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The latest in everyone’s favorite fighting series has finally got a release date, February 17 2008! (…Wait 2008! Hmm, the official press release seems to have a typo, or Capcom are time travelers). Nonetheless get your arcade sticks ready because February is going to be a great month for head-2-head fighter fans. Also released today in their announcement is the Gouken introduction video, check it out after the jump.

Fortunately for haters of the short lived Street Fighter EX series, Street Fighter IV features a traditional 2D fighting style except with a 3D look, check out more screenshot below.

  1. Avatar Image Dan

    Lol. In that second screen it looks like Ryu’s about to take a stiff punch to the balls.

  2. avatar Korey Tsutsui

    where is download weblink, i cant come across..

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