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Avatar ImageGears of War 2 Achievement Guide
By: | November 29th, 2008
Guide |X360

Act 5: Aftermath

Chapter 2: Desperate Stand

#37: COG Recon Report – After the Raven clears the locust off the platform for you, head right and go down the stairs to the lower platform. The recon report is here, near some ammo.

#38: COG Tags: Sergeant Devon Jackson – During the final encounter here, look on the floor right of the Longshot. The tags are on the very right edge of the platform.

Chapter 3: Free Parking

#39: Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper – Shortly after the fight in the courtyard, proceed to the next area and you should find yourself facing a Grinder in the center. The newspaper is behind the wall to the right of the Grinder.

#40: COG Tags – The tags are near the end of the level, inside a ruined building on the left hand side of the street.

Chapter 4: Tenuous Footing

#41: Stranded’s Journal – After the building collapses, check in the corner behind a desk which you can destroy to find the Stranded’s Journal.

Video Links:-

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5 (Thanks xyjar!)

25. One-Night Stand – Complete 1 chapter in Co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) (10G)

26. Open Relationship – Complete 10 chapters in Co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) (30G)

27. Friends with Benefits – Complete all acts in Co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) (50G)

- You have to complete the game co-operatively to gain all three of these achievements. This can be done locally or via Xbox Live. Can be completed on any difficulty.

28. Crossed Swords – Win 10 chainsaw duels (any mode) (10G)

- This is where you attempt to chainsaw an opponent however he also is trying to chainsaw you. When this occurs, the two chainsaws will grind against each other and it is a test of who can hit the B button the most times in certain time limit to determine who gets chain-sawed in half. Should be easily achieved by playing through the story mode once. If not, try playing horde and always use your chainsaw, eventually you will get numerous battles. Just make sure you win!

29. Pound of Flesh – Use a meatshield to save your life 10 times (any mode) (10G)

- Grab an enemy when he is downed by using the A button. Now just use him as a shield until he is blown off by enemy fire. I find that using a meat shield in Horde mode then letting tickers run into you is a good method.

30. Organ Grinder – Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted Mulcher (any mode) (10G)

- Another achievement which you will cover throughout story mode. Note that you must be in cover while using the Mulcher to get this achievement, this means getting into cover using the A button, then getting your kills. If you are struggling to get this in campaign mode, go into Horde mode onto the Avalanche map, at the top of the map there is a Mulcher up the stairs where you can overlook the entire map.

31. Shock and Awe – Kill 30 enemies with the heavy Mortar (any mode) (10G)

- Should nearly cover this in story mode towards the end of Act 1. Use the Horde method in #30 if you are having trouble with this.

32. Said the Spider to the Fly – Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode) (10G)

- For this achievement you have to create a proximity mine using a frag gernade by pinning it to a wall using the B button, then luring an enemy into it. Horde mode prevails yet again as one pinned gernade can blow up a number of tickers and wretches who could as individual enemys.

33. Crowd Control – Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield equipped (any mode) (10G)

- To unlock this achievement you have to “beat down” your opponent using the pistol while you have the Boomshield equiped. Melee by using the B button, then when they are downed, use the Y button to mash them with your shield.

34. Smells Like Victory – Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher Flamethrower (any mode) (10G)

- You will unlock this achievement while playing through story mode once you meet the Flamers. Just grab one of their flamethrowers and fire all round you. You can also unlock this achievement by playing in multiplayer modes or Horde mode.

35. Once More, With Feeling – Perform 30 perfect Active Reloads (any mode) (10G)

- Very simple achievement, in game, shoot your current weapon then press RB. Then you will notice in the top-right hand corner of your screen your gun is manually reloading. Press RB a second time and the cursor on the reload bar will stop. If you time your reload properly, the cursor will stop in the highlighted area of the reload bar. This will make you reload faster. If you stop the cursor in the tiny, whitest area of the reload bar you will achieve a perfect reload. Do this 30 times and you will unlock the achievement.

Spoiler: Dom finds Maria (Emotional)

36. Takes a Licking – Melee 30 Tickers (any mode) (30G)

- Tickers are the suicidal wretch like creatures that run at you and explode. Melee them by pressing the B button when they get close to hit them away. You can get this in your first run through of campaign or in Horde mode. There is an easy point during campaign to achieve this, its when you are going down the dark tunnel and a number of tickers run at you. Hit as many as you can then die on purpose. Then you will restart at the beginning of the tunnel. Repeat the process until the achievement is unlocked.

37. Variety Is the Spice of Death – Kill an enemy with every weapon in the game (any mode) (30G)

- Here is the list of weapons that needs to be used. Only problem is the ink gernade. Its rather hard to kill an opponent with one. Try and find an opponent in a corner or who is already damaged then lob an ink gernade. Anyway onto the list.

Lancer, Hammerburst, Gnasher Shotgun,Snub Pistol, Gorgon Pistol, Boltok Pistol, Frag Grenade, Ink Gernade, Scorcher, Longshot Sniper, Boomshot, Torque Bow, Hammer of Dawn, Mulcher, Mortar.

