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Avatar ImagePlaystation 3 is More Hardcore
By: | November 17th, 2008

Sony is the world’s most recognized electronics company. The company name is synonymous with reliability and value. When a consumer buys a Sony product they are not only buying that product, but they are buying the name, with confidence. From cameras to televisions, computers and consoles, the Sony name floods any electronics store. Since the release of the Playstation, Sony has pushed the envelope of the gaming world. Sony has lead gaming to grow from a childish form of entertainment to a mainstream hobby. Gamers today come from all age groups and backgrounds and there is no better console to appease them all than the Playstation 3.

Sony’s latest and greatest console was delivered to a very unhappy crowd, coming in at an unheard of high price and showing off a weak launch lineup.  The console has suffered an up hill battle since it’s launch and every month it proves it can complete the challenge, not just in sales but improvements. Sony’s dedication to the product is nothing less than spectacular. Even while losing money on every console sold, the team at SCE still pays a great deal of attention to its followers. This is evident most in the Playstation Network.

At launch, PSN was nothing more than a laughing stock of the gaming community. The laggy connections resulted in horrible gameplay and upset gamers. The Playstation Store took a great deal of time to load and the content was scarce and unattractive. The downloads would easily take hours. Though download speeds are still not lightning quick, they are much improved. This is back before there was even a weekly update. There could be months with out a real “update”, sure things would show up but nothing people would rush to see. Now everything Thursday, PS3 owners rush to see what has been brought to their finger tips. Online gaming is smooth and if issues do arise Sony quickly responds to weather the storm. Sony bringing the network to the level it has through all the hostility is nothing less than commendable. The Playstation Network along with the Playstation Store are excellent additions to the powerful console. What’s the best part of it? Sony has done it all at no additional fee, no monthly or annual memberships. A gamer can come create as many accounts as they have email accounts to enjoy. Playstation Network has proven that a great online experience cost nothing more than the time the player contributes to it.

Not only has the Playstation 3 established its place with gamers by fixing the store and correcting server issues. The Playstation 3 has some of the most anticipated updates of any console. At the slightest announcement of a firmware update, owners quickly check the stories posted across the web to see what they can expect. Firmware 2.5 was one of the most anticipated updates any console as seen. It game the gamer so many desired additions such has Trophy support, In-game XMB, and the ability for the developers to allow for personal music during gameplay. While most would claim this was something the Xbox 360 has had since launch, PS3 owners knew it wasn’t about how long you’ve had it as much as it was about how much it cost. Playstation 3 owners have proven that its not about paying for an experience to enjoy it. While Sony has struggled to keep up with its competition, its fans haven’t. Sony’s fanbase is what makes the console the ultimate gamers system. Through thick and thin, trials and tribulation, Sony fans will cherish their system. Very rarely will you encounter the ignorant adolescent online who just expanded his vocabulary by 15 explicit words. The majority of online experience on the Playstation 3 are mature fun.

The Playstation 3 isn’t a stronger hardcore system only because of its free, growing, mature, loyal online community. It’s also got a huge reliability factor. Never has any electronic suffered such mass failure and not been pulled from the shelves as the Xbox 360. The story owned headlines for months on end. Sony never suffered that fate. With a true dedication to console design and a firm desire to build a reliable system, Sony has confidently sold millions of consoles with 0 mass failure issues. While there have been the biased fan based articles stating the PS3 Blu-ray drive fails or the Yellow Light of Death, the truth remains that these cases are very rare. The PS3 is an extremely reliable system, even in some bad conditions.

Sony not only pushed for a great gaming experience but also a great media experience. The addition of the Blu-ray drive set people on both sides to the message boards to discuss. Some hated the expensive addition while others love the addition of a future media reader. No matter what side people were on, Sony delivered. The PS3 can confidently claim to be the main reason Blu-ray out survived HD-DVD. The formats were extremely similar, which simply made it recognition and availability. Both Blu-ray players and HD-DVD players where expensive at launch. Microsoft tried to pull for the HD-DVD side by selling an add on device but the built in Blu-ray player in the PS3 made it the wise choice for consumers. The PS3 was the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market and it was future proof due to internet updates.  Today Blu-ray continues to grow and is a great form of media deliverly clear 1080p video with lossless 7.1 audio.

No matter which console you root for, the truth is, Sony’s Playstation 3 is the most well rounded, reliable, future proof entertainment and gaming console out there. The price you pay at the store is all you need to pay to enjoy a great online gaming experience, crystal clear 1080p movies (whether upscaled dvds or Blu-rays), or any of the other features the Playstation 3 boast. With the help of a truly dedicated crew at Sony Computer Entertainment, Playstation 3 will continue to grow in its value for any level gamer.

  1. avatar John

    What hypocrisy from u yet AGAIN!! But no doubt tht PS3 is the #1 console on the market regardless of games or sales!! Bring on ’09 – KZ2 – InFamous – GOWIII is wht im waiting for in early ’09

  2. avatar mike

    can’t see through all that sugar :)

    but what the hell.. PS3 FTW!!! :)

  3. avatar thought this was a rant

    but you make some great points. being a Sony contributor and loyalist for years has kept me safe from the horrors of product malfunction and expensive online. No, seriously I won all 3 consoles and I used to be able to say that my 360 was king, but for the last 13 18 months or so, it has not even been powered on as my PS3 just has more to offer that interests. me.
    Great article, spell check would have been nice, but good job all the same.

  4. avatar Phoenix

    These points are perfectly true.
    I’m not speaking as a fanboy, nor am I biased, but the information in this article is completley correct and well put together.
    The PS3 will definatley grow to be much more powerful than its rivals.

  5. avatar The Prodejeff

    Good article and most of it I totally agrees with it. Sony knew what kind of risk they where taking by choosing the Cell, Blu-ray. Are they losing a lot of money … yes. But that is a risk they are willing to take. The technology is new and expensive to produce. That will all change during the coming years. I lot of money have been spend and the designers table, research and testing. Sony learned from there mistakes, does everyone remember the first Playstation 2´s who suffered from a bad laser reader, men I lost count how many ps2 a changed during that period. But the problem was quick fixed with the newer models. And as of to day the slime line ps2 are the best of them all. You will see the same evolution with the ps3. When Sony makes the console smaller, the price will go down.

    But all the risk will pay of in the long term when they will release the PS4, Sony and IBM will enhanced the Cell maybe we will see more Core´s, hopefully 32 Core´s. They will stick with the XDR memory, hopefully the console will get 1gig or 2 gig. Would be nice considering putting linux on the PS4. And nvidia will make a new RSX maybe with the name RSX Qaud Graphics. The developers know the code so they can adjust much better to the new console. Maybe we will see a knew Resistance (Resistance IV, Take The Fight At There Door Steps), Maybe if bungie losses all string with microsoft they will develop a new Halo for the PS4 but I believe Microsoft has the rights of Halo.

    But I´m confident that Sony will succeed.

    And I´m not such a fan boy I just appreciated the choses they made with the PS3.

    I want a XBox but I don´t have a lot of time to drive back to the store for that RROD. And the truth is Microsoft launch the console to early, everyone know´s that by now. I find that fuckup, if they only did more testing with the console and if they intergrated HD-DVD and a better way to remove/upgrade the hard drive. Then Sony really had problem.

  6. avatar Lol

    Wow, could you be a bigger fanboy?

    The PS3 is an excellent console, but so are the Xbox 360 and the Wii. The PS 1 and 2 both had issues, the PS2 issues caused a lawsuit to be filed before Sony took action, the PSP release had a massive problem with dead pixels. The PS3 also has reliability issues, although not as well published as the 360′s. Try doing an objective article if you want to be taken seriously.

  7. avatar harrykid32

    (ps3 has better graphics potential :) )

  8. avatar XBox360 Fanboy

    Your article did it…. I am converting.

  9. avatar Renai kakume

    @Lol (if that’s is your real name)
    They actually did it was called “Ps3 not for the hardcore”

    also they said how it had a hard time at launch as well as the blue ray drive being broken and the so called “Yellow light of death”

    How about you stop being a 360fanboy and start being a gamer

    oh and FYI yes i am a Sony Fanboy but unlike you i have facts to prove my arguments.

  10. avatar John Fredericks

    How much did Sony pay you to use their names in your article?

