?
A: Abstergo washed the messages off of the walls and the floor, but Desmond is able to spot the messages by using his Eagle Vision.

Q: Wait a second. You said that Desmond wasn’t Altair! What gives?
A: He’s not, at least, not yet… Read through Vidic’s emails and you’ll stumble across one that mentions “The Bleeding Effect.” Vidic reports that, after using the Animus for a given length of time, some previous subjects were unable to distinguish between their ancestors’ lives and their own. Their genetic and real-time memories have literally “bled” into one another, which is why Desmond is able to use the Eagle Vision power at the end of the game.

Q: Why only the one power?
A: Be patient! Assassin’s Creed is the first part of a trilogy. By the end of the third game Desmond will have a lot more moves to play with…

Q: Who are Abstergo?
A: Modern Templars. Abstergo are a company intent on world domination. Their “aim” is for world peace, but the methods with which they wish to achieve this can be considered mad. They think that by controlling mankind, and killing those that aren’t influenced by their power, they can achieve peace. Even their name betrays this secret: it’s Latin for “cleanse”.

Q: Who is Lucy?
A: Lucy
Stillman is an employee of Abstergo, but is actually an undercover operative working with the Assassins. She is the one that passes on the door code to Desmond, and is trying to delay the project. In a series of emails to a person known only as ‘??’ she asks for aid. The final message is coded, but reads, “We will be there soon.” Vidic has his suspicions of Lucy. Alan Rikkin sent him an email regarding the fluoride leak: “Makes me wonder if the fluoride leak was internal after all… And if it was, are we dealing with a whistle blower or something worse?” It’s highly reasonable to assume that Lucy was this leak.

Q: Back to the writing. What does the triangle of text say?
A: “They drained my soul and made it theirs. I drained my body to show you where I saw it.” Subject sixteen wrote this, along with all of the other messages, in his blood. The first part refers to Abstergo stealing his soul, or in reality, his memories. They watched his ancestor’s life to locate an important artefact, hence 16′s belief that his ‘soul’ was taken. The second part is more literal. 16 drained his body to show you where he saw it, meaning that he used his own blood to leave you clues as to where the artefact lies. What artefact is he talking about? There’s a strong chance it could be the Holy Grail. We’ll look at some evidence later on that suggests this is the case.

Q: What does the block of writing say?
A: “artifacts sent to the skies to control all nation, to make us obey a hidden crusade. Do not help them.” This message refers directly to Abstergo’s plan should they (and they will) get hold of the artefact that you’re being used to locate. They plan to send it into space and attach it to a low orbit transmitter to brainwash mankind. In the final battle Altair discovers just what the artefact, the Third Piece of Eden, is capable of. It can make people believe anything, and was responsible for many Biblical illusions such as the parting of the
Red Sea (in ‘reality’ it did not happen – the artefact simply made people think that it did). Subject Sixteen is well aware of Abstergo’s plans and asks you not to help them.

Q: What does 12212012 mean?
A: It may be easier if we call it 21122012, for this number’s a date. Specifically,
21 December 2012. It’s a hugely important date, for it marks the ‘end of the world as we know it’. The ancient Mayan civilizations used the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (incidentally, we use the Gregorian calendar), and a significant event is supposed to take place. In Assassin’s Creed this event is obvious, and it also tells us when the game takes place.Reading through Vidic’s emails you’ll see that Abstergo must ‘launch’ on 21 December. It is safe, then, to say that the ‘present day’ antics take place in September 2012, and that Abstergo wish to launch the satellite on 21/12/2012 to begin the new era in control of mankind.

Q: What about
A: This refers to 21/12/2012 again. To be more precise, it is the date written in long count form and marks the beginning of the thirteenth Baktun.

Q: What is the significance of the animal pictures?
A: There are three animals pictures: a hummingbird, a spider and a monkey. All three pictures are drawings of the famous Nazca lines – a series of lines in
Peru that, when viewed from above, reveal giant animals. It’s probable that the area is home to another ancient artefact, or if not the pictures reveal the location of one.

Q: What are the pyramids about?
A: The step pyramids are a common symbol of Mayan architecture. The Mitchell-Hedges skull was found inside a Mayan temple, and there are more artifacts locked away within the ruins.

Q: What is Yonaguni?
A: Yonaguni is the westernmost island in
Japan, and a likely setting for the next game (or at least part of it). It is widely believed that an ancient and advanced civilization once lived on Yonaguni, and that they suffered a similar fate to Atlantis’ people. Buildings found submerged around Yonaguni predate any other known buildings in the world, so expect any Japanese ancestor tales to take place before Assassin’s Creed 1.

