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Avatar ImageWhich Fanboys are Right?
By: | November 16th, 2008

Every generation of gaming has had some level of fanboys. Whether it’s Sega vs Nintendo or Sony vs Microsoft, it’s nothing new. But this generation has pushed the limits of how bad fanboys are. The viral videos flood the internet and tempers flare to insane levels. Why do so many people get upset about something they enjoy so much? Gaming is around for the sole purpose of entertaining people. It’s out there to give us those moments of enjoyment and memories. Games are a way for families to get closer and people to pass the time. So why do people take this to such and extreme level? Why do people insist on arguing about games and not simply enjoying the system(s) they purchased? The reason is truly quite simple.

The relative cost of the Sega Genesis on release in comparison to today’s dollar value was roughly 315 dollars. The Super Nintendo was released for the same price. The Xbox 360 ranges from 200-400 dollars and the Playstation 3 costs 400 dollars (depending on the availability of other models). So what does the cost of a console have to do with fanboys? What do you do when you buy most things? People naturally become defensive about objects they call their own. A husband gets jealous when he sees his wife touching another man, a woman gets upset when another girl tries to take her shoes, so on and so on. So when some one spends hundreds of dollars just to buy a console, which doesn’t even include games and accessories that will become necessary at one point or another, they feel a sense of obligation to defend it. Sony’s Playstation 3 started out at astronomically high prices and launched with a fairly weak lineup. Quickly the markets turned on the system and the “Great Fanboy War of 2007″ erupted. Playstation 3 owners felt betrayed and Xbox 360 owners felt their purchase was justified. All until Microsoft’s mistake became Sony fanboys shot back. The red ring of death gave Sony’s side a fair argument. The battle came down to malfunctioning hardware or no games. Slowly both sides fixed their issues, the PS3 got games and the 360 RROD slowly fell to the way side.

So is either side wrong for battling for their system? Yes and no. Sure people feel obligated to justify a purchase and rightfully so. Not everyone can afford hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on multiple systems. People should have the ability to speak their mind about the system they paid hundreds of dollars for.  But at some point every one has to learn that it’s not about the system you bought. It’s about the sole purpose of the console. The enjoyment gaming gives us. It’s nice to say that Console A has more pixels than Console B regarding Multiplatform game C but to those who only have one of the two consoles, its meaningless. The differences only matter when you can afford to have the choice.  The subtle differences grow smaller and smaller. Through it all, there are still veteran’s of the great fanboy war who battle on. Many sites still show videos that compare games which look nearly if not completely identical. With those videos the battles continue to rage. NO matter what, there is some one who says A looks better than B or vice versa.

From TecheBlog

Pic From TecheBlog

So what does it all mean? Is it ok to be a fanboy or should fanboys be shun? Fanboys are good to the industry. Fanboys are just like fanatics of sports teams. MS fanboys are like Yankee fans and Sony fanboys are like the Red Sox, as long as the two companies continue to make consoles the fanboys will rage. But no matter what side you root for, it all comes down to the enjoyment. That moment you’re playing a game and you stop and just enjoy the amazing graphics, or the online battles that make you smile when you get a kill streak of 20.  It’s the small moments that make it all worth it, and in those moments you forget that your holding a PS3 controller or a 360 headset. You enjoy that moment for the enjoyment it brings.

Fanboys aren’t going any where. While at times they anger and push buttons, they keep the competition of the industry up. Each side will continue to build their ammo and fire at the other side, but in the end it’s all for those moments we talk about for weeks and months. The moments we go to school or work and hype up. So next time your gaming and you smile, remember its the game that did that, not the system. Enjoy the great games out there, enjoy the great moments and memories. Remember that no matter which systems you have, everyone paid for the right to defend their system as do you.

  1. I could care less about the hardware as long as it runs my games. Anyone want to join my anti-fanboy clan? All the systems stink. 360 was charging $200 for an add-on for the hi-def media that failed and still doesn’t support blu-ray. PS3 came out AFTER the 360 and didn’t launch with an achievements system or the dual shock. The Wii’s online gaming support started terrible and still needs improvement. Conclusion: Hardware = Bad. Hard-working, caring developers = Good.

  2. Avatar Image Dan

    Lol. All valid point Seth. Looks like they all suck to me. Let’s not forget the unforgivable failure rates. Obviously the problem is absolutely unacceptable with the 360, but I’m noticing more and more issues with the PS3 now as well. Did everyone forget how to make a decent console?

    Yeah, the wii’s fairly reliable, but it’s basically 10 year old hardware.

    I think we’re in the midst of the best console gen. ever right now, but it’s also the worst in a lot of ways, for everybody. The stupid fanboy war doesn’t help.

  3. avatar Sinus

    I’m completely agreed with you.
    Both consoles (Xbox360 and PS3) is Great.
    I have a Xbox360 and my brother have a PS3.
    We both enjoy PLAYING, doesn’t matter in witch console we playing.
    Your right, sometimes I forgot witch controller I’m holding.
    The important thing is the great Joy and Happiness that these consoles bring to me.