    • avatar Fyank

      in masons eyes he saw reoznv guiding him like a brotherin hudsons eyes he saw mason be reoznv. That means if reoznv is dead reoznv was still in masons mind and became his imaginary leader.

    • avatar Ehiby

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  11. avatar austucker

    ok Jhon Fredericks sorry but Sony isn’t like Microsoft and pay people off will loads of money to say nice things that are not correct about there console and if Sony pulled a first timer at least the info is true and not lies…………. BITCH GOT OWNED

  12. avatar Drew P. Weiner

    RROD isn’t even an issue now with the 360.

    And sorry but Sony fans can’t be making fun of anybody while they sit in third place. Once they pass the 360 in sales, then maybe start trash talking.

    It’s not even what Sony did wrong, it’s just how it goes. Yeah PS3 has free online, but 360 has Live and it tends to be a lot better (PSN people are so damn quiet.) Yeah it has blu-ray but people can buy those elsewhere for cheaper now. Yeah they have great single player games, but LBP wasn’t the hit everyone said it was going to be and some of their games have gone multiplatform.

    It’s not even that they took those risks, I think that was a good move on their part as a lot of the games look so damn pretty. It was the other things they did/didn’t do that cost them and it really was smaller things than the Cell etc.

    And to the one guy thinking the PS4 will advance on the technology again, I think otherwise. The way I see the console stuff next gen is downloadable games for the most part, similar graphics to what we have now (Wii better be a whole hell of a lot better though at least on par with the other consoles) and then the controls will be the selling point after the Wii had success with theirs. Sony already is working on motion capturing stuff so who knows.

  13. avatar Aaron Doll

    Both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages. For me PS3 lacks exclusives that I am interested in. I would much rather play Left 4 Dead split screen or online with friends than play any of the PS3 exclusives. And Gerry- way to create a controversial and biased article just to get some page views. It shows how much you really care about games :sarcasm:.

  14. avatar Dystopia

    @Drew P. Weiner
    RROD is still a problem no matter what anyone says, yes I know that you can get up to a 3 year warranty but that does not fix the problem. The best you are doing is buying time until your replacement 360 dies too. The PS3 to me overall is the better system because their First-Party Titles are second to none, I can always trust in them to make new original IP’s and also because it has a have a very VERY low failure rate. Anyway’s that’s my two cents also
    @Aaron Doll: Why would you want to play Left 4 Dead on an Xbox360 when we know that the PC version will be better?

  15. avatar Wii-fan

    I actually dont find this article biased at all. Im not a fan of the PS3 OR the 360, if anything i am a wii fanboy.
    As far as i can tell, everything in this article is NOT a person’s opinion – it is all facts. He simply stated all the things that the Playstation 3 has gone through over the past little while… Its not like he said “PS3 FTW X-box 360 FTL! lololololololol u ghey!” like all the other mentally retarded fanboys out there…

    Just saying. Reading the comments from the 360 fans in here is just disturbing. …To a point where i would consider not even EVER getting a 360. I will get both eventually, but so far i do agree with the playstation guys being more “mature” then you guys.

    Seriously… Grow the hell up. Anyway, off to Smash Bros!

  16. avatar Wii-fan

    Just wanted to also throw in that sales dont mean shit. The wii is definately the most fun of the systems – and not because it sold more.

    Obviously the cheaper system is going to sell more at first. They will all eventually end up in everybody’s house and your stupid biased fanboy bullshit will end.

    I’ll certainly be getting a PS3 first. All that even matters anymore is Heavy Rain. …Jesus christ that game looks amazing!

  17. avatar not-a-fanboy

    i agree with u!
    ps3 lacks of exclusive ur interested with?
    Killzone 2, littlebigplanet, socom, Final fantasy versus, god of war 3, motor storm II, white knight chronnicles, metal gear solid IV, granturismo 5..etc everyone knows it would take me a day to name all the good games here….all genres are here if ur not interested yet i dont know which games u want(probably gay games?)

  18. avatar Whoa

    Drew P Weiner:

    Wow. LBP not the hit it was meant to be? A metacritic score of 95 (!) and universal acclaim mean this game isn’t a hit? The sales data for a full month hasn’t even been released yet! The game sold almost 200k in the final week of October when in launched…in one week! You’re an idiot, and claiming RROD doesn’t exist anymore is preposterous considering I watched two of my friends 360s ring out in the past 2 weeks. What a douche.

  19. avatar Nimka

    I’m a PS3 owner. I live in some asian country where there are no retailers, no rentals. It’s really hard to own a PS3 here. Each game costs about $70-$100. And it’s getting really hard to keep buying new tittles. I’m getting broke.?Now I decided to buy xbox360 because it can be modded so I can buy pirated games for $1-$5 here. I’ll only buy PS3 games for 3 reasons?1:PS3 Exclusive?2:Real Hardcore Game that every single detail needs to be experienced.?3:Needs to be played online.?So money is the ONLY REASON I’m buying xbox 360 other than that FUCK YOU XBOX 360 I’m buying you because you’re fucking cheap. I’m still a proud owner of PS3. I’ll hold your fucking ugly fat controller in my hand just because I love games not you bitch. I’ll play the real games with my PS3.
    oh and I need to sell my Nintendo Wii in order to buy modded Xbox360. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family but we just don’t play anymore. All got bored. There are no seriuos titles for me to spend my time playing wii alone.

  20. avatar Psylock

    Oh, the fanboy thing again. lol. When will you guys ever learn? It’s not about the system or the exclusives or the price or anything. It’s about fun. I own a PS3 while my friends all own 360′s. It’s getting lonely out there. Except, the PS3 has gone up in quality and “down” in sales. Its only 400 now. Wasn’t that the original price of the 360? and it’s only one year old.
    I go to my friends houses all the time. And do you know what we do? We just go on to gears 2 and stuff and spam people and constantly make fun of those seven year olds who just turned and decided to spend their money on a 360 and promise to pay for the yearly membership. They won’t. The 360′s community bothers me. All they do is spam and exploit glitches (im talking about you, crabwalk.) when they can find them. I cant find a single interesting glitch on the good PS3 games.
    You guys still don’t understand that I would GLADLY have both consoles, I just wouldn’t pay for xbox live. When live first came out, most of us were like, “Pay money on my non-aquired and very expensive broadband internet connection? NO WAY!” Just because you pay money for something doesn’t make it better. It actually makes it worse. Oh, I just remembered. The NXE is almost out, huh? That means that it will be more family oriented. Have a merry christmas with the aforementioned annoying 7 year-olds that every gamer hates.
    You guys talk in the present-tense about the PS3 vs. the 360′s sales and don’t realize that the PS3 is just beggining, and the 360 is winding down, like an old man. Just trying to stay young again while the new kid on the block starts to grab attention. and the funny thing about it is, that the PS3 is almost identical to the original xbox in style. It has that amazing, black shine, it seems to pulse with life right when you turn it on (xbox memories be blessed), and above all, It has true fun. Not myspace fun, like the 360, where you just chat with people every five seconds and stall your game. And you just lose that high you get when you play an action game; that blissful, “don’t ever take me away from the dream-like bliss this game gives me” feeling that you would have cooped up in your room for 13 hours straight. Like the one i hope to have on Fable 2, but probably won’t because of my friends telling me about the ability to “dick around” with offline players. If that’s true, then community seems more like a problem than a blessing. All you really need is some good, clean competition, no crazy gibberish fights like counter-strike. God, I hate the community on C-S.
    To put all that simply, the 360 is “loud” (community-wise), has much more complications in its menu system than ps3, and the PS3 is already surpassing it. We already have the in-game XMB.

