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R6V2 Multiplayer FAQ

1: What type of armour is best for multiplayer?

= Well that’s up to you, its all about personal preference in the end. Armour is split up into 3 main categories, light, Medium and Heavy. For light protection go with 1 bar of protection, medium go with 4 bars and if you want heavy go with 7 bars. 1 bar of protection gives the same as 3 bars, 4 gives the same protection as 6 bars and 7 the same as 10. It’s also been confirmed that heavy armour provides the player with 40% damage resistance. The % of resistance for light and medium armour is unconfirmed. No armour is 0 bars, there is a difference between no armour and light, and with no armour you get 0% damage resistance. If you enjoy rushing the enemy for example, no armour or light protection would be best for you. Remember; more protection = less mobility (less speed)

2: Does a silencer do any good? It seems pointless.

= A silencer is a useful tool. Before the games release it was confirmed by a developer on ubisoft’s forum that the silencer in this game increases accuracy but lowers the power of the gun and the sound radius when firing the gun is reduced. This is also backed up by VeryFluffy’s post “Detailed Weapon Analysis” on Ubisofts forum the link to the post is here

3: Do the cheat codes work online?

= The only cheat code that works online is the GI JOHN DOE code; it changes the colour of the tracers to red and blue. To enter this code the host must pause the game and enter: Left Thumbstick (x2), A, Right Thumbstick (x2), B, Left Thumbstick (x2), X, Right Thumbstick (x2), Y. After entering the code white text should appear on-screen to all players confirming the cheat is active, it does nothing to the gameplay, it just changes the tracer colour.

4: What’s with the random respawns yes/no in Team Deathmatch?

= In Team Deathmatch there’s 2 respawn options Random (which uses standard deathmatch spawns but in team games) or there’s static spawns that gives both teams a pre-determined location and you can only spawn in that one area. It depends what you like and both options really mix up gameplay.

5: Is the weapon stats accurate in-game? And whats the best gun?

= No, the weapon stats that you can see in-game in the inventory screen is inaccurate. The only set of stats that are considered accurate would be the sniper rifles. Best gun is also about personal preference, there isn’t a best gun in the game; you can either use each gun and make up your own mind or look click here , it has all the stats of each gun taken right from the game, use this as a base.

6: How does bullet penetration work?

= Its fairly sensible in this game. Bullet penetration is based off the power of the gun and the calibre of the gun. A gun with a large calibre will be able to fire through a lot of surfaces without losing much power while a gun like the MP5N that fires 9mm, won’t be able to fire though many surfaces and it will lose a lot of power quickly. Most guns can shoot through thing plywood and wood surfaces. Guns with a higher calibre like Assault rifles and Sniper Rifles can shoot through some brick walls and some concrete and sides of buildings.

7: How much XP do I need to get the Elite rank?

= To progress from the rank up to elite, you need a total of 400,000xp. To get Elite 99 you need 14,500,000xp.

8: How can I earn XP?

= XP can be gained in numerous ways, completing objectives in team games such as defusing a bomb, killing enemies, getting a certain amount of points in ACES and finishing a game. You can also earn XP offline in singleplayer.

9: What is the “XP modifier” in the bottom right?

= If the room has less than 10 players in then you will encounter the XP modifier. To get a modifier of 0%, you need at least 10 players in the server. With the modifier at 0% you will get 35xp for one kill. If you have under 10 players you will encounter a negative xp modifier and for every action that earns you XP, you will earn less experience and if the teams are uneven, it also decreases the amount of XP you can earn. It was implemented to reduce the amount of experience boosting in games. Having uneven teams also enables a negative Xp modifier.

10: What gamemode can I net myself the most experience?

= It depends on your team, if you have a confident team then people would say Total Conquest, including kills, players can earn over 800Xp a game (with no Xp Modifier) or Team Leader, its faster but only earns you 400Xp a game.

11: I am hosting a ranked game but I don’t have the same server options than player, why?

= Ranked matches are much more competitive than player matches and they count towards the leaderboards. As such, certain options such as amount of respawns, friendly fire, and change teams are all dictated by the game. It’s to make it harder to booster yourself on the leaderboards.

12: I played a ranked game but the leaderboard isn’t showing it….

= If someone leaves the ranked game before the host quits, the leaderboards don’t track the games stats.

13: No one left the game but the leaderboards are still outdated.

= sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes before the leaderboards update.

14: Can I play split-screen over xbox live?

= Unfortunately not, split screen can only be played over a local connection and not against other Xbox live players.

15: To unlock achievements does it need to be 3v3?

= To unlock achievements online, you need at least 6 individual players in the room. It could be 1v5, as long as there is a total of 6 players in the room, you can unlock achievements.

16: Can all the achievements be unlocked in player matches?

= Not all, there’s a small number of achievements that require you to play and win a certain number of ranked games in a row. Besides the 3 ranked-only achievements, the rest of the online achievements can be unlocked in player matches.

17: I am a long-time Rainbow gamer, any maps I will remember from previous games?

= I am happy to say yes, you will remember a few maps. We have Import/Export, a Spanish style town from Rainbow 6: Raven Shield, Oil Refinery, streets and killhouse are all available in-game and are a nice trip down memory lane, each map has something changed or altered to make it different than before.

18: Any DLC on the way?

= We have received the fan pack DLC and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more DLC in the future.

19: All the gamemodes from vegas 1 in this game?

= No, Ubi has removed game modes like Retrieval and has revamped the others, Team Survival and Survival are now sub-options in normal Team deathmatches, A&D and Conquest has also been edited and the newer Assassination mode has now been updated and has become Team Leader.

20: I am looking for a clan, what can I do?

= There’s many clans in Vegas 2, it’s a popular game for clans; there are a number of ways you can find a clan. These forums, you get clan leaders coming here from time to time to post recruitment threads, there’s dedicated forums around the internet just for clans to recruit and there’s competitive sites like gamebattles where you can sign up as a free agent or try and join a clan.

21: The host is abusing his powers, kicking people for no reason… what can I do?

= Nothing I’m afraid, all you can do is leave the game and submit bad feedback.

22: The host/players are being racist/sexist/vulgar/modding/glitching what can I do?

= Submit bad feedback, mute and file complaint and then leave the game.

23: where are the breaching charges in multiplayer?

= Ubi decided not to have breaching charges in multiplayer, no one knows why, most people speculate it’s because of the door glitch in vegas 1, but again; this is unconfirmed.

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  1. avatar Hunter

    Awesome guide, thanks a lot!

    …I’ve already improved my skill by moving away from the famas!

  2. Thanks, it took a good 1 and half to put up.

    I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

  3. avatar Hunter

    Heh, I’m constantly coming back to it – there are so many things I didn’t know (silencer’s increase accuary, reduce damage for example).

    …my thanks seems a little weak compared to the sheer scale of this guide and the time put in to it.

  4. Oh no, you don’t have to thank, it’s part of our site to help people in any way possible, your thanks is appreciated, but not necessary, it’s what we do here is help. hehe.

    Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.

  5. avatar Hunter

    A little better, yes.
    As you said in the guide, it’s up to me to find my playing style, this guide helps with the little features – the things I didn’t know, but can now take advantage of.

    “Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.”
    That’s encouraging!

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