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To bring the best of both worlds each week we will provide a wrap up of the content from our brother site ‘Casualty Gamer‘. This weeks featured casual games and articles after the jump.

Browser Based Gaming

Duels Review

Dragon Tavern Review


Mytheria Spotlight

Mirror’s Edge On A Budget


The Most Annoying Video Game Characters Ever

Retro Review – Golden Axe (Sega Megadrive, 1989)

Weekly wrap ups will be a continuing feature except from now on it will be on the more logical day of Sunday, this week we are just running a little late due to a few server issues.

  1. Avatar Image Dan

    Brother site? I thought they were sisters? This place could use a feminine touch. Too many dudes around here…

  2. what a week! ready for another!

  3. Yeah i never really decided what gender, perhaps it’s both.

  4. Come on guys, Did you see the size of the tail on the g in the site banner? I think it’s pretty obvious… :-D

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