    So for all you 360 fanboys out there. Ask yourselves, “Do I defend this system because it’s more fun, or because I wanted fun and it was out and cheap when I wanted it most?”
    You can compare these systems like watches. If you walked into the store and you asked the clerk, “what good watches do you sell?” and he would tell you,
    “Well, there are the P-Watch 3 and the x-watch 360 (clever names), the XW360 has a fairly long life and works very well, many people have it. But there is the downside of it having a 33% chance to catch on fire and burn you, and then needs time to be replaced.” You would probably say,
    “Yeah, I don’t want to get burned and not be able to check the time for a while, what about the other one?”
    “Well, the PW3 has a longer battery life, looks better (outside, of course), has much more room to decorate with what you want inside, and has not had a major malfunction problem to date. Not to mention the fact it can play in digital and circular view.”
    I would pick the PW3. I don’t know about you fanboys, but believe all that rant or not, I’m not a fanboy. I just decided to save money and stress, not cash out when I have the money for the first thing on the market. If online community mattered as much as the 360 fanboys say it does, then why did anybody even buy a PS3 when it came out? I did. Got the 80 gig last year, and I’m getting my PSP3K very soon–(I love remote play, I’m always on the go!) Also, most of my friends have decided, after using my PS3, which I totally pimped out, to go out and sell their 360′s for PS3′s if they can’t get the cash for xmas. My point of that is, you can’t be a fanboy/girl if you don’t even try the other console. Beleive me, I’ve tried the 360, and the exclusives are the only things keeping me wanting one.
    Well, I hope you guys actually read this and think about what I had to say. My posts aren’t usually this long. It’s more like a big fanboy stress dump with a lot of heart in it. I’m going to stop writing this now. It’s been like a half an hour.

  21. avatar Psylock

    Lol, over one page.

    • avatar Kazuyoshi

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  22. avatar Lol

    @Renai kakume

    There were document problems with the PS1 (problems with the laser), PS2 (DRE and lawsuit), and PSP (dead pixels). There are problems with the PS3, and they are not as well published as the fable RROD for the 360. You are right, you are plainly a Sony fanboy as what I said there is fact.

    Are you talking about me saying the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii are all excellent consoles? You are right, that part is opinion. Funny thing, a fanboy telling someone to be a gamer.

    I do apologize to the author for the fanboy comment though, re-reading the article it seems a little too much to be completely serious. If it was serious, well then… :)

  23. avatar Adam

    @ Drew, yes they may be more quite, but I rather have quite than ignorant people on Xbox Live chanting racist slurs and kids screaming. I am a fan of both consoles and I think both offer the gamer a unique form of entertainment.

  24. avatar Name (Required)

    @ Wii-Fan

    The Wii has a great concept, I just wish it had more software to support the concept. I think that developer’s lack innovation for the Wii. We all know the system has great potential and I’m sure that Nintendo as great of a company they are will start asking developers to put time and money into building a great game. So far the only games I’ve truly enjoyed for the Wii are Smash Bros and Wario Ware

  25. avatar Wii-Fan

    Yup. Which is why im buying a PS3.

    As much as i love the Wii, it is definitely true that there hasn’t been much since smash bros came out. (That being said, Brawl is amazing.)
    Wii fit is un-interesting in my opinion… and that’s about it. Im looking at the PS3 simply for things like LittleBigPlanet and Heavy Rain. Things other than the non-stop shooter games released every day. Gears 2 may have chainsaws, Resistance 2 may have giant boss fights, Killzone 2 may have insano graphics, etc etc – but they are all just shooters.
    Gaming has taken a turn for the worst in my opinion. Im hoping maybe sony can change that…

    Then theres the whole “Avatar” system over on the 360 which – again – just totally turns me away. Seriously, if you can think of any way to be more un-original than that… Jesus.

    Whatever though. To each their own.

  26. avatar Ghettobox

    ill pass on the ghetto box, had 2 when they came out, was fun for a bit till they ate some games (scratchs that you cant fix) and rrod. Then the ps3 came out and well now i have 4 ps3 lol.

    You see the people who buy the ghetto box, lol. Im good, thanks though haha.

  27. avatar Dion

    This is much more better than the opposing article. You listed multiple points, not just about the online. Great article!

    • avatar Sandy

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  28. avatar Bill g.

    When it comes to value you can always count on sony. Sure right now it seems expensive to other consoles, but in these times you get what you pay for. Im a sony loyalist and will admit that sony got off track in the beginning with their marketing, maybe we can blame harrison for that, who knows. As for developers too bad theres only a select few in the industry who take the time and resources to push the hardware on the ps3 showing its untapped potential (INSOMIAC, KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, GUERILLA). Really does every developer on xbox use the Unreal engine? seems like xbox developers are just pumping out content for the sake of putting it out, like a parent putting a bib in their infants month to stop whinning. One developer to look for in the future is Id software they always put a good gamming engine out.

    • avatar Ami

      Get xbox dude! Legit its bteter. It has bteter games, bteter online, and a TON of more people have xbox then ps3. The disadvantages about xbox is that you have to pay for the internet. but its $ 50 a year which isnt even bad and its worth it. The ps3 has bteter graphics than the xbox but really not by much. it has a blue ray player, but not a lot of people have it. It really depends on what your friends have. If most your friends have xbox get xbox and if they have ps3 get ps3. But overall i’d say xbox is bteter.And yea it has a lot of more games and more games that are fun than ps3

  29. avatar ps3 blows

    u no its tru

  30. avatar Wes

    Good article even if i say so myself. Just one little flaw though. No one dares to mention Sony saying that the PS3 is a recomended multi media device and secondary gaming. That explains the lack of games. and the difficulty it is to design on the PS3 aswel(That explains why MGS 4 took so long to create). And numberous articles on the internet say that blue ray beter pick up soon or all Hollywood compies will close the doors on it. Facts go read it up boys.

    And as for the lies that MS give what about the lies Sony gave “4D graphics” whats up with that, thats like saying i have a baggilion bagillion dollars.

    X360 aint so bad you guys just hate it because its a Microsoft brand and your Windows OEM probably never ran smooth enough for you. This is business. Most game designers see the high demand of a certain “Sony exclusive title” and take it multi format (or the gamers) and you all go postal. You guys talk about being gamers act like it then.

    As for the RROD that was a fuck up which effected MS badly . BUT yest BUTMS admitted it themselves they are still in the learning curve of this new direction of business and will attemp to fix it ASAP. Dont expect this to happen to the next Xbox version. I recall my PS1 had laser issues aswel as my PS2 back in the day. You guys act like this is the first console in history to have faulty hardware. Get a grip and get your facts straight both are eqaully great just depends what team you scream for at the end of the day

  31. avatar markettantrik

    “Sony has confidently sold millions of consoles with 0 mass failure issues”

    Factual Error. The PS3 has suffered several Spin-of-Death (SOD) issues with its Blu Ray laser, across all models released in the first 18 months. While it may not be as high as the 30%+ RRoD hit rate, in some website and forum polls, the failure rate has been as high as 7-8% of purchased consoles.

    Certainly not a ‘ZERO’ statistic.

  32. avatar jabonggey

    IM THE PLAYSTATION’S PRODIGAL SON!!! im sorry sony. IM BACK!!! and im loving it!!!! haha.

    • avatar Tiguas

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    • avatar Camii

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  33. avatar Mastershredder

    I have a ps3 and yeah I prefer it over my other consoles/devices, but that is the thing right there. A console itself does not determine hardcore, it is the user. Any of the hardcore gamers I have known in my 3 decades of gaming, game on/own more than one console or other videogame capable device. This crap of “I am a hardcore gamer because I own a ps3, or an xbox and play its exclusive content is just retarted.

  34. avatar dave

    Well what can i say..If you want better looking games as well as better game play in thoses games, then get the XBOX 360. Also, I would like to say that, Blue-ray won`t be around for long really..$97 million in damages and interest, mmmmm blue-ray cost more than sony thought lol…And a NEW Disc is getting sorted that hold well more than Blue-ray, yet Cheaper..?? PS3 has lowest console attach rate, as well as in japan the xbox 360 is doing better….that alone says it all really. And before people say xbox lover..I owned both…and sold PS3 as it wasn`t all that…..and on the 19/11/08, the New XBOX 360 Update, will now hold games on the HD…So no more loud disc drive noise. ?? Also, there is more games for mixed ages….Kids and Adults have a good choice on XBOX 360, Unlike the PS3….

  35. avatar Kevin

    To comments:
    Please don’t even try and compare 360′s hardware issues to PS3′s LOL…

  36. avatar Steve

    “as well as in japan the xbox 360 is doing better….that alone says it all really.”

    It did better by little for a month LOL….

    Then one week the PS3 made up those lost..haha

    Also all your point are pretty much pointless and false.

    A new disc that will hold more then bluray? LOL I’m sure it’s out there but will never get released anytime soon.

