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Avatar ImageThe Xbox 360 is More Hardcore
By: | November 17th, 2008

The gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds every generation, and this generation is no different. Atari brought home gaming in to the mainstream and with every generation more people have indulged in the industry. Every generation as is defining characteristics. This generation could easily be the generation of fanboys, or it could be the generation of hardcore. Gaming has been divided in to casual and hardcore. Wii, since its launch, has been considered for the causal gaming. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are more rounded for the “Hardcore” crowd while not alienating casual gamers.

Each system this generation offers its ups and downs to each crowd. The Wii, quite simply, is the “fun” kiddie system. It’s fun for all ages, there are games for any level gamer. The Wii has many downfalls though. The Wii quite simply doesn’t deliver lasting titles, and it lacks a credible online gaming community.  Graphics don’t determine a system’s potential as the Wii has proven, but it doesn’t hurt.

The Playstation 3 is a victim of it’s own making. Sony knew that the Playstation name was established worldwide as a great gaming experience. Sony decided they would try to used that to their advantage by trying a new architecture style to get the system ahead. Well it back fired when Sony found out developers weren’t ready for a new style. Coding for the new console was extremely tough coming from a style well established. Along side with that Sony suffered from a high launch cost with few great titles. Alongside all these issues the Playstation Network online gaming community suffered bad connections, slow downloads and an overall subpar experience to the established Xbox Live community. Over the past 12 months Sony has seemingly identified most concerns and through updates the system as become an overall excellent gaming experience.

But neither of these previously mentioned systems are really for the hardcore. Sure they have great titles and deliver and overall delightful experience. A true hardcore gaming experience is delivered on the Xbox 360. Since it’s launch it has had a renowned successful online experience. It delivers a reliable, low lag, high octane online gaming experience. Sure the Playstation Network has a low lag community now, but Xbox Live has had it for years now. The Xbox 360 is a gamers system. It doesn’t force Blu-ray on every one. It doesn’t force crappy motion controls that are usually hard to perfect on every one. It allows gamers to enjoy gaming as they want. But why? Why is the 360 the hardcore gamers system? While it may be hard to understand it is because it charges for its use. When people pay for a service, regardless of the cost, it ensures people are there for the experience. They have dedicated themselves in some way or another to that system. When you have something for free you suffer from people not really understanding what they have. The Xbox Live community is better because you know that everyone there paid 50 dollars a year to play. They paid for the experience. They paid to have Microsoft ensure they have the greatest online gaming community out there.

Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii are all great systems in their own respect. The Wii brings people together in a way that gaming hasn’t seen in years. Grandparents can play games with their grandchildren and not feel at a disadvantage from complex controllers. The Playstation 3 delivers a great system that boast future technology such as Blu-ray along with a constantly expanding and improving online community. The thing is not every owner of the PS3 is a gamer, some don’t even own a game for it. The Playstation 3 is a better entertainment center than the XBox 360, but not the better gaming system. The Xbox 360 is a gamers system. Every owner of the system owns a gamer. Every person you encounter online has paid for that experience, they have dedicated said amount of their money, regardless the amount, to ensure they have a gamers experience. Not that Playstation 3 gamers aren’t hardcore, but the Xbox 360 is just more of the system to prove a level of dedication to the Gaming community. So if you’re on the fence for a console this year, you can explain it this way. The Playstation is the best overall system. It offers a reliability, Blu-ray technology, and a constantly growing community. But if you consider yourself a Hardcore gamer looking for that top notch online gaming experience, the 360 is the system you want right now.

  1. Avatar Image Dan

    Jesus Christ, are we doing this now?

  2. avatar Itachi's Nagashi

    Things this guy forgot to mention
    -Red Ring
    -Live is unstable
    -It crashed last christmas
    -The “hardcore” 14 year olds in the live crowd sued Microsoft last christmas for sucky quality
    -Red Ring
    -Everyone there is a bunch of rude retards who think swearing and racism is cool.
    -Psn is faster in both downloading and matchmaking
    -Paying for a system and a game and then having to pay to play your game online is a bad idea.
    -Paying to have immature kids swear at you all day is a sucker’s bet.
    -Red Ring

    True enough both consoles are good but this fanboy article fails.

