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In-Depth Multiplayer Tips & Tactics V2.0

My ever famous MP guide is here; I have tweaked it; fixed some problems and its here. It’s too long so it has its original Content listing here.


1. Preferences

2. How to improve skill

2.1 Beginners Guide – Map Selection & Building Skill

2.2 Beginners Guide – Core Gameplay

2.3 Beginners Guide – Aiming

3. Maps

4. Opponents

5. Under pressure & Relaxing

6. Choke Points

7. Movement

8. Radar

9. Knowing your limits

10. Confusion and Misdirection

11. Sounds

12. Bullet penetration

13. Glitches

14. Latency *New System*

15. Team-mates

16. Adapting

16.1 Static & Random Spawns

17. Ranking Up Tips

17.1 Ranks = Skill = Not true

18. Gamemodes

18.1 Team Leader

18.2 Team Deathmatch

18.3 Deathmatch

18.4 Attack & Defend

18.5 Total Conquest

19. Other useful tips

20. Useful Links

21. Conclusion

1: Preferences

First things first; you need to get some decent gear, a weapon you like and equip your character. For armour, use armour that suits your game style, if you like to be fast and agile go with no armour or 1 bar of protection. If you like to be protected but still retain a good amount of mobility go with 4 bars of protection (25% damage resistance) if you want to tank it and be able to withstand a lot wear 7 bars of protection (40% damage resistance). Once you have your armour equipped and your character looks nice and everything the next thing is a weapon, if you’re a regular poster or viewer on any forum you will notice people saying “use the FAMAS it’s the best” that is a lie, the best weapon is the gun you can use and your happy using. If someone dictates a weapon to you; you will do worse than you would using ___. Basically it’s a trial and error thing here. You need to play some games, find which gun works for you and your play style and stick with it. For example: I go with 4 bars of protection and I go with either a MP5N or a M8 because both of them guns are very accurate, medium-high power and decent range. Get used to a gun you enjoy using, if it works for you stick with it, get good with it. Just because the majority uses ____ doesn’t mean you have to.

This is a priority, if you can’t find a weapon or armour that’s right for you; you won’t succeed at this game.

If you can’t decide try: 4 bars of protection (its middle ground essentially) for guns try the FAMAS, Tar-21, MP5N, P90 or the AK; each gun is different in a way; but fun to use.

Useful link for selecting weapons:

Useful link for armour, ranks, ACES etc:

2: How to improve skill.

Experience and by playing this game. It’s like skateboarding, you can’t just read some tutorials and watch some videos on youtube then hop out onto a board for the first time and expect to be good. It takes patience, playing the game, listening to others tips and advice and implementing and modifying them for you. Basically play the game, listen to what more experienced players have to say and try and follow what they say, if it doesn’t work – try and modify what they say so it does work for you.

Every player is different in this game, one gun or one tactic won’t work for everyone, you need to experiment and learn through error and experience. This is one of the main reasons I’m making this, don’t walk away thinking “ok I’ve read clerics little guide and I should be amazing at Vegas now” that’s the wrong attitude, read what I post here, absorb it but go into the game thinking “OK cleric posted _____, that doesn’t work, how can I make it work for me?”

A video I made, basically a 10min TDM match, hopefully it helps some people; apologies for the poor quality and me hanging back; US servers lol.

2.1 Beginners Guide – Map Selection & Building Skill

This is the beginners section; basically in this area I’ll be detailing everything someone brand new to multiplayer and the game should know; it’s very basic and hopefully you’ll understand it. In this area it’s about Map Selection; now I’m not teaching you how to select a map, if you’re reading this you have enough intelligence to select a map. This is about getting used to a map when it’s your first time in multiplayer. There are 16+ maps in the game but like every game; there’s 5 or 6 maps that’s more popular than the rest. This game is no different.

Villa, CQB Training, Import/Export, Calypso Casino & Vegas Junkyard

There the most popular maps; when you first enter the online world best thing to do is play and learn these maps before any other; learn the chokepoints, the spawns, peoples moving patterns etc, learning these maps will give you a great head-start. Once you have learnt a map or these maps stick to these maps and it will set you up nicely.

Now you have learnt a map well; just stick to this map for the first week or so; play it continually; playing on a map you know while your building up key skills will make your life so much easier, just play and practice on one map; get the core gameplay down. (I’ll explain further down) Once you got the essentials down you move to #3 and beyond.