  37. avatar dave

    All of what i said isn`t false..
    Xbox has more games. Better rated games..Sold in millions per game ( PS3 & XBOX 360 ONLY ) XBOX 360 has more than PS3…

    PS3 does have lowest console attach rate…( Compared to all consoles )….Xbox 360 nearly selling more than the XBOX itself..( Time scaled also )
    Xbox 360 sold more than PS3 consoles. Nearly 2 to 1 rates..
    PS3 backwards compatibility went out the window after the 60 GB stopped selling, then replaced them with the CHEAPER PS3 consoles….XBOX 360 has always got better consoles released, unlike the PS3…99% of games on XBOX 360 run faster than PS3 in framerate, Plus look better all over really…

    Yes the XBOX 360 was noisy, but after this update ( 19/11/08 ) The games will run on HD, so that noise will be cut right down..Plus you can change the XBOX 360 Skins to make them different (,205.htm ) Even make your own ones…PS3 looks like a George Foreman Grill…( )

    Thats many reasons why i sold the PS3,..

  38. avatar Felix

    “If you want better looking games as well as better game play in thoses games, then get the XBOX 360″ <— LMAO
    Better looking games on the Xbox? haha. What a joke!!! Firstly, the PS3′s hardware is way superior than the Xbox. Secondly, it may be difficult to develop games for the ps3 but developers are getting the hang of it now, look at the PS3 exclusive games, like Uncharted, Resistance 2, and the best of all KILLZONE 2 and MGS4, man! graphics in those games are just awesome. I bet the Xbox can support none of those games. Thirdly, some multi-platform games looks better on the xbox than the ps3 is because the developers developed the game first on the Xbox and then those lazy developers just port it over to the PS3, so PS3 owners have to live with it because of your ridiculously inferior hardware Xbox. Lastly, give the PS3 few more years to truly show its potential, by that time, MS would have already abandonned support for the 360 and released a new console.

    “as well as in japan the xbox 360 is doing better….that alone says it all really”, omg dude that was like only a month and thats because they released an exclusive rpg games, and like what Steve said, PS3 made up that lost right away. My god, if you wanna state something, just f***ing get your facts right, or dont just base your facts on just 1 particular period, MAN!!!

    “and on the 19/11/08, the New XBOX 360 Update, will now hold games on the HD…So no more loud disc drive noise”, with Xbox’s limited HDD space and very very expensive upgrade to a larger HDD, lets see how many games can you actually store in that tiny little HDD of your Xbox.

    “there is more games for mixed ages….Kids and Adults have a good choice on XBOX 360, Unlike the PS3…”, are you kidding me? are you saying that the PS3 don’t have any games for kids or younger adults? What about the Eyetoy? Have you seen what they are planning on doing with the Eyetoy? I think its something called the Eyepet. I bet you don’t know that. Besides that, how about games like BUZZ, Singstar, …….. You clearly have limited knowledge of the PS3, so please don’t come here and talk trash about the PS3 if you dont even know anything about it.
    Lastly, all the major studios in Hollywood have already picked up Blu-ray as their next-gen movie provider, its gonna cost them a fortune for them to actually change to another format again. So rest assured, Blu-ray is gonna be around for quite some time.

    Ps: ITS BLU-RAY NOT BLUE-RAY, you retard!

  39. avatar Felix

    i would like to take back the word “retard” as stated in my previous comment. I realise it was too harsh

  40. avatar Dave

    Well,,as i said, i did have PS3, there are not a lot of mixed games for this compared to Xbox 360, More kids titles on XBOX 360 than PS3, So XBOX 360 is more all round console really, With loads more games and that is fact !… 120 GB HD is all good for storing games ect,,,More than PS3 has, Fact !!..

    ( PS3’s hardware is way superior than the Xbox ) Yes, But that don`t help that games do run better and play better, as well as look better on the XBOX 360, Fact !!!… And don`t forget, that PS3 has abandoned support already to the PS2, JUST to save money, JUST so they can drop the price of the PS3 Fact !!!!…PS3 has lowest console attach rate Fact !!!! … XBOX 360 sold more than PS3 consoles. Nearly 2 to 1 rates..Fact !!!!! …. PS3 backwards compatibility went out the window after the 60 GB stopped selling, then replaced them with the CHEAPER PS3 consoles….XBOX 360 has always got upgraded consoles released, unlike the PS3, Fact !!!!!!…. ALSO about the BLU-RAY, I have placed the link, which i shall do so again on here, showing RDM’s format is scheduled to become publicly available by the beginning of 2009.Fact !!!!!!…

    ((( )))

    ( so please don’t come here and talk trash about the PS3 if you don’t even know anything about it ).. I think i have just shed some light on knowing something about these consoles. I have owned both consoles, and for games, and gameplay, in which the XBOX 360 wins hands down .. For looks and Skin changes the XBOX 360 wins hands down also…

    And as for games that look good, what about, (( Braid / Gears of War 2 / Fable 2 / )) All great games..

  41. avatar dave

    when will they learn…

    Sony Fined $18.5 Million In Patent Infringement Case……Blu-Ray next i

  42. avatar Psylock

    Lol, Dave. …FACT!! Let me re-organize that for you:

    1. 360 has mixed games. So kids and adults can play at the same time. Any 360-using adult knows that if they are playing a game, they want mature individuals to compete against. Not some whiny little eight-year-old who complains that the game cheats b/c he sucks and swears all the time on live.

    2. You can get a 120 gig HDD for the 360. While I bought a 1 trilobyte HDD for my PS3. And it wasn’t even that expensive. (1 Trilobyte=1,000 Gigs)

    3. PS3′s hardware is superior. Yes, it does help the games run better, but not when poorly ported. The PS3 has a different type of RAM and Processor than the 360, and uses the data in a different way. Unforunately, dev’s are used to the 360 and LOVE to code for it b/c everyone knows how to at this point. The PS3 is harder to code b/c it’s newer. If two teams were dedicated to making a version for the PS3 and the 360 in order to maximize what they can put out, the PS3 would win, hands down.

    4. The PS3 has not abandoned the PS2, and they are still making games for it. But they are not as dedicated to it b/c they want some good ads for Christmas. They’ve got to make some money, man. They still do conferences about the PS2, it’s not forgotten. Besides, how would they make good games for the PSP without the PS2 (GOW: COO). Sony hasn’t given up, it’s more like a power reroute. How often does microsoft talk about xbox original sales? They stopped selling it.

    5. People have less game for the PS3. DUH! It costs more for the system and they have much fewer games as of now. The Wii is beating them, but the Wii is only winning because everyone loves it. The PS3 is on its slow decline, be assured, the 360 will fall. Your NXE? It will just promote more whiny kids to play, forcing you to leave your precious COD (and therefore system) b/c you can’t get the horrendous sound of Alvin and the Chipmunks screaming, “How you like me now, Bitch?!” Into your delicate ears.

    6. The 360 has sold over double the games as PS3. Didn’t the 360 come out like two-and-a-half years ago? While the PS3 just had its birthday like yesterday, and it’s already halfway there… Looks good on your end.

    7. Sony stopped the backwards compatibility thing. That sucks. Well, it can emulate PS1 classics, and the PSP has all the good titles “ported over” into it (GOW: COO). Oh, and those who wanted backwards compatibility, either got a 60 gig (like me), or simply bought a PS2 slim! It’s not that hard to do… oh, and cheaper consoles? A 120 gig hard drive becoming the standard for the same price is worse to you? Nice math, buddy. It’s not like we have to go buy a special hard drive, like yours. And we can also put in ANY HDD we pretty much want. While you need your microsoft-certified version. Ours is cheaper, too. You guys got the good deal, I guess. All us PS3 owners must be bad at math.

    8. The PS3 HAS upgraded consoles being released. What were you reading? That’s what the 60 gig WAS. Now we get even better upgrades than you as the standard system and don’t have to price it out and call it “elite” like yours. You’re just pissed because MS is just being a money-whore, making you pay extra for everything that comes with us for less.

    9. Blu-ray will survive. Just like all your 360 cd’s. It won’t really affect us, because it will be harder for you to switch, because microsoft it already trying to switch to blu-ray. It’s hard to change an action while doing it, while the PS3 has already finished blu-ray integration and would beat MS in integrating the new one. If they weren’t desperate for a better cd, they wouldn’t have tried to switch. And just because the public can get them doesn’t mean the systems will immediately run for them. It just means that PS3 will have a head start. That’s all.

