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17: Ranking Up Tips

You gain experience in every mode in the game. Best ways to rank up:

Team Leader = Very fast modes, games usually end within 3 mins and if it’s a full server you can come out with 400+ xp, very good way to rank up.

Total Conquest = Difficult is the word to use here, to win fast in this mode you need to dominate the other team and have an amazing team yourself; if you succeed then games are no longer than 5 mins long and you can get 800+ xp per game, generally its better to play Team Leader

Attack & Defend = Pay demolition (bomb) without respawns, games are fast and you can score the same as Team Leader.

There you have it; best ways to rank up in multiplayer.

17.1 Rank = Skill = Not True

When people join a game they go “Omg a level 42 elite!!! Were doomed” that is the wrong attitude; rank means nothing about skill.

Rank = Time Played

Rank is not a indication of skill, although rank is good for a teams morale it means little; when you go up against level 50+ gold elites don’t get worried – they might be boosters or glitchers so their rank means nothing.

Go into a match thinking you can win and chances are you will

18: Gamemodes

The next section (18.1 > 18.5) analyses all the online modes and hopefully teaches you one or two useful tactics that can be implemented in each mode. Hopefully this wins the game for you and awards you with lots of kills.

18.1: Team Leader

Team Leader is one of the most played gamemodes because it offers quick points, a complex objective system and a challenge. It’s truly a unique gamemode.

Objective: Protect your team leader and take him to the extraction zone, at the same time prevent the enemy leader getting to his extraction zone

Most of the time people just kill each other because it’s faster but meh, you can do either. There’s so many different tactics for this mode, it’s really the cream to be honest. If you’re the team leader don’t camp, that will get you killed, you should move with your team, direct them to the enemy leader and basically back them up. If you’re not the TL, go by yourself, flank and kill, that’s all I can say; simple but highly effective, there’s like 20+ tactics to use in this mode, I cannot describe them, perhaps I’ll do a video showing one or two TL games.

18.2: Team Deathmatch

TDM is a vast mode, although it’s got one very simple objective it’s rather complex.

Objective: Kill the enemy team/operatives

There’s a wealth of options the host can enable, static spawns or random spawns (self explanatory, but it mixes the gameplay so much, it’s like having 2 gamemodes in one) friendly fire etc high stakes etc, there’s so many modes.

I explained the best tactics when I explained static and random spawns, other than that, keep with your team (not too close) and good luck, try and use stealth over shear power.

18.3: Deathmatch

It’s simple, very much like TDM.

Objective: Kill all enemy operatives

Like TDM, there’s a wealth of customization that can be done; there isn’t any team tactics here; you’re a lone wolf. Keep to one area of the map and patrol it, never randomly walk around, keep to an area where you have an advantage, let the fight come to you and fight them where you have the advantage (this goes across all modes)

18.4: Attack & Defend

This mode is one of the most complex because there’s 3 game modes in one.

Objective: Multiple objective; the gist of it is to take ___ to an extraction zone or blow something up.

I’ll split it up.

Demolition: Is a sub-mode that’s available on certain maps, here it’s similar to Cod’s C&D or Counter Strike, one team assaults one of 2 zones and has to plant and detonate a bomb, the other team defends, very fun mode. Best thing to do is flanking; If the bomb goes to A, you go to B. For Defenders, keep in the centre and pick enemies off, if the bomb gets planted rush to the zone and flank.

Hostage Rescue: Is a sub-mode that’s available on certain maps, generally large maps. Here you must fight to 2 hostages, rescue them and take them to an extraction zone without you or them dieing, it’s a fun mode but very hard. Generally the defenders have the place secured. I don’t play this too much so I can’t offer any tips. For Defenders; always have eyes on the hostage…

Item Extraction: A Rainbow Six Classic. It’s a sub-mode that’s only available on certain maps. The aim is to get to a briefcase, pick it up and get across the map to the extraction zone, it’s a fun mode for both sides since it’s hard for both sides and its really about how the defenders position themselves and the terrain. Best thing for both sides to do is use stealth, only shoot if you can get a kill and always go the least obvious ways; it’s a fun mode that everyone should try.

As you might tell, i don’t play much A&D lol.

18.5: Total Conquest

Total Conquest <3

Objective: Get to & secure 3 separate satellite stations for 30 seconds

This differs to the old conquest mode; here you need all 3 so dominating the majority of them for the game doesn’t make any difference. For this mode it’s all about stealth and attrition. Within the first 30 seconds of the game your ok to rush anywhere on the map; but when the enemy team starts respawning that’s when you need to play smart, never rush to the satellites, there in areas that’s easy for both sides to get to so chances are your going to die. Use stealth, flank, and go behind the enemy, kill then capture. Its also psychological warfare in a sense, make the enemy very cautious.

Generally, stay back and kill from a range or go up close and kill; let your team capture satellites while a small group of you hold them back, that’s the best setup for this mode.

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    Awesome guide, thanks a lot!

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  2. Thanks, it took a good 1 and half to put up.

    I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

  3. avatar Hunter

    Heh, I’m constantly coming back to it – there are so many things I didn’t know (silencer’s increase accuary, reduce damage for example).

    …my thanks seems a little weak compared to the sheer scale of this guide and the time put in to it.

  4. Oh no, you don’t have to thank, it’s part of our site to help people in any way possible, your thanks is appreciated, but not necessary, it’s what we do here is help. hehe.

    Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.

  5. avatar Hunter

    A little better, yes.
    As you said in the guide, it’s up to me to find my playing style, this guide helps with the little features – the things I didn’t know, but can now take advantage of.

    “Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.”
    That’s encouraging!

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