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Avatar ImageGeometry Wars Evolved 2 Guide
By: | November 23rd, 2008
Guide |X360

To go with our Geometry Wars 2 review I’ve made this guide to show you some of the new games modes in the game, as well as some tips to help you get a higher score. Some of the achievements might be confusing so I’ve listed all the achievements and videos on how to attain them. I hope this guide helps you. Good Luck!



- Score as many points as you can in three minutes.

- Do not die, avoid the enemy shapes by all means.

- Collect geoms to raise your score multiplier.

Tip = In this mode you need to get as many points as you can within a 3 minute time slot. You do have an unlimited amount of lives, but dying will slow you down and take away the points you could have had. Make sure you focus on collecting geoms early on. The small green things will raise your score multiplier which helps you get more points. Also remember that the rockets the straight triangle shaped enemies will drop more geoms for you than others when killed. Make sure that you  follow through and pick these geoms up. Just keep moving around the area, destroying enemies and collecting the geoms they drop for you, with a good enough amount of multipliers, getting that million points mark should be very easy.

Another good tip is to use the gates to your adventage, when a group of enemy shapes is attacking you make sure you go through, the gate as it will destroy a bunch of the near it, to give you a great amount of points.



- You may only fire from inside of the circle.

- Enemies may not enter the circle.

- You need to get out of the zones when they are about to turn red, as than it’s fair game and the enemy can get you.

Tips = In this game mode you only have one life, and you do not have any bombs. You are only allowed to shoot within the circle (zone), which means you must stay inside of one to be able to fire.  This zones however, do not last a long time, maybe five seconds.  You must choot as many shapes as you can before moving on.  When the zone starts to get smaller and turn red, you must live that circle and go into another one, and repeat it all again, until that zone starts turning red.

How I played this is when I was in the zone, I killed as many shapes as I could, than waited for the circle to shrink than quickly moved on to the next one.  Just keep doing this as quick as you can and you’ll eventually rack up more points.  You don’t have much to work with in this mode but going zone to zone, so do it as quickly as you can to rack up as many point, until you die.

Geometry Wars Evolved 2 Gameplay



- In this game mode you will start with four lives and 3 bombs.
- If you get hit by an enemy or run into one you will lose a life.
- If you score 100,000 points you will get an extra life and bomb, the next bonus is awarded at 10x the value of the previous.

Tips =
This game mode will continue on as long as you can survive without getting hit by the shapes and losing all your lifes. As in every game mode, make sure you work on collecting geoms especially in the begining when it’s not as intense. You will need all the multipliers you can get a hold of. Killing the enemies with a gravity well explosion will score you nice bonus points, just be coutious not to get your self sucked in there. It also helps if you bounce your bullets of the gates to take out enemies. You will also get bonus points using the gates to kill your enemies. You must make sure you’re constantly moving to survive, what I find my self doing when I get attack by a huge horde, is point towards the direction I’m going to and shoot, it usually get’s you out of the horde.



- When you cross the gate, it will kill anything close to it.

- Make sure you do not hit the little triangle shapes at the end of each gate.

Tips = In this game mode you cannot use bombs or shoot, so it’s a bit tough, but a very fun game mode.  You will have gates appear through the board.  To survive you must use them to your adventage, when you’re being followed by the shaps you must go through the gates and destroy them, the affect of them blowing up will destroy any shapes that closely followed you.

A good way to get plenty of points is to, wait until a bunch of them are behind you, than go find a gate and go through one to take out a bunch of shapes behind you.  In no time you will get millions of points.



- In this game mode enemies attack you in the horizontally and vertically formation.

Tips = This is probably one of the hardest modes as it’s the most intense in my opinion.  In this mode you will have the shapes coming at your horizontally and vertically.  Try to move around as much as you can and when a wall of them appears start shooting to take them out early on before more come at you.  Attacking them wall by wall and eliminating them as soon as possible gives you breathing room and time to prepare for the next attack.  You will get alot of geoms, so make sure you collect as many as you can for a higher score.  The shapes speed will increase and make it harder to survive along with other shapes just moving around giving you a hard time.



- There are 20 levels that you’ll get a chance to play in.

- You only have 30 seconds to complete each level.

- If you lose a life you will be taken to the next level.

Tips = In this game mode you will have a chance to go through all the 20 levels that it has.  You get 3 lives and 3 bombs.  Try to stay alive as long as you can in each level until the time expires to build up a slew of points.  If you happen to die or the time expires you will be taken to the next level.  You will go up to the next stage as long as you have lifes, until you’re all dead and the game is over.  Use your bombs in a smart way, take out as many as you can until the level is over, it get’s a lot more difficult as you go up levels.