    10. I have many friends with the consoles. They are sick and tired of the kids on the community and are fearing for their gaming lives when the thing becomes MORE kid-friendly. For all you kids that play mature games, do something actually mature; rather than swear with those new words you just learned, go suck a dick, no one on xlive likes you.

    To wrap this up, don’t diss the PS3, it’s a great system that is just starting out, while the 360 is already in teendom and trying to cope with the changes. Like a skinny 18-year-old in a world of fat children. Like ours.

    The PS3 will compete with the 360, and its exclusives will grow in numbers. Developers will finally crack the code to programming with it, leaving the 360′s hardware in the dust. And to put this down, when both consoles are in HD mode, the PS3 will win, because it doesn’t have to work as hard, when programmed correctly.

    Fanboys should finally come together and fight in a field where the 360 will have young teens smoking some doobies while their army of infants discover new ways to say “fuck you”. While the PS3′s smaller army will sit there with their wads of money and near-adult special-ops teams who have gone to the gun store b/c they are ACTUALLY old enough to do something. The fight will rage for like an hour while all the kids will scrape their knees and run home through the piles of deceased pre-teens, while the glorious, loyal spartan army that is the PS3 fanMAN base will gather those wretched albino rectangles and set them ablaze one and for all. Or they could just plug them in and start playing, and wait like an hour. Same effect.

    And we will stand above the bloody, fiery gorge, and we will let out a cry like none have ever heard before, making those who hear flee in terror and those who are allied feel a triumphant, glorious pride flow through their veins and all will cry, “WE ARE ONE, WE ARE ALL!”

  43. avatar Psylock

    Man, those rants send a warmth through my veins as if I was just injected with pure happiness.

  44. avatar Dystopia

    anything you say is your opinion and you are entitled to that but when you say things like that I want to see real links to all the “FACTS” that you have listed. I really want to see it written by someone else other than you that states that all the stuff you have listed are “FACTS”
    Also are you freaking kidding me of course the 360 is outselling the PS3 it came out 1 year ahead of it’s competitors. Also the 360 is not fully backward compatible either so be quiet about the whole BC argument. Also nobody really cares about how their console looks so don’t be an idiot and post stuff like that. And as for games you should get your facts straight the PS3 has a more diverse lineup of exclusive than the 360 let me just name a few of them
    Ratchet & Clank: Future ToD (Platformer), Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge(Racing), LittleBigPlanet(Platformer), White Knight Chronicles(RPG) (I know it’s not out here in America yet it is still a PS3 exclusive.), inFamous, Resistance 2(Shooter), Killzone 2(Shooter), God of War 3(Action/Adventure), Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune(Action/Adventure), Valkyria Chronicles(RPG), Team Ico Project, Super StarDust HD(PSN), Echocrome(PSN), wipEout(PSN), and Heavy Rain.
    let’s look at the 360′s:
    Gears of War 1 & 2 (Shooter)
    Halo 3 (Shooter)
    Fable 2 (Action/RPG)
    Mass Effect (RPG)
    Braid (Platformer) (XBLA)
    So please don’t come in here trying to preach other people that the PS3 sucks and what not. Also you clearly do not know anything about the PS3 no matter what you say. You are just following the I don’t like the PS3 crowd for *insert reason here*. It’s okay but I hope you enjoy limiting yourself to one console. Also don’t list that Sony is only keeping the PS2 around to make money to recoup for PS3 losses is fact I would like to see a link to that not something that you said.
    Also I wanted to list some facts too
    FACT: the 360 still suffers from failure rates. (A warranty does not fix the problem it just replaces your console until that one breaks if your lucky enough it won’t)
    FACT: the NXE interface is clearly a more MS version of the XMB
    FACT: Avatars are basically Mii’s
    FACT: The Xbox 360 only outsold the PS3 for a few weeks due to Tales of Vesperia coming out. And also how is it doing now? Is it still outselling the PS3?
    FACT: MS charges you for more accessories for your X360. $100 for a WiFi Adapter WTF? Live Gold Membership $50? (Why would you want to pay to play online no matter how good a service is.) $149.99 for a 120 GB HDD you can get 160 GB HDD for your PS3 for as low as $99

  45. avatar Psylock

    Don’t worry, when they go off and face real life, they’ll understand that the PS3 is for ACTUAL gamers, not those kids who play for communities and whatnot. Just wait until they have to pay for broadband (about $60 a month) plus the xlive, then there’s the kids like them who suck at games and got a 360 b/c it was “less expensive”, lol. For the 360 to be at par you would need an extra $400, and tools to mod the system to allow bluetooth and blu-ray. Plus, there’s the annual fee, and the gas. Oh, the gas. The reason they’re 360 fanboys is because they don’t have to rely on their own income yet. Suck it, children.

  46. avatar Felix

    Well said Psylock and Dystopia.
    as you said that Xbox are more kids friendly, no wonder the Xbox live has so many kids playing it, hearing their squeaky voice talking trash, no wonder you have gotten all retarted. AND this time i mean it, retarted! I would love to add more FACTS, but it has been well covered by my fellow PS3 users.
    But anyway, since when the Sony has abandoned support for the PS2? PS2 consoles are still selling impressively because there are still new games to buy and how is that abandonned? What bout the original Xbox, what happened to it? Oh right, they stopped selling games, MS has already abandonned it, and MS realeased much later than the PS2. If this trend continues, MS will abandonned 100% support for the 360 when it releases its new console. Ouch, that gotta hurt.
    I bet you’ve seen some of the graphics comparison between the Xbox 360 and the Ps3 from gamespot. Man, that freaking website is totally bias because it seems that MS has paid them off. With PS3 games having lower scores, for example, fallout 3 and some other PS3 games not getting the score they deserved.

  47. avatar Felix

    Sorry for my spelling mistake, its Retard.

  48. avatar Adam

    Hey Felix. Sony does have better looking games over all. The ones that developers actually took time to develop.

    Now, to all that have been reading my unbiased posts. I will tell you the truth right now. I’m a Xbox 360 fan boy yes. I own a PS3 yes. I prefer to mostly play my Xbox 360 because of the huge library of games and exclusives. Just as with PS1 and PS2 days, the reason the Playstation was my console of choice was because of it’s amazing exclusives.

    Now to Dave that says games look better. Overall yes.

    The PS3 does have games that will never look as good on the 360, such as Drakes Fortune, I know a game on the 360 won’t look as good. Why? there just isn’t enough processors to make the game look as good on the system.

    Overall the 360 games look very nice. Technically speaking the games look a lot darker on the 360, like CoD3 and 4. The frame rate is a bit better on the 360, as proven by experts.

    Now the PS3 system is not to blame for the frame rate and some graphical faults. It’s the developer not investing enough time and money to building a true PS3 game. Developers like Kojima Productions, Naughty Dogg and Guriella if i spelled that right, did take time to make a great looking game.

    I think that Sony needs to and will push the developers to create great looking games on their system. Sony must let the developer know that this is business and that Sony is trying to get into millions of more house holds than it already has.

    When it comes down to it. Sony technically has a better console when it comes to specs, but they are not used for what potential they have.

    Now Microsoft does have a great console that is easy to develop for and has a great Online system, but the RROD issues and Disc Scratching issues will cost the company money as they are as well as some future buyers. Why should a customer buy a product from a company that has shown a higher failure rate.

    So in conclusion both companies have some challenges to over come. In the end I think we can all agree that it comes down to the games.

  49. avatar Adam

    @ Dystopia

    It’s all worth my friend when you have great games.

    Such as MGS4, made me buy the expensive PS3 system. What a game can do for you huh?

    MGS4 is the BEST game I’ve ever played. I’ve never played such game that had me emotionally engaged.

  50. avatar Felix

    Yes i agree Adam, that not all PS3 games are better looking than the Xbox games, which i stated earlier that it is because the developers did a poor job on porting over the games. This is why Sony is now constantly trying to provide tools for developers to make game development on the PS3 easier. Sooner or later, more and more developers are going to get the hang on it, and will eventually make PS3 the lead platform when developing multiplatform games. As Sony states that, by having the PS3 as the lead platform, it will also make Xbox games look better when they port it over to it. So its a win-win situation. For now, it is no doubt PS3 is superior in terms on Specs and for Media experience. As for games, i would say in a year or two, PS3 will be the superior one. The problem with some of Xbox exclusive games is that, some of it will eventually end up on PC, eg Mass Effect, Gears of War and a few others. Whereas, currently all PS3 exclusives are really only for the PS3. The only game on the Xbox that i acknowledge and thought is a great game is the Gears of War franchise. Other than that, i definitely love other PS3 exclusives.

