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8. Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs will be linked and critical points will be covered by me.

  • F.N.G.
    • The tutorial is self-explanatory. When doing the training course: Go down the rope, hip fire at the first 3 targets while strafing (don’t use too many bullets!), approach the stairs. When running down the stairs, shoot the target and prepare to throw a flashbang to the left. Once you’ve thrown the flashbang, wait for detonation and walk out to the left of the stairs and shot the targets in the 1st room, to your left again, throw a flashbang, wait for detonation and shoot the next targets. Throw another flashbang to the room ahead on the left, and shoot the targets in there, then back up and run back to the start/finish.
  • Crew Expendable

    • Video Walkthrough

    • The beginning of the mission when you rope down from the helicopter and breach the ship is very easy; the AI doesn’t shoot you until you reach the other side of the ship. Once you’re on the ship surface and reach the opposite end, take cover as the friendly helicopter gunner takes care of the enemies on the second floor lookout. When inside the cargo sections, use cover and grenades as much as possible, all enemies are behind the containers and may move from cover to cover giving you an easy shot.
  • Blackout
    • Video Walkthrough
    • You start the mission in a swamp about 50 metres from an easy to kill guard post, use night vision. Once you meet Kamarov and his men after clearing out the guard posts, you will do some sniping then approach a grassy area with large rocks and old cars for cover, lots of enemies storm your position there; find cover and use the grenade launcher effectively.
    • Once you’ve cleared that area and rappelled down the ledge, you’ll enter an area with some houses and flaming wreckage. Swing around to the right, chuck a ‘nade in the first building and storm in; 2 enemies will run through the door on the right. Once that house is clear, proceed up the hill, infiltrate the house (enemies can’t see) and it’s all butter.
  • Charlie Don’t Surf