  4. avatar Goudarz

    I think war is meaningless. Both console are great and powerful. Someones like XBOX360 and someones like PS3 and it’s just taste. Todays all multi plateform games are same on both consoles. So, Let’s enjoy of games!

  5. avatar Ncro

    I always enjoy my console, no matter what fanboys try to say. The one reason I can come up with for the intensity on this new fan-boy war is that Microsoft started to be desperate up-front of the 360 release. They really wanted to do whatever to win this “war”. Anyone remember they tried to ruin the fun of the ps3 launch in France? You see, this is completely new behaviour in game industry, and of course it’s microsoft that are willing to go to extremes. This brings tension to the kids. Everyone should just appreciate their hardware and play good game. Time for coffe and Fallout 3 now.

  6. avatar bumsick

    sign me up for u club seth :D im sick of people whining and politics should stay as far away from gaming as possible.

  7. avatar John

    Cute article, but it’s a shame u write like this, then write some pure fanboy nonesense like your article ‘xbox is more hardcore’! hypocrisy?? Oh yes Gerry boy!!

    Pathetic BS!! Xbox like the Yankees?? Fuck off dumbass, xbox is more like the: Cleveland Spiders fool.

  8. avatar James

    I almost feel sorry for nintendo fan boys having to make do with a thousand girlie games whilst microsoft and sony fanboys enjoy games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto etc.. on their respective hardwares .

  9. avatar David Macphail

    James, you’re making it sound like Nintendo has no good games at all. Did you forget that “Super Mario Galaxy” on the Wii got better reviews than Halo 3, GOW/GOW2, MGS4, COD4/COD: WAW, Fable 2, Resistance 2 AND LBP???

    Also, one of the games you mentioned (GTA) is making it’s way to the DS (For sure, the game will suck, but it’s still being made).

    Then there’s the small fact that nintendo owns the two most successful videogame franchises in the history of the universe (Mario and Pokemon).

    And THEN there’s the small fact that the Nintendo DS and the Wii are outselling the competition by about 1,000,000,000:1.

    I think Nintendo fanboys/girls/grandparents have plenty to brag about.

    Don’t get me wrong, i play my PS3 MUCH more than i play with my Wii (Anyone who laughs is being silly), i’m just saying, as a games console, it’s not COMPLETELY useless………..

  10. avatar Jonathan

    That was beautiful

  11. avatar johan

    “Did you forget that “Super Mario Galaxy” on the Wii got better reviews than Halo 3, GOW/GOW2, MGS4, COD4/COD: WAW, Fable 2, Resistance 2 AND LBP???”

    and here it goes….

  12. avatar Phil

    David you just proved James’ point the games such as Pokemon and Mario are both for children/girls while they can be fun at times those games will never be as fun as chainsawing locust in Gears or cooking a grenade in COD4…and is Super Mario Galaxy the only example you can give for a good game on the Wii…come on man the Wii is garbage!!!

  13. avatar Nick

    So how long before the war finds it’s way here? I find it so damn stupid!My friends ALL own 360′s and those who started by saying they wouldn’t get one…have. There’s an army of them where I live and I feel like the outcast with my ps3…no one I know has a PS3, it does suck, but then I watch my friends slowly deteriorate into mindless geeks who only care about the achievements they get.

  14. avatar David Macphail

    Johan, i’m assuming you probably didn’t read the rest of my statement, thank you for showing your ignorance.

    “David you just proved James’ point the games such as Pokemon and Mario are both for children/girls…”

    Phil i’m afraid i’m going to have to stop you right there, not only is your statement COMPLETELY ignorant and void of truth (There are plenty of people over the age of 20 that enjoy Mario, Pokemon, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc) but how exactly do the Pokemon and Mario games appeal to girls more than boys??? The ONLY reason a certain game would appeal to one sex more than the other would be based on it’s sex appeal. Now if you were to imply that more male’s would be attracted to a game like “Tomb Raider” or “Heavenly Sword” i could understand but if watching an overweight italian plumber jumping on mushrooms or watching some 10 year – old kid imprison various creatures in what appear to be air – tight microcapsules causes you to think of raw, male sexual content……then you may have some deep personal issues, or need some professional help.

    “…while they can be fun at times those games will never be as fun as chainsawing locust in Gears or cooking a grenade in COD4…”

    First of all…….didn’t you read the last part of my post you moron?!? I already TOLD you that i play games on my PS3 WAY more than on my Wii, congratulations, you just won the most idiotic commenter of the year award!!!

    “…and is Super Mario Galaxy the only example you can give for a good game on the Wii…come on man the Wii is garbage!!!”

    Evidently Super Mario Galaxy is better than the 2 games you listed, or ANY that you could (Barr GTA 4). Oh and if you’re looking for some more top – selling Wii games try Wii Fit, Wii Play (Which i’ll agree is rubbish) or Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games. How about you go back to slashing up locusts in a game that got a laughable 94 on Metacritic and the Wii owners can go back to playing a game that actually LIVED UP TO THE HYPE!

    Honestly, it’s amazing how many people can’t read…..did, at any point in my last post, i suggest that the Wii was BETTER than the 360 or PS3??? No, i make a perfectly valid observation and Xbox defence force starts crying about it, grow up already!!! I’ll be the first person to tell you that the Wii is NOT the best console of this generation, but it’s certainly not garbage!

