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Fan pack/DLC maps FAQ

This FAQ details the latest and most significant patch to the game, titled “fan pack”.

1: When was the DLC/Fan pack released?

= The DLC maps were released on the 3rd July at 10:10am GMT. The Fan pack was released on the 1st July at 10:20am GMT.

2: How many maps can I download and where?

= In total there is 4 maps you can download, the fan pack on the XBL marketplace, 298mb file and the exclusive streets map. To download the streets map you need to have an ubisoft account linked to your XBL account, for more info check Kleaneasy’s how to pinned thread.

3: What is included in the new patch and DLC?

= Check out: it has all the information included.

4: I have noticed a difference in ____ but no information hasn’t been included in the fan pack details.. Is it just me?

= No its not you; there are some changes that wasn’t posted. For example certain shotguns (namely the M3 and 500 Tactical) have reduced range and their rate of fire has been changed. Also a large number of Assault rifles (FAMAS, Tar, AK-47, G36C, AUG) have been modified for better or for worse.

Other changes that Ubisoft failed to include was the latency; not all players are noticing this change but a lot of people (including me) are noticing it. Basically with this new system bullet lag is gone but hit detection and enemy movement does get affected.

5: Are the old calypso glitches fixed?

= You will be happy to know that the glitches that plagued Calypso Casino in vegas 1 have been fixed for the most part, you won’t find people glitching onto rooftops no more.

6: The framerate on the new DLC maps is just appalling, why? And is there a way to fix it?

= Most gamers are experiencing this framerate issue, the best way to fix it is to just play a good amount of games on each new map, after 10-15 games on each map people are saying that the framerate issues subside. Noone knows why it does this; my guess is the game’s servers are updating your information. It is not your connection, it’s not lag.

7: sometimes the maps are “invisible” and I have to redownload it, is this an persistent problem?

= Some people get this error daily, others never get it. If you do find yourself with this problem, don’t bother redownloading it all the time. Go to your HDD and find the vegas 2 file and move/copy it to the same HDD. It will come up saying it can’t be done. This will correct the problem and next time you hop onto vegas you will notice that the error is gone and you can play the DLC maps again. This is not a permant fix, if the same problem happens again just repeat this.

8: Besides the added dark and new textures, what’s the difference?

= The new maps also include new spawn points for each gamemode and in modes like A&D and Total Conquest, the objectives are in different places to make the maps more even than before. Also CQB Training

– Dark and Calypso Casino also have one or two physical differences, in CQB you will find certain bits of plywood positioned differently to make certain areas more open and dangerous and other areas more concealed and defended. Calypso Casino you will find that certain rooms in the vault are positioned differently, the Keno Room is always open on all modes, this adds a new choke point and a good place for camping and the toilets on the Vault level have been blocked off. Murdertown – Dark Is more or less the same.

9: Your scores out of 10? (compare to the original versions of the maps)

CQB Training – Dark – 10/10, it’s a major improvement.

Murdertown – Dark – 5/10, brilliant lighting system but the map is the same as before. Nothing special.

Calypso Casino – 10/10, it’s a lot darker and eerie when compared to vegas 1, the keno always open adds a new fighting area/style to the main casino area and generally it’s a vast improvement.

10: Does the host get lag on the new maps?

= It’s the framerate issue again; the host does seem to get framerate issues when playing the new maps; but its uncommon. Limiting the amount of players in the game or changing the map is the best way to sort this problem.

11: what’s with the long loading times?

= Normally the game can load the map right from the disc, with the new DLC it has to go to the HDD, back to the disc, basically a longer process.

12: Next map pack/patch?

= Not been confirmed, but if the wait is over 3 months I’ll be shocked.

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  1. avatar Hunter

    Awesome guide, thanks a lot!

    …I’ve already improved my skill by moving away from the famas!

  2. Thanks, it took a good 1 and half to put up.

    I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

  3. avatar Hunter

    Heh, I’m constantly coming back to it – there are so many things I didn’t know (silencer’s increase accuary, reduce damage for example).

    …my thanks seems a little weak compared to the sheer scale of this guide and the time put in to it.

  4. Oh no, you don’t have to thank, it’s part of our site to help people in any way possible, your thanks is appreciated, but not necessary, it’s what we do here is help. hehe.

    Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.

  5. avatar Hunter

    A little better, yes.
    As you said in the guide, it’s up to me to find my playing style, this guide helps with the little features – the things I didn’t know, but can now take advantage of.

    “Are you getting better at the game at least now? I was never good at it.”
    That’s encouraging!

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