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Avatar ImageDark Sector Boss Walkthrough
By: | November 28th, 2008
Guide |X360

This is a video/text walkthrough for Dark Sector.  This guide will show you how to defeat all the bosses in the game from first to last.  I will link videos after I type up how to beat every boss, so for those that are not understanding from just reading they can watch how the action happens.  Please enjoy this walkthrough and I hope it helps beat all the bosses.


  • Left Analog Stick = Move |
  • Right Analog Stick = Look/energyPulse [click] |
  • D-Pad Left = Select Rifle |
  • D-Pad Right = Select Pistol/Glaive Combo |
  • D-Pad Up = Flashlight |
  • D-Pad Down = Mini-Inventory |
  • LT = Aim |
  • RT = Fire Weapon |
  • LB = Throw Grenade |
  • RB = Throw Glaive |
  • X = Reload Weapon/Hold to Pick Up Item |
  • Y = Shield/Hold for Shift |
  • A = Dodge/Enter Cover/Hold to Sprint |
  • B = Melee Attack/Finisher/Action |
  • Start Button = Pause |
  • Back Button = Inventory Menu |

Important Game Playtips:

Technocyte Virus - The virus turns people into angry, almost zombie alike creatures. Some of the infected develop special skills and powers. You’re infected with this virus, but you’re one of the few who develops these skills, which helps you to fight against the enemy.

Rubles - This is in game money. They can be found throughout the game. Collecting money allows you to purchase new weapons in the black market, which you can use to buy weapons.

The black market - When you get taken over by the technocyte virus, you cannot use the weapons dropped by enemies because they have governors on them. When this happens, the only way for you to get new weapons is in the black market. The market offers all kinds of weapons like pistols, shotguns, and rifles, and you can also store weapons here. This is also where you can use the upgrades you find in the game.

Governors - These are tech devices on enemy weapons that keep the enemy from using them. Once you’re infected, you can still pick up enemy weapons, but they’ll only work for a short time.

Upgrades - These can be found in the game, they upgrade your weapons, that you purchase in the black market.

Finishers - Finishers are done, when an enemy is near death and is glowing red.  Don’t wait to long, get close to the enemy and do a finisher which is a stylized move that finishes your enemy.

Enferon Gas - This gas is used by the troops, against the infected creatures. It causes your vision to blur and change colors. If you don’t run away from it in time it will kill you.

Proto-Armor - This is a heavy duty armor that you get in Chapter 8. It gives extra boost the power of the glaive, makes you immune to enferon gas, and allows you to take more damage.

Boss Fights Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Prologue

Boss – “Kamov Helicopter: Part 1″

This is a really easy boss to defeat.  You basically walk in the yard, and between the two containers, there is a rocket launcher, pick it up and you’ll find more ammo around the area.  Find a spot where you will not been seen by the helicopter and shoot at it.  Makes sure you shoot at the heli when it is hover in the same spot and also be sure you’re close to it.  Aim at the helicopter and shoot the rocket at him, after about 3 or 4 shots the chopper will go down and you will defeat Kamov’s helicopter.

Video walkthrough: Kamov Helicopter

Chapter 2: Exposure

Boss – “Colossus: Part 1″

This is another easy boss battle as you will not be killing Colossus, just mainly dodging his attacks and him charging at you.  He’ll throw stuff he picks up of the ground at you, just make sure you dodge them and run away from him.  If you happen to be bored and shoot stuff he throws at you, you will unlock an achievement.  Colossus will eventually run away and the battle will end.

Video walkthrough: Colossus: Part 1

Chapter 3: Baggage Claim

This chapter does not have a boss battle.

Chapter 4: Moths to the Flame

This is a multi-boss stage, you will fight two bosses in the first part it will be Jackal and the second boss will be Colossus, which is that same boss you fought in Chapter 2, this time you’ll get to finish him.

