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This holiday season is full of future Triple A titles, which is why it was very hard to only pick 10 games for our featured article. We are very confident with our pick and believe that you will all enjoy these great titles. It seems that this year is all about the sequels. There is a good amount of original titles as well like Mirrors Edge and Left 4 Dead which have been getting a lot of praise due to their originality and unique game play. Let’s look at our 10 titles this Holiday season that are worthy of your hard earned cash.

Gears of War 2

Starting off the list with a bang. Gears of War 2 is definitely a purchase this season for any big shooter fan. With it’s newley designed matchmaking system and gripping single player story. Gears of war 2 pits players 6 months after the ending of the first game, the locust horde have started to sink whole cities, and now the Coalition must take the attack to the locusts. With new stunning environments, 6 new weapons, 10 new multiplayer maps new executions and a strong storyline, makes Gears of War Worth every penny.

The single player in it self is a spectacular experience, with epic scale battles, large environments and a roller coaster ride of a story, just this alone will satisfy any fan. The multiplayer has been vastly improved, with new game modes, new maps, new weapons and a matchmaking system. Fans are definitely being spoiled this holiday with a groundbreaking sequel.

Gears of War 2 Trailer

Fallout 3

Our next game has been a hot buy so far this year since it’s October 30th release, already selling over 3 million copies across all platforms, Fallout 3 has been a proven success. The game places you in a post apocalyptic world, where you will battle a numerous amount of mutants, while trying to survive. The game offers different combat styles like the VATs system, that let’s you choose which body part to damage while you watch in slow motion the poor bastard get his head blown off. The game offer’s plenty of hours with it’s open world style gameplay and over 100′s of mission you will need to complete.

Many like to reference Fallout 3 to Oblivion, but it does have it’s own unique style that it brings to games. The games stunning visuals will immerse you into the experience and the so engaging story will leave you breathless. With a rumor of DLC emerging, gamers will have another reason to spend their hard earned money.

Fallout 3 Intro Trailer

Call of Duty: World at War

Treyarch had big shoes to fill following Call of Duty 4′s massive amount of critical acclaim and fandom. The Modern Warfare scene had been a new part of the Call of Duty series and it was a huge success, and when World War II we announced for the follow-up, not everyone was extremely pleased about it. The World War II setting was a familiar scene to previous Call of Duty games, but it looks like Treyarch wanted to bring something new into the series, so they focused on the Pacific theater and the Soviet push into Berlin. Having had the pleasure to play through the campaign, I can assure anyone who was a big fan of previous CoD campaigns, namely CoD2 and CoD4 will not be disappointed. It is as intense as ever.

Treyarch’s focus on the multiplayer portion of World at War is heavily based on Call of Duty 4′s successful recipe. You still have perks, the same rank and XP system and challenges to help you rank up. The amount of ranks, weapons, maps and game modes should keep you busy for a long time. What’s new about World at War that has never been in Call of Duty games before is co-op. You can now play through the campaign in 2 player split-screen, or 4 player Xbox Live. A new addition to complement co-op is Nacht der Untoten, a game mode in which you are in a house and must defend it from nazi zombies, who will climb through windows and attempt to kill you.

Treyarch had big shoes to fill, and they really did well. Those who liked CoD4 should not be disappointed by Treyarch’s valiant effort.

Call of Duty: World At War Trailer

Dead Space

Are you in a mood for some games that will make you jump of your seat? Well Dead Space may be a game for you. Developer EA Redwood shores has developed an original game unlike any other that has you wondering around as a miner in space, taking apart your enemies. What makes this game so unique and original is it’s environment, game play and pretty much everything. If you thought Bioshock was a scary and original experience, you will love Dead Space. Never has a game been so creepy as this with it’s own style of weapons and concepts.

EA has definitely out done them selves with Dead Space. The game is done based on a Comic, but has it’s own touch to it. Already being a hit this game will scare many and bring a new experience to their gaming. It doesn’t hold too much replay value, but with a game as terrifying as this, you may not want to necessarily replay it. Another feature it lacks is the multiplayer, which is unneeded because it works so well with what’s already there.

Dead Space Gameplay Footage

Left 4 Dead

Horror fans are in for a treat with our next game in the list. Left 4 Dead is a survival fps game that pits 4 survivors against mass hordes of undead. Luckily you play a character along with 3 others that are immune to the virus; you must fight your way through giant groups of undead to the safe zone at the end of each level. The game is from the award winning team that created counter strike source, so you can expect nothing less than fps horror goodness.

Left 4 Dead’s zombies aren’t your typical zombies from the resident evil series or day of the dead films ,there fast moving and agile , climbing over fences, cars , roofs , trains or any obstacle in there way. As well as your typical zombie, there are boss characters such as the boomer, hunter, smoker, tank and witch. Each with there own ability which each character must be weary off. The smooth visuals and sounds combined create eerie environments and fantastic surroundings. L4D uses an A.I system called the developer, which spawns zombies in random points, depending on your weapons, health score and difficulty, which gives L4D great replay value, no level will ever be the same.

Left 4 Dead Movie Trailer

  1. avatar User

    Great article.

  2. avatar Ziriux

    These games are all made by developers that know how to make excellent titles and what keeps the game industry a success.

  3. Just a note till i fix the system, Mike M & Luke Y also cowrote this articl.e

  4. Well done. Good idea with breaking into two parts as well.

  5. I can’t wait to get Gear 2. Hoping the wife gets it for me for Christmas!!

  6. avatar Benito

    grammar note: don’t do apostrophe s to make things plural – just the s is enough!
    good article though, it’s a tough few months. I’m still not sure which of World at War, Dead Space or Left 4 Dead to get.

  7. avatar phnax

    I wouldn’t consider Call of Duty: World at War among the top 10, but that might just be me.
    To Benito: As long as it isn’t World at War.

  8. avatar bill

    LBP and R2 should make the list

  9. avatar dave

    can’t forget mgs4. that’d just be a crime

  10. avatar Adam

    That is the other 5 games of the Part 2.

  11. avatar Adam

    @ Dave

    MGS4 is probably one of the best games I’ve EVER played in my history of gaming.

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