38. Kick ‘Em When They’re Down – Perform all 11 unique executions on a downed enemy (10G)

- Again, just tick them off. Can only be performed when enemy is downed.

Lancer (not chainsaw, tap B)

Neck-snap (A then X)

Curb-Stomp (X)

Punch-Out (Non-Execution weapon + Y)

Sniper Execution (Sniper + Y)

Torque Bow Hit (Torque Bow + B)

Torque Bow Execution (Torque Bow + Y)

Pistol Whip (Boltok Pistol + B)

Shotgun (Shotgun + B)

Sniper Hit (Sniper + B)

Boomshield (Boomshield equiped + Y)

Link (thanks xyjar!)

39. Seriously 2.0 – Kill 100,000 enemies (any mode) (50G)

- Last Act in campaign is pretty good for this. Just play everything, campaign, horde, multi-player and just kill as much as you can. Have fun.

40. Photojournalist – Submit a spectator photo (10G)

- While spectating in multi-player, press B to take a photo. Access the War Journal on the Main Menu then open your photographs then upload one to Gears of

41. Standing Here, Beside Myself – Win 3 matches of Wingman (public) (10G)

- In Multi-Player, select Wingman and Public Xbox Live. Then just keep playing until you win. Shouldn’t be that hard if you have a good team.

42. Beat the Meatflag – Capture 10 meatflags in Submission (public) (10G)

- This means, taking one of the stranded capture in Submission. As soon as the game starts rush to where he is and Lancer him from a distance as he can be quite dangerous if you get too close. Once he’s downed, go over to his body and press A to capture him as a meatshield. Do this 10 times and you’ll unlock the achievement.

43. It’s Good to be the King – Win 10 rounds of Guardian as the leader (public) (10G)

- Only assistance I can offer here is keep playing Guardian and try and kill their leader before the other team kills you. This might take a bit if you can’t kill their leader but just keep at it and you’ll get it. Start a public match with all of your friends in your team and make them let you kill the oppositions leader so that you become leader in the next round.

44. You Go Ahead, I’ll Be Fine – Win 3 matches of King of the Hill (public) (10G)

- Self explanatory. Simply win three matches of King of the Hill.

45. Back to Basic – Successfully complete the 5 lessons of multiplayer Training Grounds (10G)

- In the Main Menu, select the option ‘Training Grounds’. There are five multiplayer matches to take part in. Win all five matches and you will unlock this achievement.

46. A Parting Gift – Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down but not out (any mode) (20G)

47. Party Like It’s 1999 – Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode) (30G)

- Another good old endurance achievement. Just keep playing as much multiplayer as you can. Should take a bit.

48. Around the World, Again – Win a multiplayer match on each of the 10 shipped maps (any mode) (30G)

- You have to win a match of multiplayer on each of the following maps. Avalanche, Blood Drive, Day One, Hail, Jacinto, Pavilion, River, Ruins, Security, Stasis.

49. Dirty, Dirty Horde – Survive the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map) (20G)

- Self explanatory achievement. If you are having difficulty with this set the difficulty level to Casual.

50. Hoard the Horde – Survive all 50 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map) (30G)

- Self explanatory achievement. If you are having difficulty with this set the difficulty level to Casual.

On a concluding note, a very big thank you to ScathingAccuracy for allowing us to republish their guide, and we offer our apologies for the initial confusion.

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  1. avatar ArmandMX

    The points for finishing the game in any diferent difficulty are wrong.

  2. avatar ElKron sK

    18. Tourist of Duty – Complete all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty (25G)
    19. Guerilla Tactician – Complete all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty (25G)
    20. Artist of War – Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty (25G)
    21. Suicide Missionary – Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty (25G)

    should be:
    Casual : 25
    Normal : 50
    Hardcore : 75
    Insane : 150

  3. avatar needhelper

    it wont let me have 2nd page y?

  4. avatar H311h0uND683

    dude artist of war is 75 g’s and suicide missionary is 150 g’s maybe do some research bfore u think u know sumthink asswipe

    • avatar Sonu

      I don’t think so man, but that’s my opinion. Look, I’m not looikng to start a war in the cesspool of belligerence that overpowers LoT’s comment sections just offering another perspective so everyone ready to throw the thumbs down just hold on for a New York nanosecond will ya?I think the PS3 s exclusives overshadow the XBOX’s; I don’t need to name them. Eventually some of the XBOX exclusives migrate over to PS3 anyway (ME2, Bioshock). BUT, I’ve always been a Gears of War fan. I will be buying a used 360 when this comes out, and probably go through all three games in order. I dig it that much and used to have the XBOX and miss playing GoW at times. This is not going to be a PS3 stopper though. The best way for Microsoft to become the king of sales again is to just make a better system; a new one entirely. I’m a strong believer that, if you just like playing games (which I do, because it’s fun), you don’t really give a shit which system is better. You’re going to own both, along with a PC, to always get the best experience on multi-platforms, and get the exclusives every system has to offer (if you’ve got the cash of course).VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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    i am prout of having 40 collectibles I NEED ONE FUCKING MORE!!!!!!! ive used this guide and i still cant find it!

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