  3. avatar Vloke

    Ps is a better machine. It doesn’t break down like the X-Box. Thats a deal breaker as far as I am concerned. The games are basically the same…

  4. avatar bumsick

    the artical does not fail its fact that the xbox roots are very much devoted to hardcore gamers seeing as thats the sole crowd the original xbox was aimed at.
    itachi sounds to me like u dont even own an xbox ur just going off of the same stale remarks that sony fanboys have been throwing around for ages. yes red ring was a big thing but microsoft have since pulled there fingers out and sorted the problem so if u buy a new 360 console it wont affect you.
    and yeah people swear at each other playing games its just a bit of banter admittedly some little shits get carried away but then like fanboys of both consoles they should be dropped on their head at birth and prevented from breeding :D
    before u call me a fanboy yes i currently own a 360 and a p.c but thanks to little big planet in about a month i WILL be buying a ps3 that game is pure genius it has been to long since a proper platformer came out (new banjo kazooie doesnt count) but theres finally a game that makes the ps3 worth my money (its my oppinion fanboys calm down)
    il close out with this i consider my self a gamer and a pretty hardcore one to (namedrop time ;) ) i finished both ninja gaidens on multiple difficulty levels and lost planet on extreme anyone whos tried these will know they are quite a feat also point of note they are all on the xbox….hardcore gamers system anyone? anyway enough of biggin myself up
    im a gamer not a fanboy and as a gamer i can appreciate good games regardless of the system they are released on. its just a shame that not everyone is grown up enough to do the same. oh and if anyone knows of any games on the ps3 that are particularly difficult let me know so i can buy them :D peace out

  5. avatar Dion

    Your basically saying that if you pay for something, your getting a better experience. Multiple times have I had an internet security provider for free that has worked better than a PAID internet security provider. You statement is wrong.

  6. avatar Alan

    WTF is the deal with comments like saying sure the PS3 is solid online now but the 360 is a better choice because it has been good online longer? The PS3 still gets grief from you even after addressing most of these problems? How does that affect people who haven’t bought either yet, which seems to be the audience you’re targeting? The PS3′s online wasn’t very good 2 years ago but has since become much better, so how does this impact someone considering buying a PS3 NOW? That simply doesn’t make sense. BTW, I own all 3 consoles and play both the PS3 and 360 daily. Both provide awesome gaming experiences.

  7. avatar WWII

    no 360 forces subscription charges, dvd9, wifi adapters, bad hardware, you even have to pay for certain themes.

  8. avatar Renai Kakume

    So you’re saying that the Playstation 3 isn’t for hardcore gamers. Check out and try saying that crap again. To be a hardcore gamer you must pay for your online experience? Yeah if you’re into MMO’s the ps3 is for more every gamer that’s why its the best system. The hardcore gamers as well as the casual gamers and enjoy the experience.

    The 360 still has a high enough failure rate and to pay for a still unstable online for a lackluster experience with only 3 games to mention (Halo Gears…and uh Halo =/) i guess thats what it takes to be hardcore gamer to say you have all these games yet keep mentioning a few.

    360 Fanboy:Well we have more games and better games like Gears and Halo…and Halo Wars!!

    Ps3 Fanboy:Well how can you say MGS4, Uncharted, Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, inFAMOUS, Little Big Planet, EyePet, Heavy Rain, God of WarIII are not better games…well I guess we don’t have games.

    Seriously that’s how it is but don’t take my word for it check out PsnFriends and tell me that Playstation 3 is not for hardcore gamers.

  9. avatar mookins

    This is nothing but fanboy fodder. I don’t see why a console must be hardcore for people to enjoy it.