    • Video Walkthrough
    • In the first breached building, when going down the stairs, have your sights aiming straight down the hall to the left as there will be a couple enemies waiting for you. Throw a grenade in the room on the left (containing 2 enemies) and keep watch to the right, when another enemy will be waiting for you behind a box.
    • Once you’ve cleared that building, you’ll come back outside and has more enemies at a dirt road with sheet metal for cover, be sure to use it as cover well and use frags efficiently, when getting past that part, use flashbangs to blind enemies in buildings up top ahead.
    • Once you reach the intersection, a truck with a mounted MG on the back will drive up near you, make sure to get the gunner. As you cross the street, sprint into an alley on the left, take a right, and sprint to the left, that will bring you to the parking lot of the TV station.
    • Once in the TV station, you’ll make your way towards the broadcast room. This room is huge and contains A LOT of enemies. I suggest either sticking to the far right or far left sides (using the rooms on the sides as cover) as using flashbangs efficiently to move up every time you blind a group of enemies. The rest of the mission is easy.
  • The Bog
    • Video Walkthrough
    • The mission starts with you walking down a highway being shot from buildings in the distance. Use the tank on the highway as cover and try to pick off as many enemies as you can before you sprint to the walkway on the right where Lt. Vazquez waits.
    • After the highway you enter a broken building, find cover quickly and dash into the door on the right, where other marines are waiting. Make your way up the stairs (shoot the enemy that grabs onto your squadmate) and you’ll see a lot of enemies not looking in your direction; use the grenade launcher. As you progress down that hallway you’ll have to clear out a room on the left, as you’re doing so, be careful, there’s another room behind that with 2 enemies inside, frag it. You’ll be ordered to use the turret briefly and clear out enemies on the opposite side of the building.
    • You’ll have to make your way back downstairs and out on the left, there’ll be a parking lot with a firefight and a building to the left, go in the building to the left, use your flashbangs and clear out the upstairs and balcony. From there you can pick off enemies in the parking lot and up on the highway. You’ll eventually be ordered to go back in the parking lot to grab the Javelin. Run out, go back in, get behind the box on the balcony and shoot the tanks with the Javelin.
    • Follow your squad into the bog, use the various cover given to clear out the enemies on the right side by the restaurant building. The hill at the middle of the bog serves as good cover. You’ll be ordered to take out the ZPU-4 gun at the end of the bog, flank around the right side (flashbangs and frags = friend) of the bog, plant the charge on it, back up and detonate.
  • Hunted
    • Video Walkthrough
    • When your helicopter crashes and you recover, be sure to go over to the dead bodies and pick up a G36C and an M4A1. The mission is all stealth until…
    • You and your squad are in the field and the chopper comes back to shoot you, enemies rush the field while Gaz tries to open the basement door, hide behind the tractor and sprint in the basement door as fast as you can. Once the house is cleared you’ll enter an area with some houses and tankers, swing to the left side by the tankers and fight through that side. There’s stairs up to a platform where you can pick off enemies from a distance with good cover. Once past that part the chopper loses you, you’ll be sneaking around in a field with many enemies on the left with flashlights on. Stay to the right side and move slowly, you will most likely eventually seen, but if done properly, you’ll be very close to the end of the field and can run to cover easily.
    • Once by the green houses, try and pick off the gunner of the chopper as much as possible, it gives you a good opportunity to move forward each time. Your objective is the barn, there are about 5 or so enemies around the barn mostly in the front, if you’re near it and have killed the gunner in the chopper, throw a flash at the enemies and lean against the front of the barn, your squad should take care of the enemies inside. Inside are 2 stinger missiles to take out the chopper, the 1st one should miss, and the 2nd should take it out.
  • War Pig
    • Video Walkthrough
    • This is like ‘The Bog.’ As the mission starts, shoot the enemies on the right behind roadblocks, run up to the hill, frag ‘n’ flash the enemies behind the buses, grab and RPG and take out the chopper landing enemy troops. Your friendly M1A2 Abrams ‘War Pig’ should proceed on the road on the left side and take a left into the crossfire of large buildings. Keep to the right side, there’s a dumpster you can perch on and pick off enemies, then you can advance to the building straight ahead with a door opposite and a staircase on the right.
    • Once in that building, look outside and advance down the side of the road using the cover given, there will be a building up ahead with a door opposite on the bottom floor below a balcony, flash ‘n’ frag it and clear that room, from there you can rush out the back door and proceed to the next building.
  • Shock and Awe
    • Video Walkthrough
    • When on the Mk 19 grenade launcher, you’ll have to do most of your firing on the tanks at the end of the first highway, fire in short controlled bursts of 2 or 3. Look out on rooftops for anti-air batteries and enemies with RPG’s.
    • When you get out of the chopper, get to the left side of the road and frag ‘n’ flash the room in the 2 story construction building, there will be an enemy ahead and on the left, and a couple more further in, but upstairs are friendlies.
    • When you meet your friendlies and get back into the crossfire on the ground, use the container and sheet metal as cover, in the 2 story building ahead, there are at least 5 enemies on the second floor, 2 on the roof and 3 in the first floor with 2 doors out. Use frags and flashes effectively. When you make it in the bottom floor, rush out the right and take cover, run towards the objective (and beware of 2 enemies around a corner about 30m from the LZ.
    • When the other USMC chopper goes down you’ll have to run out and grab the pilot, use your first magazine on the first enemies you see, then throw flashes to the right (at least 2) and behind the chopper and grab the pilot. You take a lot of damage when carrying a soldier.
  • Safehouse
    • Video Walkthrough
    • You can clear the houses in any order you wish, I suggest you clear the first house closest to the beginning of your mission, right of the church. When infiltrating another house, be sure to use air support. The last house will contain Al-Asad, I suggest you use the barn at the top as the last house as there are no enemies guarding the outside.
  • All Ghillied Up
    • Video Walkthrough
    • Very simple, follow MacMillan’s orders and stay away from enemy soldiers and tanks when prone; off to the right as far as you can go is where there is most space.
  • One Shot, One Kill
    • Video Walkthrough
    • After sniping Zakhaev, when escaping and attempting to reach the apartment building, you’ll reach an area with some cars and buses, head towards the buses, throw 3 flashbangs (1 left, 1 straight, 1 right) and run past the enemies into the apartment. It works, they’re all blinded! Follow MacMillan and shoot enemies as the come out.
    • When you have to carry MacMillan, you’ll have to drop him 3 times.
      • Once shortly after you had to carry him, you’ll see 2 shadows in the distance in the lanes between apartment buildings.
      • Once when you’re in the apartment building and a dog walks up and runs away, you’ll have to kill 2 enemies and 2 dogs before advancing.
      • Once when you’re in the swimming pool facility, 2 enemies are by the amusement park.
    • Don’t put down MacMillan by the objective yet, put him down by the cars and plant any claymores you have, THEN put him down by the objective, he’ll give you more claymores.
    • Watch the video for the rest, using the bumper car arena with the ticket booth on the side is the best strategy, you have a large view and don’t get hit much. Just be sure to run out back and around to pick up MacMillan when the friendly heli comes.