2.2: Beginners Guide – Core Gameplay

Hopefully you’ll be playing one map right now and no other map (just to build up your core skills) Core skills include

~ Basic Movement

This simply means keep on moving; don’t camp – its one mistake all new players do; if you camp you’re a sitting target and so easy to dispose off. The key is to keep moving around the maps, keep to confined areas so you have a lot of cover; if you move out in the open then you’re an easy target. Basically you need to learn how to move across said map; if it’s CQB Training never ever run down the outside, always keep indoors because you have more cover and you can easily escape if the fight gets too much for you. Knowing where to and not to go is essential and will make all the difference.

~ Preferences

See #1 in this thread. If you need some guidance I would say go with 4 bars of protection & for weapons go with either a fast firing assault rifle and use bursts (Tar or FAMAS come to mind here) or a SMG that’s got little recoil (MP5N or the P90) This is just a guideline, hopefully it suits you; if it doesn’t work, change it. But I generally find 4 bars of protection to be the middle ground.

~ Don’t full Auto!

This should go under aiming but meh; basically this is a don’t do – never hold the trigger down for long periods of time; always burst the trigger, it keeps the gun so accurate. The only time you should go full auto is when you and the enemy are point blank, the full auto. If you’re Close – Medium Range then hold the trigger for 2-4 seconds.

~ Don’t Camp

Camping i.e.: sitting in one area is bad; not only is it really annoying for the other player; it will also end with you dead; this ties in with Basic Movement…

~ Shoot before explosives

Don’t get into the habit of spamming explosives and pressing “b” before pulling the trigger; you should try and get a kill with your gun before using explosives. Explosives are valuable in this game, you only get a set number; use them only when your guaranteed a kill.

~ Don’t try to headshot

By this I mean don’t aim for the head, chances are you will miss and get killed. Aim centre-mass (Chest area) it’s a larger target meaning its easier to hit and you only need 3-6 rounds depending on your gun, its by far the most reliable target. Only aim for the head at extreme distances.

~ Find a handgun that you can use.

Perhaps this is one of the most important, find a handgun you can use and you find reliable. For me it’s the G18, it’s basically a mini SMG, if I get into a fight and I run out of ammo, it’s faster to switch to my handgun and get a kill. Reloading in a firefight is a very bad thing to do; find a handgun you enjoy using and if you run out of ammo on your primary gun, switch and use your handgun, it could make all the difference.

~ Don’t Snipe

Start to snipe when your experienced at the game, if you try sniping when you’re a new player you won’t do well, to snipe effectively you need to know the gun, the enemy and shot placement, something new players find very hard to grasp; if you enjoy sniping; wait and do it later.

2.3 Beginners Guide – Core; Aiming

Core Aiming; there is one golden rule: Never full auto unless its point blank. Stick to that, it will save your life and conserve your ammo.

Long Range – Single Shot or 3 rounds at the most.

Medium Range – Burst, feather the trigger (3 round bursts)

CQB – Long Bursts, 3-9 round bursts, don’t full auto

Point Blank – Full Auto

** Learn the centre of your TV screen; this doesn’t mean but some tack on the TV Screen, that’s cheap and will see you booted out of games, learn where your crosshairs are and memorise it. *

Most reliable target = Enemies Body; it’s the most reliable target; it’s the biggest part there fore the easiest to hit. Only aim for the enemies head at range, every other gun you should be aiming for a Lung or a heart. In centre-mass it takes 3-9 rounds depending on how much armour the person has.

When Sprinting from side to side or moving from side to side you should still burst, it’s the most accurate thing to do while you’re moving or quickly stop strafing and burst. (View videos on youtube to see this)

3: Maps

This is the start lol. Everyone has a favourite map, even people who say they like all the maps; everyone has a favourite they would rather play over ___. For me, I love CQB Training and Kill House. I would rather play these maps than any other, but getting into a habit of knowing one map off-by-heart and never playing any of the other maps is very bad when you’re after building up skill.

Don’t worry; I’m not contradicting myself; for beginners its best to stick to one map and build up core skills; but once you have done that; it’s not doing you any favours at all. This part and down is for more experienced gamers.

Sure – playing one map all the time; you will dominate in one situation and on that map but that’s it. Playing on multiple maps with different environments is what makes a good player. Opening yourself to the rugged CQB environment of CQB Training then hopping to long-range action-mixed with in-door battles on Oil refinery makes you a better player, your adapting to a new environment, your trying to dominate in all environments. Its fine just keeping to villa, you will be amazing at that map but if you’re ever thrown into a different environment you will do appalling unless you learn the maps, the environment, the situation and try and improve yourself.