Q: What is 22:13?
A: Revelations 22:13. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” There are also a few alphas and omegas scrawled on the giant mural.

Q: What’s the eye in the triangle about?
A: Yet another reference to a God. It’s a Christian version of the Eye of Providence – the eye of God. The triangle emphasizes the Trinity. It’s strange that among all the religions and beliefs there are some strong Christian vibes – strange because the game keeps sewing seeds that hint it’s a lie.

During the game it’s mentioned that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God and that it’s a fabrication. The final email also mentions that artifacts related to Christ are probably fictional. And yet we have a couple of Christian symbols and a massively powerful New Testament verse that suggests maybe the opposite is true. Maybe the Piece of Eden has been used not to support a lie about Christ, but to cover up the very truth of the matter.

Q: Emperor Ji… Jing…?
A: “Within Emperor Jiajing’ sin and Quetzcoaltz’s hunger lies the Answers.” Emperor Jiajing was the Emperor of China from 1521 to 1567, and the 11th emperor of the Ming dynasty. He was not a kind emperor, and an internal plot to assassinate him was planned although ultimately failed (note: a possible ‘level’ in a future Assassin’s Creed). He built the
Temple of the Sun (notice a theme about the Sun in the paintings around the two rooms) and collected rare materials from around the world. One of these rare materials is almost certainly an artefact.

Quetzcoaltz isn’t familiar, but is a likely misspelling of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec sky and creator God and another reference to the Sun. Although primarily an Aztec deity the Mesoamerican influences are strong, and the Mayans had their own version: Kukulkán. His ‘hunger’ refers to the ritual animal sacrifices that were made to appease him, and an artefact is probably lying within one of his temples.

Q: What is the significance of the door code?
A: It’s the date of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Q: What are these Pieces of Eden?
A: It’s unclear, but they could be the mythical golden apples. Apples are mentioned numerous times, and there are apples drawn in blood at the end. In Greek mythology there existed three Golden Apples, and it could be that this belief has been linked with Biblical aspects, and the Pieces of Eden and Golden Apples are the very same thing – the ‘forbidden fruit’ in the Garden of Eden.

Q: Explain the Achievements please!
A: There are two. After using Eagle Vision in the bedroom you’ll unlock ‘Visions of the Future’, which is self-explanatory: clues for the next games. The Eagle and the Apple -1191 Achievement isn’t as obvious. The Eagle is Altair – the parallels between the protagonist and the bird are too numerous for that not to be the case. His hood mimics an eagle’s beak, his leap of faith move is accompanied by an eagle’s cry and even the name Altair means ‘The Flying’. 1191 is the year in which Assassin’s Creed is set, which strongly suggests that the other games will take place in different times. The Apple? That would be the Piece of Eden that Altair viewed at the end of his adventure – the third Golden Apple.

Q: What’s the other writing?
A: There’s Greek, Hebrew and Japanese writing on the mural too. We’re trying to get it deciphered, but if you have any insight as to what it may say, or any ideas about the other pictures, then get in touch with us at And if you’re still confused about any of the other marking leave your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

Q: Can you please explain the email on the final computer?
A: Sure thing. We’ll look at it piece by piece:

Email #1: “The others and I have finished reviewing the Animus recordings from Subjects 12-16. While the Piece of

Eden remains our priority, we must continue working to locate and understand the remaining artifacts. I am sure you can understand our reasoning behind this. Although satellite is accomplished to a fair portion of the work for us, we will certainly need to deal with those who are either immune to – or protected from – its effects.


#1: There are multiple artifacts that Abstergo want to possess in order to control the world, and they all have different powers. Once the satellite is in orbit most of Earth’s population will be under their control, but some people will be immune to its effects. They need to secure other artifacts to help deal with these people, otherwise their plans will be exposed and Abstergo will be under attack from rebels.


#2: “Piece of Eden (no. 3) – We applaud your continued efforts to locate an alternate artifact with the loss of no. 2 in the DIA Satellite Accident. We understand Subject Seventeen is having trouble interfacing with the Animus, leading to delays. As a result, we estimate another 24 hours before your next critical update. In the meantime, we’ll prepare an extraction team and set them to standby. We’re relying on you to obtain the additional information we require. He knows where the other objects are – even if he doesn’t realize it. You MUST unlock that final memory or all of this will have been for nothing.”


#2: The company is frantically trying to locate another Piece of Eden. They were about to launch a satellite with the second piece but an accident occurred and 20 people were killed. Desmond is being used to find another Piece of Eden with which Abstergo can launch another satellite and control the world.


