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10: Confusion and Misdirection

Confusion and Misdirection are generally hard to understand, explain and implement because there so hard and complicated. Nethertheless I’ll try my best. The best way to explain misdirection is to start of with a example lol. Let say your fighting someone close range, go behind the box, plant a C4 and then reload your gun, enemy thinks you have no ammo and he will sprint in like the reaper and kill you, you sprint away with a smile face and a trigger in your hand, you get a kill easily. Basically for misdirection, let the enemy think he has control of the situation, make him fell confident in his skills. It’s relatively hard to do, most people would rather just go at him with power and hope to kill him – this could work but using your brain, hatching a plan more or less guarantees a kill and less chance of a death.

For confusion, this is a harder one, but I guess you can tell by the title that it’s about confusing the enemy. Let’s say in a game you’re dominating the other team, they will know what you’re wearing and if they see you – they will try much harder to kill you and basically make it harder for you. If you change your camo and armour regularly or dress similar to your team-mates then the enemy won’t know its you and in their mind, you’re a easy target and not that really dangerous gamer who is leading the other team with 50 and 4. I can’t think of many examples for this section – I find it hard to explain fully how important and hard it is to implement this in the game. But I’m sure you guys will figure it out by yourself.

11: Sounds

This is a useful sense to implement. Every action in the game has a distinct sound. Running on different surfaces, reloading, changing weapon, adding a silencer, climbing ladders, rappels, fast ropes, running over tyres, tyres bouncing, glass smashing, doors opening. Almost every action has a unique sound. Learning what sound is what will let you hunt effectively. For example you hear someone reload, you know someone is combat-ready and from the volume you can determine how far away he is. Hear a tyre bounce? You know exactly where he is, hear metallic tapping? You know someone is above you or on a metallic walkway/surface.

You can play very well without implementing this sense, but if you can – you should.

12: Bullet penetration

You should know that one of the new features in Vegas 2 is bullet penetration. It’s very useful if you know what your gun can shoot through.

Any gun can shoot through thin plywood and thin metal bits.
Handguns have the least penetration power; I think a plywood wall is about the limit for them. The Raging Bull and the Desert Eagle are exceptions to this rule; they have penetration power that can be compared to the Assault rifles.

Assault rifles can shoot through medium concrete walls and the sides of building as well as thick wooden walls, thick plywood and sometimes metal doors (metal doors it’s a probability issue here)

SMG’s can shoot through multiple walls of thin plywood, sometimes thick plywood walls but with very limited power and that’s about it. SMG’s don’t have much penetration power on the whole.

Sniper Rifles have the most penetration power; they can easily shoot through multiple walls of wood without losing much power. They have no problem going through medium-thickness concrete walls and if someone is taking cover on a wall, you can shoot through a bit of the wall and get a kill. Metal doors aren’t much of a problem either.

Shotguns have decent penetration power, in-between Assault Rifles and SMG’s.

Each gun in each category is different and may vary slightly. The Tar-21 might have less penetration power than the AK for example. Learning what your gun can do is very useful.

13: Glitches

No, I’m not going to teach you how to glitch – but I’m going to explain what’s the 2 most used glitches in multiplayer so if you do get glitched, you know about it. In every game there’s numerous glitches, its just life – everything isn’t perfect. The problem with Vegas 2 is the community really – they find a glitch and they have to use it. The two main types of glitches that you will come across in vegas is Wall Glitching and “Shouldering”

Wall Glitching: Is when someone takes cover and at a certain angle they can see you but you can’t see them. Basically for you the wall is practically shooting at you. The glitcher has a clear line of sight but you can’t see any part of their body. In this circumstance there isn’t much you can do but to evade them, get to a different angle and take them out.

Shouldering: Is a variation of the wall glitch, same process; the glitcher takes cover, looks at an angle and again they have clear vision as if there not in cover and can shoot you easily. The difference though is you can only see their shoulder or a limb; hence the name. This doesn’t sound too bad but remember; a limb is very hard to aim at and since you can’t see their body or head, getting a instant kill from a burst is impossible. Some people consider this a glitch others don’t, for me I don’t see it as a full glitch; just a really cheap tactic that some people use. MLG/GB doesn’t include this as a glitch for some obscure reason. (that doesn’t mean do it on purpose, MLG aren’t the internet police)

“Glock” (TA Silver, #20 in world to some of you) describes it as: “Shouldering is putting half your body (or more) behind a wall while still being able to shoot your opponent.  If done properly, you are actually shooting through the wall and they have to shoot at your elbow.”

The reason why wall glitching and shouldering is so common is because to the glitcher; it looks innocent and it’s not a glitch because there’s nothing that looks glitchy about it. Either a lack of knowledge about the game or they don’t care if they glitch. If you do find yourself in a situation where you get glitched, simply let the guy know that he was glitching, if he continues to do it, leave negative feedback and leave the game. There is no point getting into a huge argument about one little glitcher.

