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Activision a publisher that loves sequels has announced a new line up of true sequels to come.  One of the major announcements was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which is being developed by Infinity Ward.  No surprise here since Modern Warfare was such a huge success.  Amongst other titles Activision has also announced sequels such as Guitar Hero V, a not yet titled Tony Hawk game and some other news about Bizarre Creations new project an original IP racing game that mixes a few familiar idea such as “Forza meets Mario Kart.  MTV Blog has also learned of a rumor that Bizarre is working on a racing game based on the James Bond universe.

This is all great news for the gamers.  This may prove to be another great year in gaming when 2009 comes around the corner.

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Source: MTV Blog

  1. …drools…. cod4x2 yummmmmm

  2. Yes, I’m so thankful their going back to Modern Warfare.

  3. avatar KB - Canada

    Who cares, they are probably going to abandon half their buyers like they did with COD4 (ie. forget about the PS3 people).

  4. Funny thing is, people will buy their game no matter what cause they develop top notch, so what if the support is not there, you realize they were most likely told by the publisher Activision not to make DLC, because of World at War releasing. I don’t care about new maps the game is fine with what it gave us.

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