  10. avatar Wes

    wowowowow John you need to calm down and go enjoy your limited supply of games on your PS3 and STFU. The article doesnt crap on the PS3 what so ever it just says the 360 has the upper hand on games and online capability. So the xbox has RROD so what! the PS3 has multiple blue ray drive failures go look it up.. The only reason your didnt pack up yet is because you rarely play with the thing.

    Even gaming stores recommend X360 to the casaul everyday gamer. its good qaulity for money and gives you the cheapest HD expierence around. Sony should learn from MS and consintrate more on marketing and premotions.

    And FYI John every Ps3 out there is being selled at a loss aswel PWND amature teen fanboy

  11. avatar Wes

    and fyi ninja giaden and lost plaent was originaly released for xbox 360 does “only on xbox 360″ stamp ring any bells

  12. avatar Darkwitch

    Everything this guy stated are facts!Sales show this.Just look games ratio per user worldwide for both machines.If you deny that then u are just fanboys and haters….Both systems are good.Ok ps3 is more stable and offers a bluray player + some hot titles but 360 has the greatest console online community and services ,the best tittles out there in every genre and ofcourse it aims for the hardcore gamers!By the way,it costs less than every other system out there!

  13. avatar kagami

    had both for a while. sold the (second hand) xbox after letting it collect dust for a couple of months. hopefully its third owner will give it a good home…

    i don’t hate the xbox. i just like my ps3 better ^_^v

  14. avatar LH_Swe

    Darkwitch u say best titles, isn’t that a matter of opinion. And everyone needs to chill its not like it matters which console sells more as long as they both make great titles and aim for a long lifespan, or atleast till the 720 comes out for the 360. Lets hope Microsoft doesnt pretend like the 360 never existed like in the case of the original xbox.
    Anyways to get back on point the 360′s problems have not been fixed BUMSICK all that has been done is that they have increased the warranty and until they actually fix the problem a 360 controller wont touch my hands.

  15. avatar bumsick

    ok il clear a few things up here first off john i wasnt talking about the 360 when i said the xbox was originally geared towards the hardcore gamer i was talking about the original xbox which was entirely geared towards the hardcore gamer.
    now for LH swe no that is not all that microsoft have done it is one of the things they have done tho. The other thing they did was to change the chip that was over heating and melting they also added a heat sink to the later consoles to further try and prevent the problem if your xbox 360 has a hdmi port on the back (not to be confused with the usb port under the ethernet slot for all u clever people ;) ) then u will have the improved chip etc
    To all the people who can put there oppinion forward in a mature way….fair play to u all neither console is perfect for any reason especially if it makes u look like a fool when u play it yes nintendo im looking at u sorry i couldnt resist ;)

  16. avatar LH_Swe

    Fair enough BUMSICK, despite the decrease in failures they haven’t ceased to be a problem. Thus, I reckon it would be unwise to purchase an xbox360 until sufficient data has been released redeeming the console of its reliability issues. And considering the risk of the xbox720 grabbing all the attention in about 5 years, as a result Microsoft will terminate their 360 support.

  17. avatar Abdul

    probably the most biased article i’ve ever read so far.. i have a ps3 nd my brother haz 360, that doesnt mean we dont get along, they both have their downsides but even he admitted he wouldve bought a ps3 instead but the price scared him off… name one really big smash hit title coming 2 360 in 2009? dont get me started on ps3′s games

  18. avatar David Macphail

    So having a 110% failure rate and no exclusive games makes a console “Hardcore”??? That’s weird…….i guess i’m not a hardcore gamer after all then, still, at least PS3 owners get to PLAY their games instead of looking at 3 red lights all day!

    Also, Xbox live crashed last year and the same seems to be happening as we speak, with users getting disconnected for no reason. So people are paying money for a MUCH lower – quality experience. Not only do hardcore gamers apparantly not get to play games……but they’re also pretty stupid paying for a service that doesn’t work!!!

  19. avatar oh snap

    u guys are such f-ing nerds. who gives a shit which console is better. i mean some of u guys act like ur defending yourself. damm.