These are all the game modes, their all fun, try to rack up as many point as you can by killing anything in your way.  You will get plenty of achievements for your achomplishments.

Sequence Mode Stage Tip:

To fully complete this game type you may need some different strategies.  I have my own, other people have their own strategies.  Which ever way you do it, make sure you can somehow reach the end.  Plus you’ll get a nice achievement.

Example Grid of Sequence Completion:

–Complete OTime out –Complete OTime out –Complete
–Complete –Complete –Complete –Complete –Complete
XDie –Complete –Complete –Complete XDie
–Complete XDie XDie XDie –Complete

Geomentry Wars 2 Enemy Shapes:

+ Click Here for Pictures of the Shapes

1. Duck – This shape, are too slow and are big and easy targets to hit.

2. Wanderer – These are somewhat easy as well, they are spinner like, so they change directions as they please, try to kill these guys, right when they spawn or as soon as you can, because they can mess with you when you’re surrounded by more.

3. Rocket – These shapes will fly in straight horizontal or vertical way, there is a wall of them at some point too.  Make sure you take them out as soon as possible as they will attack at a fast speed if not taken out.  Their the most difficult next to the weaver shapes in my opinion.

4. Grunt – This enemy will follow you all around the area. They will get faster the longer you let them live, so kill them as quickly as you can to avoid hard times.

5. Amobea – You need to make sure you aim your shots at the nucleus of this enemy and it will still take a few shots to clear this enemy from the board. To best take care of these you need to kill them as soon as they appear.

6. Gravity Well – This is one of the enemies you could use to your adventage. Shoot the gravity well to start its spining which will pull the enemy towards gravity well. Once a bunch of enemies are sucked in by it wait until there is more shapes around it than shoot at it as much as you can.  You will get a good amount of points for doing this.

7. Snake – This enemy is energetic, wiggly, long and you can only take them out by shooting them in the head.  Make sure you avoid being surrounded by a bunch of them, because it’ll be difficult to escape.

8. Repulsar – This enemy is only vulnerable in the blue area of the board.

9.  Proton -  This enemy will spawn out of a blown up gravity well. They’re very fast and normally appear in big numbers.

10. Gate – It’s hard to call this shape an enemy it gives you two good benefits.  One of them is to use them as an advantage to save your self from a horde of enemies, as you get followed by different shapes, go through the gate and it will destroy anything close behind it, to free you off enemies.  The second benefit is that, when you shoot at the gate it will bounce of your bullets taking enemy out.  The only thing to avoid with the gate is not to hit the tips of the, as the little orange tips will kill you.

11. Weaver – This is probably one of the most anoying enemies in the game if you ask me.  They dodge non-stop, their kind of difficult to kill, because their movement is crazy.  The best way to take care of these shapes is to pin them into a corner and quickly shoot them.  You don’t want plenty of them flying around when other shapes start coming in.

12. Spinner – This enemy will split into two when you shoot at them. Make sure to further from them before shooting at them.

13. Tiny Spinner – Two of these guys will spawn out when you’re shooting a normal spinner. The two will rotate in two close circles, look out as this enemy likes to pin you.

Achievements in Geometry Wars Evolved 2

Geometry Wars Evloved 2 Achievements
Achievement Gamerscore Description
Game Over 15 Reach the end of sequence.
Magpie 15 Collect 500 geoms in a single game.
Millionaire 15 Score at least 1,000,000 points in all single player modes.
Phobia 15 Score 1,000 points in Waves without collecting any geoms.
Rebound 15 Destroy 75 enemies in a game of Deadline using bullets bounced off of gates.
Slalom 15 Chain together 5 gates in 5 seconds. Crossing at least one gate every second.
Smile 25 2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18, and 19.
Surf 15 Dodge 8 lines of enemies in Waves without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies.
Treaty 15 Activate 30 zones in King without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies.
Unlock All Modes 25 Unlock all game modes.
Wax On 15 Rub your ship along all four arena walls in Pacifism.

Achievements Videos:

(Credit is fully given to the guys for the videos) Thank You.

Surf Achievement
Phobia Achievement
Treaty Achievement
Smile Achievement
Rebound Achievement
Wax On, Slalom and Millionaire Achievements

I didn’t include a video for some of the achievements, as they are very self explainable.

I really hope you enjoy this guide and that it helps you, get a higher score and unlock all your achievements.  Thanky You.

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