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This guide is made for the “Vault-Tec C.E.O” Achievement, which has you collecting 20 Vault-Tech Bobbleheads.

Number – Zone

Location (Coordinates) and description of location

#01 Energy Weapon – Zone 1.01
Raven Rock (LAT -28 / LONG 28) on Level 2 in Colonel Autumn’s quaters on the table.

#02 Big Guns – Zone 1.04
Fort Constantine (LAT -17 / LONG 26) inside CO quaters inside the open safe.

#03 Endurance – Zone 1.07
Deathclaw Sanctuary (LAT -22 / LONG 20) in the initial chamber near the corpse pile.

#04 Explosives – Zone 1.11
WKML Broadcast Station (LAT -17 / LONG 18) in sealed cistern, next to ham radio.

#05 Speech – Zone 2.08
Paradise Falls (LAT -09 / LONG 16) in Eulogy’s pad, on the table.

#06 Perception - Zone 3.03
The Republic of Dave (LAT 19 / LONG 27) in the Museum of Dave on the bookcase.

#07 Agility – 3.06
Greener Pastures Disposal Site (LAT 07 / LONG 21) in the office, on the table.

#08 Repair – 5.07
Arefu (LAT -11 / LONG 06) in Evan King’s house, on the table.

#09 Science – 5.12
Vault 106 (LAT -09 / LONG 01) in the living quarters, medical easter wall, on shelves.

#10 Charisma – 6.06
Vault 108 (LAT 18 / LONG 06) in the Cloning Lab, on the table.

#11 Lockpick – 6.07
Bethesda Ruins (LAT 05 / LONG 03) at the Bethesda Offices East, located on the top floor on the desk in the central room.

#12 Small Guns – 6.11
National Guard Depot (LAT 18 / LONG -03) in the Armory located on shelf in equipment storage.

#13 Sneak – 7.01
Yao Guai Tunnels (LAT -28 / LONG -04) in the Yai Guai Den on the metal crate located in the easter area of the central cavern.

#14 Barter – 7.04
Evergreen Mills (LAT -18 / LONG -07) at Bazaar, Jack’s northeast alcove; top right shelf located behind the Work Bench.

#15 Melee Weapons – 7.11
Dunwich Building (LAT -26 / LONG -18) in the Virulent Underchambers, mall maintenance room.

#16 Unarmed – 7.C
Rockopolis (LAT -26 / LONG -07) next to Argyle’s body.

#17 Medicine – 8.01
Vault 101 (LAT -04 / LONG -04) on Dad’s office table. Can be retrieved when either you’re 16 before the G.O.A.T. test or when you’re 19 escaping the vault.

#18 Strength – 8.03
Megaton (LAT -01 / LONG -06) in Lucas Simms’s house, sheriff’s bedroom, on the table.

#19 Intelligence – 9.15
Rivet City (LAT 18 / LONG -17) in the Science Lab, on the table.

#20 Luck – 16.03
Arlington House on the cellar shelves.

Hope the guide helps many of you trying to obtain this achievement.  This information was obtainted from the Strategy Guide.

  1. Awesome, too bad I refuse to use it. I’ve found five without help. So I’ll be back eventually after I’m to damn frustrated to care.

  2. Yea, there is a lot of lazy gamers out there lol, just wanting to get the achievement over with.

  3. avatar Jay

    Like me I’m about to finish the game and haven’t because I can not found the 15 and 18 and I want the archivement

  4. avatar Name (Required)

    hey i have a question theres no ham radio in the WKML and i cant find the bobblehead whats going on?

  5. avatar G-Man

    The bobblehead is not located in the station itself, but in a sewer drainage station. If you go south from the station down the rocky cliff, it is there underneat an overhang. It is just a pipe stickiing up out of the ground. Go down there and you will find the bobblehead and some other goodies.

  6. avatar jas

    i cant find the mortors town on level 2 on fallout 3 its hard

  7. avatar Wag

    I didn’t pick the one up on dear ol’ Dad’s desk. Am I screwed?

  8. avatar Chris

    try crawling back in the hole you came from :P

  9. avatar Ooblick

    Wag, I have good news for you.
    Your not screwed.
    There a quest to go back into the vault later on. (Yeah, spoiler, blah.)

  10. avatar fobz

    DAMN! i just beat the game and now i can’t go back and find all the bobblehead. just to let you guys know save the game before you start the final quest. AHHHHHHH!!!

    • avatar Steve

      Great shot angle and awesome image. Well done. Seen in: Best Friends Help Each OtherAnd Don’t Forgett To Comment Back If You Get This Code

  11. avatar Omid

    Fobz, what do you mean? After you beat the game, are you still able to roam around freely? (Try and explain in a non-spoiling way)

  12. avatar JP

    no u can roam the game ends. Save it before you enter the last part of the final mission.

  13. avatar carmine .A

    are there bobble heads in the exstiengen packs

  14. avatar b hive

    yay found dem all

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