    • avatar Open

      Thanks for helping me to see things in a direnfeft light.

    • avatar Bebe

      actually playstation eyoety has been doing controller-free gaming since it released in ps2. kinect isn’t new. Sony just realized that controller-free gaming is a joke, so they went back to using controllers. Which is why move has a lot better choice of games than kinect.enjoy dancing on your kinect

  51. avatar Paul

    So in a long shot, XBOX 360 games are better, all round better, until PS3 sort its developers out.? In about 2-3 years ? So really dave was right about this.

  52. avatar Dave

    WFT @Felix ( Sorry for my spelling mistake, its Retard )

    You chat about childish remarks, yet you do so yourself.

    Anyway. Games do look and play better on XBOX 360..I have owned both. to see this.

  53. avatar Felix

    yes calling you a retard is just being childish. However, it is your own opinion that you think the Xbox games looks better than the PS3, and you said that you owned both to see this. But i am sure when you owned the PS3 it was when it was just released or played games on the PS3 that are poorly ported. Have you actually seen the latest games on the PS3, like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and so many more. Maybe you should take alook at those games and come back and talk about it again.

  54. avatar Psylock

    R2 and LBP = WIN

  55. avatar Dave

    your right in a way. The games you placed on here are very good…I have played Resistance 2…. 9/10 score from me..very good game. I also have Gears Of War 2…9/10 score also from me..

    Size of game,,,PS3 and xbox about the same…
    Confusion in game ,,,PS3 Wins…
    Story line in game ,,,Xbox wins..

    im not going to go on about pros n cons, i have had both games, and ( GOW 2 wins ) also, more updates for this game ect, helped me to vote this way..As well as the story line in game.
    I sold PS3 60GB after playing game, after hoping it would have been better…but there ya go..

    Now, as for poorly ported games from the xbox 360 to PS3, why not ask yourselves this…Why haven`t the games been made to be ported over to XBOX 360, from the PS3,,if the PS3 is so powerful….?

    ( please don`t put because its new tech and no-one knows how to use it yet )…That will be just lame, as Im sure, developers that help make the PS3, knew what game development tools were needed for this console…

    Also, where i put about being a mixed console, i said that XBOX 360 has more mixed games than PS3, all round better game choice, for kids and adults…..Reason i said this is simple….i have kids, that want more than 5 games to play…NOT to be online, But just to play games. That does not make me a Retard FFS ! Its getting the best of both worlds,,IE ( had PS3 and Xbox 360, Lame games for kids compared to Xbox 360, Sold PS3 after finding this out, Stayed with Xbox 360 as better family console all round..) NOT xbox or playstation lover, as my pc makes them both looks shiiity..

  56. avatar Dave

    Before anyone says about the pcs, heres spec.

    Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core QX9770 running 3.23GHz 12MB,
    BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 OC 1GB SLI ( Running two cards )

    Pc cost over £ 2000.00 to build. So im not cutting costs by having the xbox 360..Just thought i`ll get that in..

  57. avatar Psylock


    Way to try to “stop” us from stating the truth. The PS3 has better, and more complicated tech in it than the 360. It’s not me being a 360 hater, it’s just me pointing out that devs HAVEN’T mastered using the PS3′s tech with games.

    I mean, come on, “Why haven`t the games been made to be ported over to XBOX 360, from the PS3,,if the PS3 is so powerful….?”. Are you kidding me?

    Here’s how it usually works, The devs have just finished building an entire game for the 360 (because they can’t just fill a blu-ray and tranfer it to DVD) and say, “Hey, let’s make some more money. Let’s just copy and paste this code… and put it on the PS3′s disk. All we have to do is change were some of the data goes… and PRESTO! Instant +money and -qaulity.”

    I will tell you why this doesn’t work. It’s pretty simple, actually. The GPU on the 360 is better than the RSX on the PS3, but the PS3 has more power altogether because the cell processor on the PS3 can boost the power of the RSX, allowing for better quality images. The only problem is, the devs don’t port it with that in mind. They just ship it as is leaving the PS3 looking weak, even though it merely just has its entire torso tied behind its back (lol).

    So the PS3 wins in graphics, but the devs making it suck. For more information, check this ps3 vs 360 article, it’s totally biased, and a LOT out of date (It still says that bioshock is a 360 exclusive and is unaware of trophies).

    But the article says that PS3 easily wins in multimedia and system loudness, backwards compat. for the PS1 (not to mention that you can play them on the PSP, too), and has the potential for better graphics, the potential is just not used. Read the “Other Considerations” section for a ton of things that PS3 has that the 360 doesn’t.

    His article put simply, the PS3 is now almost completely even with the 360, and shifting towards the PS3. –And that was months ago. Haze wasn’t even out then.

    P.S. – For all you guys that talk about exclusives for the 360, almost none of them are exclusives! They just aren’t on the PS3! Hell, I could get most of your games for my PC. And one of your best games, Bioshock, is now on the PS3, and better, says quite a few reviews. So the only exclusives that really count are the PS3′s ones. Because sooner or later, microsoft will want more money. And with that, you won’t have exclusives any more. While the PS3′s games are way too hard for almost anyone’s PC to run, pretty much getting rid of the option for PC porting.

    I am totally getting Bioshock for christmas on my PS3.

  58. avatar Psylock

    Oh, yeah. It also says that the XMB on the PS3 is better than the Razor Menu on the 360. It was also unaware of the in-game XMB, one of the most important features of the PS3 as of late.

  59. avatar Felix

    “Why haven`t the games been made to be ported over to XBOX 360, from the PS3,,if the PS3 is so powerful….?”, didnt you read my earlier comment, i said that the Developers are slowly changing the trend to develop on the PS3 first, as Psylock said, its much more difficult to develop games on the PS3, and developers are mastering it now. The reason why Xbox games are easy to develop is because they are the same as developing for the PC. In order to port it over to the PS3, developers need more resources such as money and hiring people who are familiar with the PS3. As most developers are either lazy or do have have the resources, those games that are ported over are poorly made. However, since the PS3 is already in its second year and its starting to build up a strong installment base, developers who once hated developing games, are starting to think otherwise. So soon most PS3 will be the lead platform for most games.
    No doubt, Xbox’s games library is more than the PS3 since it was released one year ealier than the PS3, but the PS3 is starting to gain momentum now, and soon more games will flood in to the PS3. Maybe you sold your PS3 a little too soon.

  60. avatar Psylock

    Yeah, especially if it was an 80 gig.

  61. avatar Felix

    the 60GB PS3 is basically the best in terms of it being fully backward compatibility and with 4 USB ports. Its no longer in production but some people still wants it.

  62. avatar Dave

    Felix, Its good to talk without insults, cool..

    (( Maybe you sold your PS3 a little too soon )) You may be right. Yet at this moment at time, (( some-one has to agree )) the XBOX 360 is the better games consoles, for mixed gamers, Graphics, add-on`s, FPS, ect……..Until the PS3 does catch up with its own power, and makes games like they said they would 2 years ago, why own one now. Unless you wanted a BLU-Ray player..??

    Now if some-one can explain to me something about the Graphics cards..The XBOX 360 has a more Powerful / Better / G-Card….If you look at it the same way as the PC, no matter what processor you have, you either have a card better than the other, and unless you buy a better one to better the other in power ect, it says the same,,,,,so how can a processor make a card more powerful….?

  63. avatar Dave

    and unless you buy a better one to better the other in power ect, it STAYS the same,,,,,so how can a processor make a card more powerful….? ((( Made mistake ))

  64. avatar Psylock

    I didn’t design the system, I just know that the processor just add extra oomph to the graphics card. Mainly because the graphics card is just a processor, for graphics. All they do is re-route that extra power and combine to be better than the 360′s card.

  65. avatar Dave

    That sounds a bit, if-e, to me .I don`t think a processor, CPU can make a GPU better.?