  • Heat
    • Video Walkthrough
    • I strongly suggest you watch the video for this mission, proficient use of smoke grenades and airstrikes is very hard on this mission, but that’s all it takes.
  • Sins of the Father
    • Video Walkthrough
    • When you’re given the orders to snipe the 2 in the tower, snipe them then run back around to cover your teammates and kill the enemies in the restaurant.
    • When chasing V. Zakhaev down the street, use the houses on the right for cover, then flash the enemies by the side path you’re supposed to run down. Once down that side path, take a right as opposed to going straight in the parking lot, you can flank and take out the enemies from the side. Follow the path and use cover before turning corners, there are lots of expecting enemies.
    • Once you reach the big apartment building Zakhaev runs into, use the cars as cover in the parking lot by it and wait for your friendly helicopter to take out the MG’ers. Run inside the building, clear the apartments and reach the roof.
  • Ultimatum
    • Video Walkthrough
    • Griggs lands away from you in the beginning and you have to find him, proceed through the forest and take out the guards with flashlights. Once you breach the first building, stay quiet, stealth is key in that part. When you’ve cleared the first house, there’s 2 enemies on the right, take them out as they are unsuspecting. Wait for Price to breach the second house quietly, clear the house and cut Griggs loose.
    • Plant C4 on the power tower and proceed towards the parking lot with the warehouses. When by the warehouses, use the small booth on the right as cover, you can’t move up easily until you’ve neutralized all enemies; choppers come in to drop reinforcements as you get there. Be patient. After the first set of warehouses are another, use the same tactics and then you’ll meet a friendly sniper team before the next mission.
  • All In
    • Video Walkthrough
    • The video walkthrough is probably the better route for this mission. At the beginning, run to the right side of the fence and take cover by the containers, a tank will drive by ahead, throw a smoke, plant a charge on it, run away and detonate it. From there, move on forward, and keep sticking to the right. From the garages you can pick off enemies across the road, just keep advancing on the right side and Price will blow the gate open.
    • Once on the other side of the gate, stick to the right again and use the roadblocks as cover, when you see a tank (you’ll have to destroy 2) throw a smoke at it, sprint up to it, plant the charge, run like crazy and detonate it.
  • No Fighting In the War Room

    • Video Walkthrough
    • This mission is hard and has a ton of enemies, I’d give tips but the video walkthrough serves as a much better tool to success. Good luck.
  • Game Over
    • Video Walkthrough
    • When in the truck, simply shoot as much as you can and crouch when you’re being shot a lot. When the hind takes out the bridge, run forward as quickly as possible, climb up the wreckage and use the cars as cover, just back up if they catch fire.
  • Epilogue
    • Video Walkthrough
    • All I can say is use flashbangs where there are sets of seats. Description not needed, the video walkthrough says more than words ever could.

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