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Avatar ImageGamer Limit Review: Resistance 2
By: | November 12th, 2008

Two years ago Resistance: Fall of Man was release was premier launch title for the Playstation 3. It was the one must have for PS3 owners for several months after the launch. To most who played it, the story was engaging, the gameplay was solid and multiplayer held its ground. 2 years later Insomniac Games is eagerly ready for the release of its sequel. The masses of PS3 owners have waited for this, but is it the game every one has been waiting for? Insomniac has promised massive 60 player matches, multiple campaigns, and an unforgettable experience. So does Insomniac deliever on its promises?

Nathan Hale established himself as a solider with a point to prove in Resistance Fall of Man, and he’s back with that mentality more than ever. From the opening scene you can feel his desire to finish the battle. The game play starts right where the last left off. But the differences are there to immediately see. The level design is huge, there are moments that will simply leave you in awe. The first time you see a 300 foot chimera towering over you, you want to stop and stare. The moment is short lived because when you stop, they shoot and death lingers. There are many new chimera to experience some are harmless, some are easy and some are upsetting. This time around the United States is the main locale. The feel is more “America” than last time around but aside from certain landmarks the game could take place anywhere. The multiple cities in the game add some fun and great changes in scenery.  As the game continues, you will be amazed with the constant changing scenery.

The gameplay of the single campaign holds very true to what fans of the previous title expect. The games fundamentals work well. The controls are tight where they need to be and loose enough to allow for people to feel welcome enough to play. The level design is linear, there’s no getting around that. There is only one way to go and at times hopefully you find that way fast enough. There are many moments in the game you don’t have time to think, and you definitely don’t have time to mess up. This can lead to moments of immense frustration and rage. The game gives you subtle hints of what to expect from the upcoming moments. When ammo or new weapons appear, it’s a good idea to collect them. The game will automatically save at checkpoints. Checkpoints are usually good clues that soon 200+ enemies or 3 behemoths are about to attempt to bring a very upsetting death upon you. The game holds up very well when hundreds of enemies all attempt to destroy you. At times the larger enemies will show they are stubborn by standing there idolly take shots or by failing to continue to chase you. But at other times you will be amazed at how smart the A.I. is when they chase you to a spot you consider safe. They will hunt you down and when given the chance, flank you. There are very few spots to hide. Often your A.I. teammates will suggest you hide, but not realizing that their are no places to take cover. The lack of cover system makes the game feel as if there is no desire for any kind of tactical assault. The times you get to make tactical manuevers you will because the linear game play forces it upon you. The gameplay is good but nothing that people will remember in 2-3 years. With the constant improvements in A.I. and level design, linear levels and A.I. glitches will be pitfalls of game design, but luckily for Insomniac Games, they are still acceptable by todays standards.

Insomniac Games seems to have a good grasp on the game design system for the complex architecture of the PS3, so is should be fair to expect excellent graphics from them. Resistance 2 looks good. There are very few frame rate drops and when they do happen, you are so much in the heat of the battle that you won’t have time to notice. In the opening few levels, the screen tore a few times, but after that, none were to be found. There is a shiny effect to the game. Characters shine, surfaces shine, even dull materials tend to shine. It’s very reminiscent of Gears of War.  The textures simply aren’t there. Even during cutscenes, character uniforms have clips and buttons which should have some texture or depth, but don’t, they just lay flat. The same applies during gameplay, the walls have no textures but are simply just pictures on a surface, which is flat. Sand is nothing but flat, rocks do have shape, but nothing that makes them stand out. Graphically the game is great when looking at enemies afar and the giant scope and size of things, but when you get up close to inspect things change dramatically.

The narration of the game has changed completely. Fans of the first will miss the end level cutscenes which starred a female giving a good tie together for levels. This time around the whole story is told by characters in the gameplay. While it’s not a deal breaker, it is something that was memorable and now gone. The weapons sound good. They each have their own touch. Nothing about the sounds of the game stand out but they do solidly hold their own and keep gameplay moving quite well.