  20. avatar Adam

    @ Itachi

    I have both systems and Xbox downloads faster with anything, updates, demos, what ever else it has to download. Live has a smart source code it uses for downloads and streaming. Sony is still working on a good infrastructure for their Online gaming.

    Also match making is not faster on the PS3. I’m not sure how you got these opinionated facts, but working for a previous site that I did, I wrote up article on these things and tested both consoles next to each other.

    Now as far as the community goes. I agree with you all the way, on the racism Xbox Live has along with a large number of ignorant users. It’s something they’ll have to improve up and are actually working on a system to release with a future update. They will try to block out any inappropriate language and racial sayings. It will be hard because people will find a way to cheat the system. Only time will tell how this works out.

  21. avatar Adam

    To some that say Xbox Live crash, which is true was an unfortunate thing. I don’t think Microsoft them selves expecting to have as many users sign up for Xbox Live. Online is a big HIT! for Microsoft and one sole reason with also it’s offer of software is why it’s where it is.

    I’m confident Sony will soon implement a great system and will be free of charge as it is now. I’m not sure what to think of Home, as it only feels like a gimmick at the moment, but as I always say time will tell.

  22. avatar Wes

    The only reason ill ever get a PS3 is because it recognizes my country (not as the 360 that doesnt have local server support) there’s just oen thing that bugs me about these systems. first of all in the long run as cheap as the 360 is the accesories are damn expensive paying R1500 (+/-$150) for a 120GB hhd is mad. Where the console is getting cheaper by the minute. With the PS3 is the lack of decent titles and advertising not to mention lack of accesories here in South Africa. Im gonna i dont know anybody that owns a PS3. Even a game retailer told me the PS3 is mainly for multi media purposes and gaming is a bonus.. whats up with that?

  23. avatar Dystopia

    So the Xbox 360 is for the hardcore because you have to pay for more stuff to enjoy your online experiences? Wow that is an Epic Fail seriously people do not want to pay any extra money to have to play online no matter how good that online service claims to be. Xbox Live also is not lag free I have played on my cousins and friends 360 many times and they have all experienced lag (they have very good internet connection speeds) while when I play on PSN I have never experienced lag at all due to their dedicated servers on their games. Also as far as hardcore games go the Xbox may have a larger quantity of games than the PS3 it does not however have the quality and diversity of PS3 games. Me and I am sure other gamers have noticed that the Playstation brand delivers a nice diversity in their games, ranging from action/adventure to platforming to shooters to racing and to RPG. I choose my console because I knew what to expect from a Playstation console. Others have not but that’s because they probably have different tastes or they just didn’t give it that much of a chance to actually try to enjoy it. Why people must start fanboy wars and stuff like that confuses me and it makes me wonder why they just can’t enjoy their console without dissing another gamers console.
    (As for my comment I was just voicing my opinion about the console from my experiences with it.)
    (As for that 2nd picture Solid Snake is a way better character and hero then generic space marine John 117 or Master Chief) and that’s a fact! ;)

  24. avatar Adam

    @ John and Dystopia

    Please be respectful in your comments. If you do not appreciate the article for what it is at least you can make polite comments against it. It’s very obvious that your opinions for the systems you prefer is strongly biased, but no need to attack others points of veiw.

  25. I went through and moderated a few comments.
    Have a good day :)

  26. avatar OptimusPrime

    why do they call it an xbox 360?

    because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away

  27. avatar Adam

    Joke, is not funny in any way.

    Make a smart opinion or don’t make one at all please.

  28. avatar Aaron Doll

    Guys, you do realize this is the same guy who wrote “PS3 is More Hardcore” a little while ago. He’s just trying to get page views.

  29. avatar Jesus

    That doesn’t work. If you turned 360 degrees you’d be facing the same way. So unless it was in front of you on the way out of the shop, you’d just be walking into a wall. And spinning round makes you look stupid.

    Oh, yeah, PS3′s, 360′s. I have a PS3, and I love it. There’s no denying both are good consoles, but it’s all down to personal preference really.

  30. avatar random person

    How can you pay for something that has a high chance of failure i.e.
    Xbox 360

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