If you find yourself confronted with glitchers don’t glitch back, file a complaint and leave the game. To file a complaint go to their gamertag; “file complaint”, press “file complaint” and fill out the appropriate criteria (Cheating)

** I’ll make some videos sometime showing wall glitching/shouldering so you can see if you’re doing it…

14: Latency *New System*

1st of July 2008 saw the change in the servers; before you would get the fabled bullet lag and movement lag; very annoying but easy to compensate. This change made the servers more like Cod4; bullet lag was more or less gone.

If you lagged you would see:

Movement lag (your character jumping around)

Poor Hit detection (your bullets won’t be killing)

To compensate you just have to aim a foot ahead of the enemy, although your crosshairs aren’t on the target, he/she will be effectively running into your bullets, it’s the best way to get kills in lag-plagued rooms.

Very few people can play well under these adverse conditions, if you can play well in latency; you can play well full stop.

Host advantage: By this people mean the host (who is hosting the server) has 0 latency; no disadvantage and always has something over the other players.

15:  Team-mates

Now I know there are a lot of mixed reactions regarding team-mates. They can be a gift from god and they can be so annoying and end up killing you most of the time. But if you know how to play with other players you can do ok. Think of it this way: when in a random room most people play in a certain way; there’s always a certain route the majority of players take. CQB Training as an example: Players either go up above the spawn or to the left/right and that’s what they do, they set up shop in that area for the whole game. You on the other hand could go bottom left -> wait at the windows for 3 seconds, let the enemy team move then move accordingly, flank them and while there busy fighting your allies you can go behind them and net yourself a lot of kills.

I find using team-mates as an active tool is bad (hope you understand that) using your allies when there unaware of it nets the most results. If you know your team-mate is engaging enemies at the Skylight you can simply flank around kill the enemies and move on. I know this goes against the whole tactical aspect of the game of actively using your team-mates and doing team tactics but in the current gamemodes going solo, flanking and using your team-mates as bait is generally the best thing to do.

16: Adapting

If adapting to environments is impossible I wouldn’t be making this thread and trying to help you people. If you can’t adapt to situations you will find playing this game to be very difficult and you’re K/D will go negative very fast. Never fully reply on your friends and allies, try and leave yourself to your own devices, don’t try and predict people – if there decent they can easily adapt and get the upper hand.

With that said; don’t become predictable, if the enemy catches on and starts to learn what you do – mix it up so he is confused again. If you’re caught in a situation let’s say; you generally shoot at range out of the window and some guy charges at you shooting, its shocking and you don’t expect it – but you should learn to adapt. Again I don’t know any decent examples lol. This is a process that takes a long time. I have been playing Vegas 1 and Vegas 2 since they were released, that’s well over 20 months I would say; and I still learn how to adapt to new situations. It’s something that you will learn, something you must learn and it’s something only you can teach yourself.

16.1: Static & Random Spawns

Static Spawns is an option within the mode Team Deathmatch; it’s one of the most popular modes, that’s why it gets its own sub-section.

Static Spawns should be played differently to random spawns. In random spawns basically the game uses normal deathmatch spawns but in team games; meaning you could spawn anywhere on the map, in Static both teams have one set spawn and you always spawn there. Now in static spawns you should be aiming to spawn trap the other team; this is the only full-proof way of securing the entire map, pushing the enemy team back and back and dominating the map. Although many people to avoid this; everyone ends up doing this.

CQB Training as an example; Alpha team rushes into the centre, kills the majority of Bravo Team now Alpha can set up and defend ___ area of the map, effectively spawn trapping Bravo.

If you ever find yourself being spawn trapped/camped, the only way to escape is to get your entire team to push ___ area, this means you can easily overpower the enemy and get out into the map. Also this is the only game to provide so many items to use against spawn campers/trappers, tear gas, flashbangs etc.

Random Spawns is different, the organisation that’s there in Static is no longer alive, you spawn randomly, it’s so much harder to hold down an area; with this said choke points are rare, the centre of the map is the only choke point in random spawns since that’s where everyone will pass through. In random spawns the only effective thing you can your team can do is try and meet up and call out the enemies, any other tactics don’t really work as well…

Static Spawns = Objective is to capture key areas of the map (choke points) hold them down and try and spawn trap the other team

Random Spawns = Search & Destroy scenario basically….

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  2. Thanks, it took a good 1 and half to put up.

    I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

  3. avatar Hunter

    Heh, I’m constantly coming back to it – there are so many things I didn’t know (silencer’s increase accuary, reduce damage for example).

    …my thanks seems a little weak compared to the sheer scale of this guide and the time put in to it.

  4. Oh no, you don’t have to thank, it’s part of our site to help people in any way possible, your thanks is appreciated, but not necessary, it’s what we do here is help. hehe.

    Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.

  5. avatar Hunter

    A little better, yes.
    As you said in the guide, it’s up to me to find my playing style, this guide helps with the little features – the things I didn’t know, but can now take advantage of.

    “Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.”
    That’s encouraging!

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