4: Opponents

You hear all these bragging about how amazing they do. Chances are there against newcomers or lower-skilled opponents. If a bad player were to go against a new comer chances are that bad player will be 12-1 and looking good because he is against someone that’s not good.

Going against people who are equal or better than yourself is a good way to build up skill. It keeps you on edge, always thinking, cautious because you know that the enemy is your equal or a better player than you and you don’t have the edge if it comes to a conflict with them. Going against lower skilled players is always good for your morale; but in terms of improving yourself and your skill – it’s doing nothing to aid you. If you see a clan that’s stacked themselves against lower-ranked/newcomers try and go against the clan, you will find yourself with a decent challenge and it will let you see how you cope against similar/better players and under pressure.

If you’re reading this you want to improve your game so you should be going against superior opponents.

5: Under pressure and Relaxing.

Pressure can be your best friend or your worst enemy; it depends on how you play. For me, I find pressure to be my friend. For example, Team leader on my favourite map but its me vs. the whole team, no one to communicate with, I’m by myself with no aid and 5 guys after me. It can do various things to people. But for everyone I think it gets the adrenaline running. Basically you have to play smart to come out alive. Someone people crack under pressure and do very stupid things while for others it strengthens them and they always come out on top.

Another way to look at it: If you feel under pressure, don’t think about it, if you’re under pressure the enemy team will be relaxed since they have the numbers and the advantage. As long as you can keep a clear mind and always be aware you will do find under pressure, just block it out of our mind. With this said; never get too relaxed. In a game like Vegas you will find people springing up all over the place, getting too relaxed is bad, let your guard down and you will die, camp in a spot that’s “ok” and you will die. Basically always expect a enemy to come around the corner, never get too relaxed.

6: Choke Points

Learning choke points is essential in team games. Even in standard deathmatch there are choke points that let you control the map. Finding these and exploiting them is the key to success in most games.

I will use CQB Training as an example because it’s the map I’m most familiar with. In CQB training you have 1 main choke point that can control the outdoor area of the map and in addition to that there’s another 2 smaller choke points that controls a smaller area. The main choke point is the centre building, I can’t stress enough how important this is. I am not joking when I say that one person can lock down the entire map by himself from this one building, it’s no joke. Getting into the centre building and clearing it is the first part, after this make sure you move from window to window, door to door so you got a full 360 degree view of the map, if you can get your transitions from opening to opening perfected you can effectively clear one area of the map and then another before people respawn, more or less your locking down the entire outside of the map with just one person. Other choke points are the windows in the East and West buildings, bottom floor; at these windows you can cover one area of the map as well as keeping one main building clear.

Don’t think by choke points I mean camping spots, there’s a world of difference and camping at one of these spots will end in a death pretty soon. Best thing to do is get a few kills at one of these choke points then move on. This is just CQB training I have described here, every map has at least 2 choke points. Villa has the greenhouse as its main choke point; from there you can control all traffic in and out of the house. Learning where these key areas are, how to use them and when to move on can net you a lot of kills.

With set spawns and random spawns – there are different choke points on the map; learning static spawns won’t help you when random spawns are on.

7: Movement

Perhaps one of the main parts of this game and of this thread – if you can get your movement perfected you don’t even need a good aim. This aims to cover general movement as in moving across the map to how to move in a fierce firefight or a 1v1 conflict.

The first thing with movement is knowing how fast you can move with your armour and your handgun. I can’t really help you here since I only use 4 bars of protection and that’s all I have used since the early days of Vegas 1. But learning how fast you can move and predicting accurately how long it will take you to get to ___ is good knowledge to have, knowing this is useful when you’re being chased or you’re trying to cut someone off. For general movement across the map remember that your sidearm (handgun) gives you 1.5 X extra speed when compared to your primary weapon. So when you spawn and you need to get somewhere fast, equipping your handgun and sprinting is a fast way to traverse the map, some players have gotten so used with sprinting with the handgun, they rarely use their primary no more, there so used to running around with a handgun they would rather use the handgun over a FAMAS or a 552.

One thing I must point out: Never constantly run around mindlessly; Always think!

Hopefully if you have any experience with R6V2’s multiplayer I am just going over familiar ground and I’m covering old stuff. And although you might think I’m mocking your intelligence believe me when I say most people don’t do the above stuff lol. Radar is also a very important tool for movement; view Number 8 “Radar” underneath this section for more info on radar.