    Nick, i’m in the exact same boat as you. I own a PS3/Wii while all my friends have 360′s. Unfortunately, as all my friends turn into mindless geeks obsessed with Achievements, the same thing is happening to me, only with Trophies…………

  15. avatar David Macphail

    Oh and just one more thing, if Mario and Pokemon are kiddy games, yet they sell more than games like Gears Of War or Call Of Duty, doesn’t that make COD/GOW………..suck??? I mean, the average age of a gamer is 35, so there are MORE “Grown up” gamers out there to purchase COD/GOW…..yet the Pokemon and Mario games STILL sell better?

    WOW…….that MUST be embarrasing………….

  16. avatar Ali

    actually the average gamer is 27. the Wii IS NOT garbage BUT it’s for little kids. thats why it sells so much and thats why Mario and Pokemon sell like they do. first of all the Wii has PS2 graphics so i don’t consider it next-gen… Gears 2 does suck ass and im not saying that because i prefer my PS3 over my 360(that i don’t even touch) but because its the truth. the story line is awesome but the game is boring,glitchy,and slow. i played Gears 1 and it was so fucking boring. but 94/100 is an awesome score even though the game sucks. i have friends that have 360 and were complaining about it’s glitches and bad online. PS3 is picking up speed now. if Sony discontinues the PS2, i think PS3 will sell more. people are forced to buy the 360 because the first Xbox was discontinued so that’s the only Xbox they can get their hands on.

  17. avatar Josh Levermand

    Xbox 360 sucks a fat dong. PS3 ownsz!!!!!

  18. avatar Virtuoussnake PSN

    ok enough fighting. I think this has all been solved. Answer= Wii sucks and the other two are alright. negatives and positives for both hard to make a winner. So we just have to find a loser. And in came the wii.

    P.S. Please send hate reply’s. I love hearing dumb asses try to think for themselves

  19. avatar Nimka

    This article makes you think ps3 bad but xbox360 not so bad.

  20. avatar David Macphail

    I give up, i suppose some mindless drones just won’t change their tune. I can understand people attacking the Wii because of the ridiculous amount of “Shovelware” available for the console but to try and imply that there are NO good games means you don’t know a single THING about the videogame industry!

    The PS2 had a load of shovelware too, but it still had SOME “Half – decent” games, right???

    Considering it was arguably the greatest games console ever invented…….one would have to assume so.

  21. avatar Nimka

    I’m a PS3 owner. I live in some asian country where there are no retailers, no rentals. It’s really hard to own a PS3 here. Each game costs about $70-$100. And it’s getting really hard to keep buying new tittles. I’m getting broke.
    Now I decided to buy xbox360 because it can be modded so I can buy pirated games for $1-$5 here. I’ll only buy PS3 games for 3 reasons
    1:PS3 Exclusive
    2:Real Hardcore Game that every single detail needs to be experienced.
    3:Needs to be played online.
    So money is the ONLY REASON I’m buying xbox 360 other than that FUCK YOU XBOX 360 I’m buying you because you’re fucking cheap. I’m still a proud owner of PS3. I’ll hold your fucking ugly fat controller in my hand just because I love games not you bitch. I’ll play the real games with my PS3.

  22. avatar Nimka

    oh and I need to sell my Nintendo Wii in order to buy modded Xbox360. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family but we just don’t play anymore. All got bored. There are no seriuos titles for me to spend my time playing wii alone.

  23. avatar redskin92

    well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and fanboys are inevitable…. It really doesn’t bother me, becuase I like to talk (or even argue) about systems with other people. But there is one thing that just really bothers me about Nintendo… I just can’t grasp why they had to put Gamecube inputs on the Wii… It just doesn’t make sence.. yeah, you can play Gamecube games, but it almost seems like the Wiimote becomes a secondary controller to many (I don’t know anybody who plays brawl with the wiimote). But the main reason I don’t want a Wii is just that the games don’t seem fun, I mean I have honestly played a Wii, and yeah its sorta fun with someone else but the games just get old quick. Sure the Wii has its games, but everyone was arugeing that the PS3 didn’t have many good games, well the 360 didn’t have many good games for a little, and the Wii has about as many good games as I have fingers on my hand. And the guy that was pointing out that the Wii has higher rated games, Whould you like to have about 2 – 5 really good games and the rest crap, or have 5 – 10 really good games and still have others that are fun?

  24. avatar David Macphail

    redskin92 i’m going to assume you can’t read……….

    Because if you COULD read then you would have read at the bottom of my statement that i play my PS3 MORE – THAN – I – PLAY – MY – WII.

    YES the PS3 has more and better games then the Wii, i was simply making a point to the guy who posted before me saying that the Wii has NO good games, which just isn’t true.

    Why don’t people read before posting???

  25. avatar Name (Required)

    @ David Macphail

    You’re very wrong about Mario Galaxy getting a higher score than GTA. Also Bioshock, Fallout 3 and Oblivion scored higher than Mario Galaxy. Bioshock was one of the highest scoring games in gaming last year.

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