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R6V2 Useful Links.

Welcome, here I detail some useful threads to do with R6V2, some are old yet valuable and others are good discussions.

1. R6V2 RANKS, A.C.E.S, XP Bonuses,Weapons, and more!

Author: “Hawkeyes-3678”

Description: A thread detailing ranks, aces and all unlockables in the game.


2. Official R6V2 Leaderboards

Author: Ubisoft Dev’s

Description: The web-based leaderboards, showcases all ranked-statistics from the xbox 360 version of the game.


3. Detailed Weapons Analysis

Author: “Very Fluffy”

Description: Perhaps one of the most useful threads in the history of R6V2, this thread analyses all the weapons in the game, shows us the official in-game stats as well as the authors own personal comments.


4. Sea Snipers Release R6V2 Maps!

Author: Sea Snipers Group.

Description: A group of gamers who took it upon themselves to provide the community with very detailed printable versions of the maps in-game. Each map they have produced details every part of the map. Very accurate maps, the best quality maps you can find anywhere on the internet.


5. Title Update

Author: Ubisoft Dev’s

Description: A thread detailing the first title update for R6V2, it lists all the fixes and improvements the first patch brought to the game.


6. Fan Pack Details

Author: Ubisoft Dev’s

Description: A thread detailing the second title update for R6V2, it lists all fixes, updates, improvements and DLC for the game.


7. HOW TO: Download Extra Content Maps

Author: Kleaneasy

Description: A pinned thread on forums, this thread explains in detail how to download the Ubisoft-exclusive maps, useful information.


8. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Custom Camo Gallery [v 2.0]

Author: Swaheely

Description: A useful thread on; this thread lists some very useful and interesting custom camo patterns that you can do in-game. Very good fun and interesting.


9. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 *Full Weapon List*

Author: IBR0K3N XB0XI

Description: A thread on; this thread lists every weapon in the game, its calibre and origins; this helps you determine what guns should cause the most damage and where your favourite guns come from.


10. Do you base your camouflage selection on tactical purposes or just looking cool?

Author: NikeFerrari

Description: A thread on; this thread is a discussion; the title says it all; there’s some interesting replies in this one.


11. So what rank is everyone so far?

Author: zZ GL0CK Zz

Description: A thread on; this thread is a discussion where fellow posters can show off their rank and discuss ranking up.


12. Tell the community the best/skilled player(s) you know or have played with.

Author: Toxik Carnage

Description: A thread on; this thread lets players post about the best gamers they have played with; if your after a challenge or want to brag; you can post here.


13. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 FAQ

Author: Artemis Artium

Description: A thread on; this very useful thread is a general FAQ, it holds some very useful information and the author still replies so if you have a question; you can post and it will be answered.


14. ****Walkthroughs for realistic Terrorist hunts****

Author: Dragons Claw69

Description: A thread on; this thread is very helpful and shows the best paths, setups to finish all the maps on realistic, if your after your T-hunt achievements, this is a must read


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  1. avatar Hunter

    Awesome guide, thanks a lot!

    …I’ve already improved my skill by moving away from the famas!

  2. Thanks, it took a good 1 and half to put up.

    I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

  3. avatar Hunter

    Heh, I’m constantly coming back to it – there are so many things I didn’t know (silencer’s increase accuary, reduce damage for example).

    …my thanks seems a little weak compared to the sheer scale of this guide and the time put in to it.

  4. Oh no, you don’t have to thank, it’s part of our site to help people in any way possible, your thanks is appreciated, but not necessary, it’s what we do here is help. hehe.

    Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.

  5. avatar Hunter

    A little better, yes.
    As you said in the guide, it’s up to me to find my playing style, this guide helps with the little features – the things I didn’t know, but can now take advantage of.

    “Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.”
    That’s encouraging!

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