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Avatar ImageLost: Via Domus Review
By: | November 25th, 2008 | Xbox 360
Review |X360

Warning: This game is for Lost viewers only. Any others who try and partake in it will be hopelessly lost, confused, and angry about wasting their time.

Lost: Via Domus is an action adventure game that goes lightly on the game aspects. Quite simply there isn’t really much of a game to find here. Lost: Via Domus places the player in the shoes of Elliot Maslow, a photojournalist who just happened to be on Oceanic flight 815 and mysteriously becomes an amnesiac. So Elliot sets off on the island to recover his lost memories and figure out what is going on. So begins the mediocre fanfic that is the Lost game.

Lost: Via Domus is divided into seven episodes, each having a flashback sequence in it; taking place during seasons one and two of Lost. During these episodes, each taking about 20-40 minutes to complete, the player takes tasks from various characters on the island including wandering through dark caves, fetching items, and fuse puzzles. During the flashback sequences a torn photograph is shown, the player must then find the scene depicted in the photograph and capture it with their camera. This triggers the memory allowing more of Elliot’s past to be viewed. Players must gather items to trade to other characters to gain needed and useful items to use during the missions they partake in; the items, however, are scattered across the environment in obvious places, making this seem like an unnecessary waste of time since the player almost always already has enough items to gain the required ones.

Also included are two scenes where in you are running toward an objective, sliding under and jumping over obstacles, and several scenes during which the player must make it through a section of forest by following markers while either being shot at by The Others or being hunted by the black smoke monster. This unfortunately does not relieve the sense that the player is being strung along by the game through the story. Each task feels uninspired, creating a lackluster and dull experience only worthwhile for fans of the show. Even then it doesn’t change the fact that the game itself is tiresome and tedious.
What this game does well is capture the feel of Lost. When talking to the other survivors they act accordingly, Sawyer tells you off, Locke gives mysterious hints at what may come; regrettably even this has flaws, only a small handful of actors actually provided their voices in the game and the sound-a-likes don’t actually sound like the characters detracting further from the experience. The

Even the episodes don’t feel like whole episodes, most only taking around 25 minutes to complete, compared to Lost’s 45 minute episodes. The game is also short, taking this reviewer only 4 hours to complete; that includes unlocking every achievement and finding every easter egg. This game should not be sold at full retail price; it just isn’t a full game. The only redeeming quality of the game is the ending, if canon it adds even more mystery to the island and possibly changes the way viewers see the island.

Lost: Via Domus is yet another sad licensed game. It’s even hard to recommend to Lost fans. This game is for Lost fans only. Don’t like Lost, don’t get this game. Even Lost fans should only rent this game at the most; even then just for the ending. Hopefully we will finally overcome the terrible occurrence that is tie-in games.

Reviewer’s note: The Xbox 360 version was tested for this review

Rating Category
7.0 Presentation
Not a terrible looking game, yet nothing to wow you with
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4.0 Gameplay
Not much there.
3.0 Sound
Voice acting is atrocious and sounds like the actors called it in.
2.0 Longevity
No reason to play this more than once, if that
4.0 Overall
For the Lost fans with an afternoon to waste

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