    • avatar Cassimo

      i tried the workaround and it still didn’t work.Modern Warfare 3 wkored but skyrim, and black ops didn’t work.I have a flashed xbox 360 drive Ben Q Lite On LT+2.0

    • avatar Lucas

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  66. avatar Dave

    Just to point this out also…The PS3 hasn`t got better graphics than Xbox 360…

    This is a sticky subject for a lot of fanboys. A very common argument in most flame wars is that the Playstation 3 simply “has better graphics”. I’m not sure where that argument came from; Sony obviously did a good job of marketing the system. However, the argument is entirely false.

    The Xenos GPU on the XBOX 360 is superior to the RSX on the PS3. This is one thing that didn’t change in the past year.

    Xenos simply has more power – higher fillrate, higher pixel processing power, higher vertex processing power, and better memory architecture. If you look at multiplatform games and contrast the graphics on the two consoles, XBOX 360 almost always leads. Whether they use a higher resolution or higher quality antialiasing, games often look better and/or play smoother on the 360. We looked at a handful of multiplatform games a while back, and this was always the case.

    Again, we have to consider that Cell has the potential to help with graphics on the Playstation 3. As developers become more familiar with the platform, they are going to come up with new tricks to help games run smoother, and allow them to look better. However, one year after its introduction we aren’t seeing huge leaps (or even baby steps) towards this, except on a couple exclusive titles.

    Now what i would like to point out,, maybe,,just maybe when the PS3 finds (( new tricks to help games run smoother, and allow them to look better. )) …The Xbox 360 will do the same… SO what makes me say this you ask….The GPU in XBOX 360 is better than PS3`s,..So for graphics MS wins. ?

    Or am i wrong about the GPU in the two consoles…Info taken from same Link given from Psylock.
    (( ))

  67. avatar Dave


    FACT: The Xbox 360 only outsold the PS3 for a few weeks due to Tales of Vesperia coming out. And also how is it doing now? Is it still outselling the PS3?

    Erm yes…lol, both in the UK and across the continent.Also in traditional Sony stronghold areas.

  68. avatar That Guy

    You guys are forgetting one very important detail, the fact that the 360 still uses DVDs for games. They only hold 8.5GB of data, wheras Bluray can hold almost 50GB! Game developers started filling up DVDs to capacity towards the end of the LAST generation, meaning the 360 already has to be facing space limitations as far as games go. And then what? multi-disc games? I think not. More than likely M$ will just make a new console and use Bluray. Heck, they probably would already have the 720 out by now if they werent spending all of their time fixing the RROD!

  69. avatar Dave

    Why are XBOX 360`s Made without Blu-Ray…mmmm…I thought the future idea is downloadable content /?,

    Thats what MS are aiming for, so really Disc space doesn`t matter…,
    Look at it this way, ((( Buy main game on Disc,,then download more content onto HD))) Built in HD or,,and i say OR ex-HD.

    You can download games / films / add-ons, ect,, right now, on XBOX Live,?? So it must be working..

  70. avatar Psylock

    Yeah, except you guys have the tiny hard-drives. And dvd’s. lol we get like quadruple the space on our hard-drives, and like… i think 10 times more cd space? Dvd= like 5 gigs or more, and Blu-ray is 50 gigs. Seems pretty close. Oh, and don’t forget that not all countries have the same DLC, and some people don’t even have the internet. So, I guess the future of DLC will have to wait until the internet is acutally everywhere, and better.

  71. avatar Blu-ray ninja

    Pioneer recently made a 20 layer 500 GB Blu-ray Disc and say that mass production will be feasible between 2010-2012. Although this is after the early 2009 release of this new 100 GB format that Adam mentioned, that much disc space will not be required until that time anyway. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  72. avatar Psylock

    Damn, I wonder how it could have beaten the hd-dvd? lol

  73. avatar From PlayStation blog

    Thank you Jeff Rubenstein :)

  74. avatar Dave

    But still not answered the Questions, lol.

    We don`t want to hear about in years to come,,how about now and the VERY near future..? Try going back on this thread to (( Dave: November 22, 2008 at 5:08 am ))

  75. avatar Dave


    (((Yeah, except you guys have the tiny hard-drives. And dvd’s. lol we get like quadruple the space on our hard-drives, and like… i think 10 times more cd space? Dvd= like 5 gigs or more, and Blu-ray is 50 gigs. )))

    Erm and im told i know nothing, lol…..Our HD are bigger than PS3 as standard,,,Biggest HD on PS3 is 80GB, XBOX 360 120GB…Yes you can upgrade your HD`s, true, yet XBOX 360 has 3 USB`s so we can use EX-HD`s so we to can have more space, without touching the XBOX 360 to do so.Unlike the PS3..

    Also the Disc space isn`t 5GB on XBOX 360 Its 8.5GB, that can have more data on this compressed, so were you say 10 times, thats crap really…But each to their own…

  76. avatar joe hax

    Actually, dave, they started shipping 160GB PS3′s last month.
    And the whole USB thing? As if USB ports were actually a big concern, if you don’t have enough ports get a USB hub.
    On top of that I’ve been hearing lots of buzz about this new NXE thing RROD’ing a ton of systems. But, then again, what would you expect from a cheaply made console? They look like the Wii guys. But Microsoft is saying Nintendo stole their idea. I imagine we’ll be seeing a lawsuit between the two over this.

    I can’t wait to compare your silly NXE avatars to PlayStation Home.

    It’s funny that Dave is saying MS is aiming at DLC when 360′s have nil hard drive space to store such DLC on, and you have to shell out extra cash just for a proprietary hard drive– instead of going anywhere and getting a 2.5″ SATA hard drive like you can with ps3.

    I suppose MS was aiming at the ghetto market when they released Arcade 360? That has like 256Mb of hard drive space, compared to PS3′s lowest HDD of 20GB. The arcade version is an atrocity. Not to mention, no hi def player in ANY of their systems? And you have to shell out MORE money to watch HD-DVD? That they aren’t even producing anymore??

    Another thing that pissed me off is the proprietary cable for 360. You might not think it’s a big deal but who would want to buy a Microsoft cable just for HDMI? Doesn’t even come WITH the system, what kind of crap is that… They could have just put an HDMI out on the back of their system. But apparently they weren’t aiming at the HD market.

    Pretty sure everyone here hates you, dave. You’re making your whole 360 fanboy community look dumb. You might want to call for more backup from your 7 year old teammates.

  77. avatar Druce

    Apparently you don’t spend ANY time online or in any of the PS3 forums. Because the PS3 world is just as crowded with immature fools as the XBOX side of the equation.

  78. avatar Dave

    Well said Druce.

    Also,The Arcade Version was aimed at a low price for parents, that just wanted a kids console that wasn`t bothered about on line gaming,Example,,,,,child aged 7-10..

    Also, my Elite came with HDMI Cable.

  79. avatar Dave

    @ joe hax
    ((( I can’t wait to compare your silly NXE avatars to PlayStation Home )))

    I would say neither can the PS3 users, lol…Been waiting more than a 18 months so far hasn`t you ??.. More promises from sony..Yet nothing…At least we have something going on.

  80. avatar Psylock

    Yeah, whatever. Every system has jackasses in their fan base. The only difference is that was have adult jackasses. They choose to be dicks because its funny to a lot of people when they do it. I mean, I got the home beta like three days ago, and I’ve used the NXE. The NXE is nothing compared to Home.

    I laugh at the idea, Microsoft said that Nintendo copied their idea? Wow. So, that means that Nintendo copied the idea of making the console more personal, while not allowing people to be a real community.

    I look at it like this; in Home, you can walk around to find friends, go to their personal space filled with their 3D trophies. They can buy cool clothes to look much better, while the NXE doesn’t allow you to really feel like you’ve been anywhere or that you’re with your friends. The people that you see on the NXE look extremely half-assed and fake for a console that’s sole greatest achievement over the PS3 was community. I liked the old 360 better. It seemed like it still retained some bad-assedness. Now everything is just kind of stale. they all look like Miis, they have even crappier games for the people than the Wii (and believe me, the Wii’s “Mii” games are pretty crappy).

    I say, no, KNOW the NXE is going to be the downfall of the 360. It just shows how uncreative and bland MS really is. They pride themselves on community, but was barely able to make a good community “update” to keep up with the creativity of the PS3 or the Wii. Put simply, if you have to copy something that was half-assed and non-community based, then you really aren’t going to be able to survive against Sony.