#3: Philadelphia Project – Data provided from Animus Subject Twelve indicates that the ship briefly manifested in a future state for approximately 18 minutes. It is unclear whether the time line is consistent with or parallel to our own. Although we have recovered enough data to reconstruct and repair the original artifact used in the experiment, Administration has refused to move forward on the project, citing paradox concerns. Corporate policy remains in place: any objects found to interfere with or manipulate time must be contained. artifact will be moved to secure storage.”


#3: According to an email in Lucy’s inbox the door code is 10281943 – the date of the alleged Philadelphia Experiment. It is rumored that on 10 October 1943 the US destroyer escort USS Eldridge was subject to a top-secret experiment and became temporarily invisible. It has been suggested that it also underwent both teleportation and time travel, and that its crew never recovered. Many went mad, and some were even fused to the ship’s bulkhead. This email confirms that the experiment took place and that the Templars were behind it. Abstergo have the ability to manipulate time and space with the artefact, but dare not try in case of triggering paradoxical events. It’s possible that Desmond will use such an artifact to stop Abstergo before they even begin their operation.

Email #4: ”

Tunguska Incident – Now believed to be the direct result of assault by Assassins. Research station destroyed as was artefact. Alternate wave generation devices have been located in storage, but we have insufficient data at the moment to initiate research. The risk of accident is too high. Lineage Discovery and Acquisition Division should attempt to locate descendants of any attack survivors (either Assassin or Brotherhood) in order to continue research. Resurrecting this particular type of technology will aid us greatly with any holdouts following the Satellite’s activation. We’re putting together a team to push research in this area.”

Explanation #4: On 30 June 1908 a massive explosion rocked the world. The incident, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Tunguska (now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia) is believed to have occurred when a meteorite burst above the Earth’s surface, flattening trees and causing widespread destruction. The email states that it was caused by a group of Assassins destroying a Templar base and the artifact at that location. Abstergo obviously believe that there is a great need for alternate wave generation artefacts to help deal with (i.e. destroy) resistance following the satellite’s launch. Think of this as a powerful weapon, such as a neutron bomb that can be harnessed and aimed at certain targets.


#5: “Grail – We are removing the Grail from our list of objectives. There is insufficient evidence to confirm its existence. Current examination of Subject Seventeen indicates that aside from the Piece of Eden, all other artifacts related to Christ-figure are literary devices (or derived from Piece of Eden) and not actual objects. Even if the object is real, its use to us at this stage is negligible. Our resources are better used elsewhere.”


#5: In what’s likely to be Abstergo’s biggest mistake they decide to stop searching for the Holy Grail. Why is this a mistake? It’s likely that this artifact does exist, and that Desmond and the Assassins will track it down and use it against Abstergo in the future. It’s possible that Subject Sixteen knew the location and provided clues for Desmond to follow – knowing that Abstergo wouldn’t look for its locations while they were so focused on the Piece of Eden. If this is true then Abstergo have underestimated the Grail’s significance – 16 obviously believed it was a key artifact in the battle against Abstergo.


#6: “Mitchell-Hedges Communicators – Analysis of the objects is complete. The good news is that they work. As a result we now have a safe and secure communication channel for use after the launch. However, they are severely limited in number, and so we will be providing them only to our most essential facilities. You will obviously retain possession of the one you have.”


#6: The Mitchell-Hedges communicators are possibly the most interesting items mentioned. Found in a ruined Mayan temple in Belize at around 1926 the ‘communicators’ are ancient crystal skulls, and there are believed to be only 13 skulls world-wide. The origin of these skulls is unknown, but they are rumored to bestow the holder with powers -i.e. The ability to communicate psychically. Abstergo have located these skulls, and it will allow their top facilities to communicate with one another without fear of the Assassins listening in. The mythology of these skulls is interesting: some claim it originated from Atlantis (remember Yonaguni?) at that the Knights Templar carried one about during the crusades. If so, it’s likely that it was passed down through the Templars and is now the one in Vidic’s possession. That does, however, leave the Mayan relevance in some doubt…


#7: “Warren, I cannot stress how important it is that you wrap things up with Subject Seventeen as soon as possible. We’re obviously relieved that you seem to be closing in on the target memory, but you need to step it up. Everything we’re working towards depends on your retrieving these locations. Without them, we’ve got nothing. May the Father of Understanding guide you to success.”

Explanation #7: The target memory in question is the final boss fight, and the revelation of multiple artifact locations. Obviously they’re keen to get the information as quickly as possible so that Abstergo’s retrieval teams can locate the artifacts.

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