Boss – “Jackal”

This thing will stay in the center of the place, so you need to stay on the edges  that way you can keep out of trouble.  It will fire the machine guns which it has that can easily be avoided by running or hiding behind an object or whatever you can. It also has a rocket attack, which is more powerful so try not to get hit by one.  There’s a rocket launcher and an ammunition box behind the crates to your right. Makes sure you pick them up and stay in cover.  Fire your rockets at its eye/center. It will eventually stop firing, those are the best times to come out a little and shoot at it.

When you are out of ammunition, there are more boxes on the right with one more rocket. Make sure you pick it up and use it.  Just to the right, there’s a bench with another rocket, take it, take cover to the right under the arches, and use it from there.  Keep going through the arches and find another bench combo with another rocket, take it, take cover, and use it when ever you can.  The last rocket you shoot will take it down leaving it in a burning heap. If you happened to miss with one or two, there are more rockets by the bench.

Friendly TipDo not take cover behind the bench/plant combo it will not hold up.

Video walkthrough: Jackal

Boss – “Colossus: Part 2 (Final)”

Right under the electric spark in the room you will see a fire burning. Both of these elements (fire & electricity) will be useful for the fight. Run over to which ever element you want and get your glaive charged up by one or the other.  The Colossus will start by climbing a pillar and throwing things at you, avoid what he throws and throw your charged glaive at him.

After you do this a few times, he will eventually fall onto the ground. When this happens go over to him and do a finisher. You need to make sure you’re facing his front to do this. After hitting B, you have to hit another button to do the full finisher. Make sure you get away from him as he tries to deliver a blow at you.  You can see a green smoke around him. That’s him recharging his shield. When this happens, he’ll once again jump back up to the pillars.

After you have done doing this three times, he’ll get on the ground and start charging you on there. This is like the first time he came on the ground you just jump out of the way of his charges and keep hitting him with your charged glaive.  When you hit him with the charged glaive his shields will always go down. Make sure you shoot him with the gun that has the enferon shell upgrade until the green smoke brings back his shield.  After you do this three or four times he’ll die.

Video walkthrough: Colossus: Part 2 (Final)

Chapter 5: The Shipment

Boss – “Kamov Helicopter: Part 2 (Final)”

This second time you encounter the helpicopter is no different than the first time.  It’s easy, this time you’ll even have more cover than the last time you took down one of his choppers.  Just as before fire the rockets at him, when ever he is hovering at the same spot. Wait for your rocket to give you the lock on beep and fire at it.  There will be about five rockets in your rocket laucher, but you’ll only need about three to take him out. If it just so happens that you run out of ammo, there will be more in the ammunition box around the area.  When the helo finally crashes it’ll go down and put a large hole in the ground.  You’ve officially owned him for the second time.

Video walkthrough: Kamov Helicopter: Part 2 (Final)

Chapter 6: The Bait

Boss – “Elite Trooper”

There will be stingers make sure you let the trooper deal with the stingers, but make sure you do kill them if they are going to attack you, after all the point is for you to stay alive. Don’t start shooting at the trooper until he has gotten rid of all the stingers.  If you want to take him down, you need to hit his weak points. There are a total of three weak points, one on each of the shoulders and the last one on the back.

Make sure you get into cover and watch out for his lethal attacks.  He has a machine gun and a rocket launcher attachement that he’ll use. If you get hit by one rocket you’re history. When you’re in cover make sure you’re there until gets close to you. He moves at a slow pace, so getting from cover to cover for you isn’t too hard, keep in mind that a direct glaive hit will stun him for a few short seconds.  If you want to take out his weak points, throw the glaive at them and use the after touch to help guide it in or just use a powerful throw.

You’ll have to throw the glaive at the week point twice to destroy it.  Once you’ve taken down all three weak points, make sure you hit him in the face with the glaive and then get to him quickly to do a finisher.  The finisher will put the trooper to death.