Overall the single player campaign is good, but through and through, Insomniac has taunted fans with the multiplayer. This generation of consoles has brought every gamer online to get a taste of whats available. Resistance 2 has boasted its 60 player competitive mode, its 8 player co-op campaign and its whole new taste. Well to fans of the first Resistance’s multiplayer will immediately find out that this game FAILS to hold true to the gameplay of the first. Weapon spawns have been replaced with the weapon selection prior to getting in to the gameplay. The game moves fast, which is similar to the first time. Along with this, some maps are huge. Combine fast gameplay, weapon selection and huge levels and you have the perfect breeding ground for snipers. No weapon has enough range to get a well positioned sniper fast enough to avoid a certain death, except…another sniper. The Carbine, Bullseye and Auger all feel much weaker. The weapons don’t feel at all balanced. Also this time around they have added Beserkers. Simply put they are Call of Duty perks.  They can be helpful in tight situations and they can also help the teammates around you. While they are nice, they feel like nothing more than cheap rip offs. Co-op on the other hand is quite fun. Getting yourself and 7 other friends together can be a great way to experience Resistance 2.  The difficulty is defintely there and you can at times feel overwhelmed, but good teams can push through the smartest and toughest enemies. All in all the the multiplayer is unique, but not perfect. The multiplayer can be frustrating and fun, but to fans of the first game, its completely different. The multiplayer does well to handle 60 players all doing their own thing, but it can become obivous that 60 players doesn’t equal fun.

So everyone already expects big things from Insomniac Games. They have brought us the Ratchet and Clank series, Spyro, and Resistance: Fall of Man.  They have proven time and time again they know how to make games, and they know how to make them good. But could this be their shortfall? Has Insomniac become a victim of their own success? Yes and no. Resistance 2 is good, but there are several times you will feel let down, frustrated, confused, awestruck, enlightened, and angry all at the same time.  The story line isn’t great but it does hold true to the first game. The multiplayer is huge, but not nessecarily fun. The levels are huge but not greatly detailed. Resistance 2 is a great game for PS3 owners, but as the gaming industry grows and changes, this game won’t be one everyone remembers such as Final Fantasy VII or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  With over 400 hours of gameplay to achieve everything possible, the game is a great value. To fans of the first one who don’t want change be wary. To fans of arcade FPS games, this is perfect for you. And to fans of big hype games, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. avatar its anarchy

    good review. but th efirst resistance was complete trash. the gameplay was a joke. i played it a couple hours and said ‘wow this is a game straight out of 1995′ no ingenuity or anything decent. i hope htis game gets better. but the only game for my ps3 i liked other than mgs4 is uncharted other than that i never touch my ps3 anymore. its really a waste of the 500 i spent. i feel jipped and if this game is worsse than the first. i should prolly just get rid of it. since home keeps getting delayed anyway.

  2. Avatar Image Dan

    I like the competitive a lot, but I hate the stupid co-op game. The single player campaign is my favorite bit.

    Funny how so many people are torn over the MP portions of the game.

  3. avatar boob

    great grammar, i’ll eat up every word of this and take it to grave.

    • avatar Anna

      Have a safe and super fun trip! Eat some yummy desserts for me! Glad you liked the surpsire and the pie! Haha me and you both, or else I would have slept early and woke up early to make it!

  4. avatar visualdragon

    this is the game that was meant to go toe to toe with gears of war 2 come on sony can make a better game this game is crap and i agree mgs4 and uncharted are the best games on the ps3.along with little big planet.

  5. avatar Major BS

    worst article ever it’s just a bunch of BS. Please saying that this game has no textures. Come on dude are you blind?

  6. avatar BS

    The game has no textures? The textures are good you’re just fucking blind. And you don’t need the weapon wheel the game is fun with out it, i don’t want to play a game where you can hold 20 weapons at a time you know how annoying that is, survive with what you got and make the best of it, if you can’t adapt then you shouldn’t be playing a mans game you pussy. And it’s not a call of duty 4 rip off, i remember in another game they had something like perks in there i can’t recall what game it was but Infinity Ward probably copied them. You shouldn’t even be reviewing games. And Resistance 2 is fucking awesome! And your just nit picking on everything in a game you don’t go up to the textures and examine them YOU play the game dumb ass. People like you always have to find something wrong with a game and try to exploit it like it’s a major fault in the game and to try and make it look like it’s a bad game.

  7. avatar George

    I’m at the end of Resistance 2 and have felt a little down. All through the game it felt like just another run of the mill shooter. Resistance: Fall of Man had so much more depth to it and has tons more replay value to me. Resistance 2 is very forgettable. Bummer, I looked forward to this game for a long time. I do have to say the visuals were stunning at times but there was some screen tearing and chimeras getting stuck in walls. This article was very accurate. Rachet and Clank, RFoM, and MGS4 are the best and come the closest to utilizing the PS3′s potential.

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