Never take the obvious path, keep to the more obscure paths that few players would go. Never go with your team-mates last thing you need is getting into a fight and your team-mates are there to cause more harm than good. Go by yourself most of the time, so your left to your own devices, this is also good for flanking.

When you get into firefights at range one thing you must take into account is what type of weapon he/she has and what gun do you have. If you find yourself lacking accuracy or power best thing to do is find a way to get out of that situation. The one thing most people don’t realise is evading fights and then re-engaging the enemy on your terms will work out much better for you.

So if you can’t take the enemy on, get out of the area, equip your hand gun and run. You’re not a chicken or anything because if your plan works they end up dead. This is one of the main things that keeps me alive; knowing when I’m in trouble and knowing when to leave.

Movement in close-range firefights, when the enemy is either point blank or close enough that you can make out his facial expressions are generally the most popular type of firefights in this game due to the maps geography and how people play knowing how to move in this type of environment is critical to keeping alive, scoring a high K/D and helping your team. When your met with one of these situations you have one of two choices: You can either slowly move from side to side, ducking at times trying to evade the bullets while at the same time trying to score a headshot or inflicting enough damage that the enemy has to retreat, if you find yourself out of ammo, use the environment to hide behind while you reload and hopefully making him waste his ammo. The problem with this option is accuracy; you need to be very skilful or very lucky to pull this off, especially against very good opponents, a good opponent will kill you where you’re standing.

The second option is evading. When your confronted with a enemy at point blank the best thing to do is fire a few shots at him (with any luck killing him) if he doesn’t die use the cover to hide yourself, make him use up his ammo and his explosives trying to kill you then when you hear the pleasant sound of him reloading, sprint out and finish him. The key to the 2nd option is not to be too aggressive or too offensive, make the enemy feel threatened but make sure he doesn’t have control of the situation. Using effective movement is key in both of these 2 options.

If you get carried away and be too predictable he could simply wait for you to sprint to the left. You need to be inconsistent in close range fire fights yet know what you’re doing, be one step ahead and always move, keep in one place too long is bad, he could easily over power you. An example of this would be the other night, I was playing with a friend trying to get him his elite, one part I was being chased from Alpha spawn in CQB Training by some guy, I was overpowered, I had no gun but my G18 handgun. I evaded him through the plywood, trying to keep in control. Random fire through the plywood kept him away from me and cautious. At that point I clambered over a bit of wood and hid behind one of those metal containers, safe from bullets I let myself heal then a quick sprint out and I fired at the blip on my radar and I won the game. Knowing your surroundings, how to move, how to keep the enemy at bay is key, I can’t stress it enough. Have an exit strategy all the time, don’t waltz into a situation and you have no real way of escaping. Always think about your own life before you think about getting kills.

In the end: Never get into a fight you can’t handle, use your sidearm to move across the map fast, have an exit strategy and keep your cool in CQB fights; be dominating yet fast and agile. If you can perfect your movement you don’t need to be the best aim in the game, you can just evade bullets, use cover to your advantage and kill the enemy when he’s at his weakest.

Guerrilla Warfare is best; when your outnumbered; your small and nimble and their clumsy but strong, they think your scared but your confident, turn you’re weaknesses into your strengths and turn their weaknesses into your strengths, be defensive but aggressive at the same time; run from fights into fights.

8: Radar

This ties in with movement really, the Radar is one of the most used and most important tools in the game, and it’s your best friend. It tells you where enemies are if your team-mates see them. It can guide you when you have been flashed or tear gassed and it can guide your bullets when you need to shoot through cover accurately.

Note: To turn on the Radar pause the game go to Options -> Multiplayer -> radar -> on. Might be worded differently but that’s about right.

The radar is pretty self-explanatory… Also when shooting through cover make sure you’re lined up with the red dot and simply spray/burst the wall, make sure you can shoot through it first though.

9: Knowing your limits

Like the title says: Know your limits. Never get into a situation you can’t handle. If you’re after kills you need be in control of the situation; know what you’re doing and know your skill limit. If you’re against someone who presents a challenge, move away and engage him in a different setting or attack him from a different angle. Never run randomly into a room that’s populated with enemies, luck doesn’t come into it – you will be dead. You will learn what you can cope with and what you can’t by just playing, its trial and error again; I cant watch you play and say “Your good but your limit is _____” only you know what you can cope with in a game like vegas.

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