Video walkthrough: Elite Trooper

Chapter 7: Industrial Evolution

Boss – “Stalker”

One thing about the stalker is that it will shift all the time. This means he’s invisible. The only time he becomes visible is when he attacks you, and when he does he’s up close in your face.  Make sure you shoot the splashing areas and when they reach you, dive out of the way of his attacks.  Shoot him as much as you can while he’s visible to you.  After a few times, you will no longer be able to see splashes of his feet, but you can hear him. It’s the same deal, except you have to understand where the sound is coming from to dive out of the way of his attacks.

When he’s taken a good amount of hits, he will run up one of the columns in the area. Shoot him when he does this, then he will disappear.  Prepare for him to reappear again, and when he eventually does, he has explosive projectiles.  He will retreat and come back a few times. Repeat all your actions and he will glows red eventually.  When he is glowing red make sure you get up close to him and do a finisher and the stalker will become yesterdays news.

Video walkthrough: Stalker

Chapter 8: Unnatural History

This chapter does not have a boss battle.

Chapter 9: Threshold Guardian

Boss – “Nemesis”

When you enter the room Nemesis will greed you, you will battle him. You can’t do anything to him right away, so don’t waste your time and bullets.  He will charge you with his huge blade, when he does this, make sure you dive out of the way.  Nemesis will eventually get electrified. When he does get electrified he will throw his electrified blade at you. You must than dodge his throw and charge your glaive on his electrified blade.  Hit him twice with the electrified glaive and his shield will go down.  When his shield is down you need to hit him with the glaive one more time, when you hit him, he glows red.

You need to get close to perform a button mash finisher on him.  After you complete the finisher, he will jump up to a ledge, from the ledge, he’ll just stand there throwing his electrified blade at you. When he does throw his blade at you, dodge it and once again charge your glaive on the blade.  Throw the galive back at him. Using after touch to guide it under his shield, where you can hit him in those pretty legs. When this happens, he jumps down.  The battle repeats from the beginning. Do everything about three times and the Nemesis goes down.

Video walkthrough: Nemesis

Boss – “Twin Elite Trooper”

Easier to just post the video for this one.

Video walkthrough: Twin Elite Trooper

Chapter 10: The Dark Sector

Boss – “Mezner”

This starts with three tentacles in front of Mezner.  They will throw rocks at you, so be careful and just dive out of the way or shoot them down if you’d like. If they lunge at you, make sure you dodge that as well. Also avoid the green gas that they spit at you. If you get too close the tentacles will get you so don’t get to close or the tentacles will grab you. If you get grabbed you can get out of the grab with a button prompt that shows on the screen, but it’s easier to keep your self away.  Now you should electrify the glaive from the electric conduit above Mezner.

When you have the glaive electrified hit each of the tentacles on one of their glowing green spots. When you do this, their what looks like mouths open up.  Charge the glaive once again and throw it into their mouths, which disables the tentacle you hit. Do this to all three of them, after this, the screen goes yellow when Mezner gets inside your brain. Use the charged glaive you have and power throw it at Mezner.  If you don’t stop him within a few seconds you’re dead. It’s very difficult to time the power throw when you only have a few seconds to get it right. If you throw the glaive while shooting him non-stop, it works just as well.

The next part of the battle is tough it has two more tentacles and some howlers who will attack you non-stop. Try ignoring the howlers and take out the tentacles the same as the last time you had to.  Mezner will once again get into your brain after these tentacles are down. It’s the same way as before, hit him with your charged power throw or shoot him with a good powerful gun before you die.  In the last part of the battle, there are five tentacles this time, I tell ya it just keeps getting easier :) .

They now have a great addition, they will shoot fireballs. There are also other small tentacles that come out of the ground. You can take care of these small tentacles through a button prompt or you die in a few short seconds.  Take out the tentacles the same way as you did before while trying to dodge the fireballs.  Mezner will try to control your brain one last time when the tentacles go down, throw the sweet ol’ glaive at him to end the battle.

Video walkthrough: Mezner

You have defeated all the bosses in Dark Sector, it sure feels good.  Enjoy!

Hope this guide was useful to you.

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