    So remember, fanboys, no matter who created the Mii’s first, Sony still one-upped the idea with Home. Which, if I do say so myself, is much more fun than previously thought. I mean, the ability to jump in and out of hanging out with your friends. That was one badass idea. I’m even getting back into Warhawk now.

    So Dave and Druce, have a good time being 360 fanboys and getting your elite RRODed, I’ll be sitting here with my PS3 in Home and and playing other games with my two buddies from my class who were smart enough to buy PS3′s. I hope your console survives, it really made pointless war fun. But now it seems, it has finally lost. Sucks to be you.

  81. avatar Dave

    [...] Xbox 360 is More Hardcore – Gamer Limit [...]

    The thing is not every owner of the PS3 is a gamer, some don’t even own a game for it.

    ((( The Playstation 3 is a better entertainment center than the XBox 360, but not the better gaming system. The Xbox 360 is a gamers system.)))

    Every owner of the system owns a gamer. Every person you encounter online has paid for that experience, they have dedicated said amount of their money, regardless the amount, to ensure they have a gamers experience. Not that Playstation 3 gamers aren’t hardcore, but the Xbox 360 is just more of the system to prove a level of dedication to the Gaming community. So if you’re on the fence for a console this year, you can explain it this way. The Playstation is the best overall system. It offers a reliability, Blu-ray technology, and a constantly growing community. But if you consider yourself a Hardcore gamer looking for that top notch online gaming experience, the 360 is the system you want right now.

    [...] Xbox 360 is More Hardcore – Gamer Limit [...]

  82. avatar Dave

    So far, I have been told, or called …. (( A retard / That Im talking trash / don’t be an idiot / trying to preach stuff / no wonder you have gotten all retarded = (( meaning all xbox live persons )) / retarted = ( his spelling not mine ) / everyone here hates you, dave = ( meaning me personally ) / That Im = (((making your whole 360 fanboy community look dumb ))) = Really for just asking and relying to stuff on here……

    This is just a few of many comments, from this so called adult PS3 constantly growing community…??

    Saying stuff like this ……..(( For all you kids that play mature games, do something actually mature; rather than swear with those new words you just learned, go suck a dick, no one on xlive likes you ))…… Is immature and very childish, and OTT..You can understand children coming out with that, but not adults..

    What can i say, apart from this, sometimes its better to take a step back, look at whats going on, before you place immature/childish/ rude/ remarks ect….

    This is not aimed to the whole PS3 or Xbox community.

    • avatar Bagga

      This is a third party memory card. It was bleokcd by my Ps2 after i had saved a few games on it. Rpg games i had already spent a few days on each. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. Don’t wast your money. Buy a real Sony Made card dont be fooled by the promise of extra memory because you wont be able to use it any way. if i could have picked a no star rating i would have.

  83. avatar SPAZZY93

    PS3 owner Im gonna try no to be biased in this post
    Thats my PSN ID…anyway

    @/to not-a-fanboy

    YOU ARE A TOOL AND A 360Fanboy and dont even bagg on exclusive sony games. Dave quit being such a 360Fanboy that last post is so borderline immature.

    Stop posting about oh your a fanboy or im not a fanboy talking to you Psylock from your first “commment” i read it sounds like your a fanboy for PS3 although good article; “LOL” your also a TOOL. XB360 is a lot of LOUDmouth trash talking rude people PS3 is pretty quite, but everyone knows why that is, no microphone with your system when you buy it. I like the features the 360 has online like for example the ability to join someones session but the PS3 is still offering free online afterall, oh and whats is up with Microsoft Points seriously. MPs is kinda stupid; why not just pay with cash? PS3 will grow overtime and continesly get better they will improve thier features until they are better or equal to the Xbox360 at which point i hope to see a drasticly reduced amount of trash talking and fanboy’ing. I think I have said all I need to say.

    P.S. If you own a PS3 and you wanna hit me up, cool.

  84. avatar SPAZZY93

    I meant second to last Post dave that was almost immature and man actually I just your last Post and so was it. I never actually read your post before you calling you immature so dont even come back and bagg on me.

  85. avatar Dave

    What can i say, apart from this, sometimes its better to take a step back, look at whats going on, before you place immature/childish/ rude/ remarks ect….

    How is that being immature, by placing this on here.? I thought it went well with what i placed on the post.

  86. avatar Psylock

    lol, dave. You only made that remark because nobody here is listening to you — thus making fun of you. Omg, you seem pretty pissed. And I’m no child, but I do like to swear. Who doesn’t? I’m very sorry you’re one of those pretty boys that wants to not swear because it’s “bad”. I, on the other hand like to swear because it relieves stress. And also that fuck is the best-stretchable word in the English language. How many letters are gonna be in it the next time I get really pissed?

  87. avatar Psylock

    Good post, Spazzy.

    But I’m not a “real” fanboy. I love the PS3 as a console, but not for its games. If they took all the 360 exclusives and ran them over to the PS3 (well-ported, I hope), then fanboydom, here I come!

    But yeah, I just don’t like it when 360 fanboys run around starting shit when they really have no idea what a PS3 is capable of, and how half-assed MS is when it comes to improving their community, which is paid for, by the way. We get Home (which is easily better than the NXE – unless you’re in denial), and it was completely free! It might even make the XMB look bad!

    So, when the absolutely genius dev’s that made L4D and Gears (easily my two favorite games, other than the upcoming Killzone 2) start working on the PS3 (once they figure it out), we will be the leading console. But the ratio may shift. MS will probably make a new Xbox, besting the PS3, then more people switch to the “720″ and Sony will have to wait a few years to make a better PS4, getting their fans back, like they always do.

    The thing that makes me laugh is that you 360 guys always talk crap about our console, when it’s not the console that’s bad. It’s the fact that they tend to use dev’s for the 360 to port.

    Just remember, that when the PS3 beats the 360, it’s not because they merely wanted to make something better, faster; It’s because they Took Their Time and made a truly better console, instead of just topping the competing console, like the 360 did to the PS2. If you think at all that the 360 is TRULY going to beat the PS3, just remember, the PS3 is supposed to be a 10-year console. Look at the 360′s failure rate and tell me they planned this console for long-term use. No, it was just to pass up the PS2 and get some loyalty to the console.

  88. avatar SPAZZY93

    Home is well its awesome. I say this from experience of course. I recently, I think yesterday [Nov. 26/2008], got my beta code and so far its looking pretty sweet its rumored that Home is supposed to come out before the end of the year. Its almost December and they are just about to release the open beta which entails 13+ years to be eligible and the closed one is reserved for 18+ and I mean I’m not 18 by far. So at any rate I’m agreeing with Psylock Home is way better and I don’t remember where I read this “Its focus will also be three-dimensional avatars, which look like the illegitimate offspring of Nintendo’s Miis and the slicker avatars of the PlayStation Home service, which is still ostensibly set to launch before year’s end.” (You can find the url for the full article at the end of this post), but its so true and when I told my friend, a passionate 360 owner, he agreed and just laughed mind you he also owns a PS3 which he constantly disses for the most part anyway. I guess thats what I’ll leave all you who read this with and have a happy rest of your thanksgiving. But before I forget here is that url I promised also if you want to contact me


  89. avatar SPAZZY93-GOD D***t

    But before I forget here is that url I promised [] also if you want to contact me[]

  90. avatar Dave

    Your right, Home is sooooooo much better than new NXE..More better all round to be honest.. But games are soooo much better, with more to choose from. Until PS3 Sorts it software out ( making games ) then thats just how it is.

  91. the exclusive games there are are beastly as hell dave


  92. avatar FALC0N

    read all the comments today, when some of the stuff you guys were talking about has officially came out. Killzone 2 is the best ever! Anyway thanks because I really enjoyed reading the comments section more than the actual post. Especially since I like ps3 better than 360 but all my friends think 360 rules in all aspects and think that there is no hardcore games for ps3 but when I ask what hardcore games there is for 360 all they come up with is Gears 2 (i thought they were going to say halo 3 aswell but they didn’t because they never really enjoyed it) Anyway looking at all the exclusives now, I see a very nice range for PS3 that for ME outdoes the 360′s exclusives. So I am on ps3′s side, and I would like to say to who ever it was that said that Microsoft just realest the 360 to beat ps2 (that’s what I thought all along and the same thing will happen again ps3 will become better than the 360 and they will release a console to beat the ps3, and not to set a new, high quality standard in gaming)

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